Quick Update

Deep nerding, Bodzin and dog walks around Bakoven…

  • Week of 9-15 July.
  • Monday, office, breakfast for lunch, braai with Georg, Christiane, Nick, Simone, Michael and Stephan Bodzin via Youtube.
  • Tuesday, office, lunch at Bootleggers, watched Revolution OS – never knew the Apache web server had such a big impact.
  • Wednesday, work, took Romeo for a walk on Camps Bay beach, salad at Col’caccio, attempted to take Romeo shopping – but the PnP security guard did not like that, catch up with Warwick and some hardware shopping.
  • I have a new hobby. It’s good fun, very nerdy, and very time consuming, makes we want to be single for a while.
  • The Five Cognitive Distortions of People Who Get Stuff Done
  • Thursday, work, rainy day, played with some IPv6 things again – deep nerding day.
  • Friday, work, dropped Romeo off in Clifton with Christiane for a beach walk, office, Mojo Market, oyster special at Sea Breeze with Christiane and Romeo, food shopping, roast chicken and veg with some Stephan Bodzin and red wine at home, dark chocolate.
  • If it’s in a FIB you can bill for it.
  • I’m going to miss Romeo. Dogs are cool.
  • Romeo is impervious to facial recognition. You basically can’t take a phone of his face and see his eyes.
  • Saturday, up early, fed the dog and cat, random tinkering and deep nerding, Georg and Christiane came over for a glass of wine, took Romeo for a beach walk around Beta Beach, made some ASCII art.
  • Check out comm. Useful utility to compare lists in your favourite GNU/BSD environment.
  • Sunday, tea and fruit salad, took Romeo for a walk around Oudekraal beach, Beta beach visit, upgraded my Linode, home network now supports IPv6, sunset podcast promenade walk, I’m living in Sea Point again – a few weeks in Bakoven was fun, photo processing and blogging at Hussar Mouille Point – which now has wifi, joy – I avoided the soccer, time well spent.
  • Do you IPv6 yet?
  • Tune of the week: Cat Stevens – Another Saturday Night

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

Birthdays, Stranger Things, pizza, and lots of beach walks…

Camps Bay
  • Week of 2 to 8 July.
  • Monday, stormy day, work, Waterfront visit with Mia, late lunch Moules Marinieres mussels special at Den Anker with Mia, gelato, we took Romeo for a walk around Bakoven beach, watched Tali’s wedding with Mia, watched Star Trek again.
  • Mia’s iPhone has been missing for five weeks. Seems it was in her mom’s car. I guess you car has to be properly disorganised, or you probably just don’t care enough to look.
  • Tuesday, fed the dog and cat, breakfast with Mia, work, Hout Bay beach walk with Mia and Romeo, fish for supper at Dunes, Georg came to visit, watched Stranger Things on Netflix with Mia… pretty good.
  • Wednesday, 4th of July – my birthday, tea and grapefruit, Mia made me a cool birthday card, watched the last Stranger Things S1 episode with Mia, BIA machine visit, Mexican food at the Mojo Market with Paul, Waterfront, Mia and I had our hair cut, I found some new Reef slops – for winters days – after a text message reminded me, Camps Bay Beach walk with Romeo, five course dinner at La Mouette with Georg and Mia, time well spent.
  • Mia is now 169cm, 63kg, age 12. She seems to be growing at about 6cm per year. She’s planning to be taller than her mom by 2020, more sleeping.
  • Thursday, up early, photo processing, work, while kinda watching Season 2 of Stranger Things with Mia, Camps Bay beach walk with Romeo, we took him along for pizza – outside balcony at Col’caccio’s, Georg and Christiana come over for a late dinner.
  • Mia seems to really like Stranger Things. I figure it’s okay. I think all series are a waste of time.
  • Friday, tea, grapefruit, we watched Ant-Man at the Waterfront VIP cinema with Mia – good fun, clothes shopping for Mia, drove to Somerset West, a juice at Fred & Max, dropped Mia off with her mom, podcast drive to the Gardens Centre, worked at home, nap, general tinkering, in bed early.
  • We are clever, but not very wise.
  • It’s been cool seeing Mia for two weeks.
  • I’m way behind with podcasts.
  • I’ve been listening to an unhealthy amount of Cat Stevens.
  • Saturday, up early, general tinkering, Georg came to visit, took Romeo for a Camps Bay beach walk, salad at Col’caccio’s again – they seem pretty chilled about having dogs there, nap, drinks with Paul and Nicci, Paul’s birthday party at Clark’s in Bree Street.
  • Sunday, chilled at home, figured I should learn how nftables works – it’s a bit nicer than iptables, took the dog for a walk on Camps Bay beach with Christiane and fetched some pizza, pizza with Paul, Nicci and Christiane.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

Incredibles, aspirin, sleep…

Camps Bay
  • Week of 25 June to 1 July.
  • School holiday week with Mia.
  • Monday, woke up in Bakoven, Sea Point visit, office, Mia and I took Romeo for a walk on Beta Beach, we watched Zootopia again – I was a bit sick and had a fever.
  • I’ve been on a diet of aspirin, water, vitamin C and sleep.
  • Tuesday, still sick and fragile, slept most of the morning, light lunch with Mia, took Romeo for a walk on Camps Bay beach with Mia and Nick, watched a bit of Netflix – Limitless series, not bad.
  • “All things being equal, people will do business with a friend; all things being unequal, people will still do business with a friend.” — Mark McCormack

  • Wednesday, drove to Newlands, watched The Incredibles 2 at Cavendish with Mia – nice, but not as good as the first one, late fish and veg lunch at Mariners Wharf in Hout Bay, meeting at home.
  • Yes, Slack is lame, stop using it.
  • Thursday, tea and fruit salad with Mia, we took Romeo to explore Llundudno beach, work, cooked some veggies for supper, attempted to watch the Netflix Star Trek series – but it was super lame and Telkom internet was not making it any easier.
  • Holy shit, Openserve fibre with Telkom internet is bad. Grinds to a halt from around 18:00. I knew it was not great, but this is special. Impressive how they can screw it up so badly.
  • Bad iOS design: Portrait camera mode is between Photo and Square.
  • Friday, rainy day, breakfast at Tashas with Mia, we had Mia’s eyes tested, dentist check up – clean and polish, Gardens Centre, catch up with Diabi, dinner with Jacques and Marietjie – I cooked two roast chickens, we played some Pictionary.
  • Saturday, rainy day, brunch at Mantra Cafe in Camps Bay, chilled afternoon, hardware shopping, steak dinner at Hussar Camps Bay with Jacques and Marietjie, a Jamey with Jacques.
  • Sunday, stormy weather, chilled day at home, ribs at Da Vinci’s with Mia, Moro gelato, we watched Top Gun, watched Blades of Glory, time well spent.
  • “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” — George Bernard Shaw

  • Tune of the week: Here Comes my Baby – Cat Stevens

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

Isle of Dogs, and cat…

Sea Point
  • Week of 18-24 June.
  • This post is late. I’ve had the flu. Really sucks all the life out of you.
  • Monday, office, troubleshooting fibre issues, sunset podcast promenade walk, dinner with Wouter and Rene.
  • We are too stupid to make sense of everything around us, so we all live in a simplified imaginary reality. Your reality is a collection of shortcuts.
  • “Learn to sell. Learn to build. If you can do both, you will be unstoppable.” — Naval

  • “Planets are nature’s way of doing something interesting with sunlight.”

  • Tuesday, work, gym, swim, dinner at Nick’s.
  • Wednesday, office, meeting at Nu, drinks with Wouter and Rene.
  • “Who ever tries the most stuff wins.” — Tom Peters.

  • Thursday, work, gym, swim, catch up with Paul, dinner in Bakoven with Dennis, Hugo and Heleen.
  • Friday, office, dev meeting, visited the Octotel East CBD node to do some troubleshooting, nap, random tinkering and reading.
  • I think I’m fortunate to have spent most of my working life building things I figured the world needed.
  • Saturday, general tinkering and reading, gym, swim, watched the SA vs England game at Newlands with Georg, visited Dennis and Hugo, The Corner Bar with Georg, Alex and Brian – not the best bar in Sea Point.
  • I’ve been swimming more. Feels good.
  • Sunday, fetched Mia from her gran’s house, biltong shopping, Wellness Warehouse browsing, found Mia some books – Asimov Foundation series and Sapiens, clothes shopping for Mia, we watched Isle of Dogs at the Labia – entertaining – but not as good as Fantastic Mr Fox, tea at Melissas in Kloof street, dog and cat sitting in Bakoven again, extra milky rooibos tea, in bed early, photo processing, time well spent.
  • “You are not our leader, we all are.” — Isle of Dogs

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

Windy, wet and cold…

Sea Point
  • Week of 11-17 June.
  • Kinda weird week, over before it started.
  • Monday, audio book listening school run, gym, a walk with Alan around Stellenbosch – got a cap, office, sunset audio book listening walk, general tinkering and tea, some reading about small towns, in bed early.
  • Tuesday, published a blog post, walked to the office, catch up with Kenny and Nick, Sababa lunch, catch up with Nigel, catch up with Roelf at Strolla, ribs special at Van Hunks with Georg and Chris.
  • Wednesday, office, Sababa lunch, after work catch up with Nick and Michael at Nu, dinner at 91 with Heleen.
  • Time in REM sleep heals all emotional wounds.
  • Thursday, rainy and windy day, worked from home, Sabada lunch with Heleen, cooked some mexican food.
  • School should start later, 08:30 or 09:00.
  • Friday, office, dev meeting, after work drink on the roof, pizza at Da Vinci’s with Heleen, watched some Soccer World Cup at Harvey’s.
  • Saturday, tea, backups, gym, Green Point Park walk, nap, watched the rugby at Rockpool with Georg, Harvey’s.
  • Sunday, rainy day, breakfast at Clark’s with Heleen, random reading and tinkering, cold and windy sunset walk – mostly because I needed two photos for this week’s blog post.
  • No time well spent this week, sadly.
  • This is gold! Read it twice. How to Get Rich

    Seek wealth, not money or status. Wealth is having assets that earn while you sleep. Money is how we transfer time and wealth. Status is your place in the social hierarchy.

    Understand that ethical wealth creation is possible. If you secretly despise wealth, it will elude you. Ignore people playing status games. You’re not going to get rich renting out your time. You must own equity – a piece of a business – to gain your financial freedom. You will get rich by giving society what it wants but does not yet know how to get. At scale. Pick an industry where you can play long term games with long term people.

    The Internet has massively broadened the possible space of careers. Most people haven’t figured this out yet. Play iterated games. All the returns in life, whether in wealth, relationships, or knowledge, come from compound interest.

    Pick business partners with high intelligence, energy, and, above all, integrity. Don’t partner with cynics and pessimists. Their beliefs are self-fulfilling.

    Learn to sell. Learn to build. If you can do both, you will be unstoppable.

    Arm yourself with specific knowledge, accountability, and leverage. Specific knowledge is knowledge that you cannot be trained for. If society can train you, it can train someone else, and replace you. Specific knowledge is found by pursuing your genuine curiosity and passion rather than whatever is hot right now. Building specific knowledge will feel like play to you but will look like work to others. When specific knowledge is taught, it’s through apprenticeships, not schools. Specific knowledge is often highly technical or creative. It cannot be outsourced or automated.

    Fortunes require leverage. Business leverage comes from capital, people, and products with no marginal cost of replication (code and media).

    Capital means money. To raise money, apply your specific knowledge, with accountability, and show resulting good judgment. Labour means people working for you. It’s the oldest and most fought-over form of leverage. Labour leverage will impress your parents, but don’t waste your life chasing it. Capital and labour are permissioned leverage. Everyone is chasing capital, but someone has to give it to you. Everyone is trying to lead, but someone has to follow you. Code and media are permissionless leverage. They’re the leverage behind the newly rich. You can create software and media that works for you while you sleep. An army of robots is freely available – it’s just packed in data centres for heat and space efficiency. Use it. If you can’t code, write books and blogs, record videos and podcasts. Leverage is a force multiplier for your judgement.

    Judgement requires experience, but can be built faster by learning foundational skills. There is no skill called “business”. Avoid business magazines and business classes. Study microeconomics, game theory, psychology, persuasion, ethics, mathematics, and computers. Reading is faster than listening. Doing is faster than watching. You should be too busy to “do coffee,” while still keeping an uncluttered calendar.

    Become the best in the world at what you do. Keep redefining what you do until this is true. Apply specific knowledge, with leverage, and eventually you will get what you deserve. When you’re finally wealthy, you’ll realize that it wasn’t what you were seeking in the first place. But that’s for another day.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

The attempt to be here and now, and sleep…

Cape Town Lights
  • Week of 4-10 June.
  • Monday, gym, work, catch up with Pieter at Foodlovers Market, a bloody mary at Van Hunks with Anton, Wellness Warehouse, paleo burger at Da Vinci’s, non-vegan ice cream at unframed, a Bains at Harvey’s with Georg and Anton – chats about life, the universe and the 9th planet, La Vie.
  • Tuesday, walked to the office, upgraded to an iPhone X, lunchtime walk, after work drink at La Vie with Heleen, date night dinner at HQ with 7 guys, romantic cable car road drive to watch the city lights (not with the 7 guys).
  • Remember Strega and Pu Na Na bar?
  • iPhone X mini review: Works well. No home button or headphone jack, but you get used to that quickly. It’s a tiny bit big for one hand use, I guess I need a bigger hand. Face ID works well, in low light also. Dual camera portrait mode photos are cool and good fun to play with (more than one portrait photo this week, see below) . The screen is great, quality and size. I’ll need Airpods soon, to get to Apple fanboy level 10 status. The iPhone 8 is fine but it’s not the future. The new needs friends.
  • Must say, may latest iPhone upgrade process was fairly painless, more apps seem to keep their data and state in backups now, still took a while to move to a new device.
  • “A good traveller has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.” — Lao Tzu

  • Wednesday, gym, office, dev meeting, Sababa lunch, Piazza St John, Nu with Michael and Nick, take-out from Food Inn India, in bed early.
  • Been listening to Why We Sleep, good book. I’m very happy that I’m a good sleeper, and always have been. Take afternoon naps. You will live longer.
  • Maybe sleep is our default mode. You only wake up to eat, so you can go back to sleep. I’ve been thinking, humans are maybe just some elaborate distributed analogue computer, we wake up – gather ideas, stories and images, then process these in REM sleep – in a range of combinations and permutations. The human colossus. Opportunity finding machines. Remix, defrag and reorganise – Dark City. I expect to see more research on psychedelics and sleep coming out soon. The line between our conscious and unconscious is fascinating.
  • Thursday, catch up with Jonathan and Ian, office, stayed in the office till well after dark, La Vie winter pizza special with Heleen.
  • Friday, office, fetched Mia, watched Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom at the Waterfront with Mia – not bad, entrecote steak special at Den Anker, gelato.
  • Saturday, rainy day, milky tea, backups, configured my new phone – did some phone housekeeping to make all my apps fit in two screens again, omelette at gym, grid area workout, Granger Bay market, Moro ice cream – best ice cream in Cape Town, took a few photos from the roof of our building, a glass of Bouchard Finlayson Kaaimansgat Chardonnay at 12 Apostles Leopard Bar, podcast listening drive through Constantia via Hout bay, a Botanist G&T at the Secret Gin Bar, Mia and I shared the 1kg ribs at Da Vincis and watched the 2nd half of the rugby, in bed early, photo processing, time well spent.
  • Sunday, smoothies at Wellness Warehouse, watched Please Stand By at the Labia – nice movie – LLAP, Company Gardens walk, watched The Search for Life at the Planetarium – Harrison Ford narrated NASA film – pretty good, Company Gardens Cafe, burgers and a sunset grapefruit mimosa at Mantra Cafe in Camps Bay, updated my geeky movies list, photo processing, in bed early.
  • The new Planetarium is pretty cool, go check it out.
  • I’m in the mood for health sprint soon.
  • I think we’re ready to call the recent Jolp app release Version 1.0.
  • Fat people need more sleep.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

Cities suck, Wacky Wine, paleo breakfasts…

  • Week of 28 May to 3 June.
  • Monday, school run, work, Technopark visit, gym in Stellenboch, catch up with Alan, watched Deadpool 2 at the Waterfont VIP cinemas – it was okay’ish, in bed early, read Fred’s book.
  • Learn + do + share = mastery.
  • Start and build momentum.
  • Tuesday, office, catch up with Rahul, breakfast for lunch at Knead, sunset pipe track walk with Heleen, ribs special at Van Hunks.
  • Wednesday, office, dev meeting, lunchtime walk, mexican food for supper at the Mojo market, podcast walk home, watched a documentary video about Quake – I spent many hours playing Quake around 1997/98/99.
  • Also, watch the one about Polybius.
  • Cape Town dam levels seem to be up to around 25% again, but they need to be over 40% to get us through the next summer.
  • RSS is cool, manipulated feeds are lame.
  • Thursday, half price Bootleggers flat white, work, gym, catch up with Tyler at Newport, dinner at Heleen’s, heavy rain.
  • Make things people want, and you do too.
  • Only worry about things you can change.
  • No Matjiesfontein adventure this year. FOMO level 5.5.
  • Friday, work – some ISP onboarding, drove to Simonskloof Mountain Retreat with Heleen, some after dark dirt road navigating.
  • Cities suck.
  • Saturday, mega paleo breakfast, read Fred’s book, many cups of tea, super chilled day – no electricity, no phone signal, late afternoon braai, sunset farm walk, in bed early, 12h sleep.
  • Sunday, mega paleo breakfast, tea and cake in Motagu, caught the tail end of the Wacky Wine Weekend, tasting at De Wetshof – tasted the oldest Chardonnay (block) in South Africa, late lunch at Van Loveren, drove back via Villiersdorp, Franschhoek pass lookout, drove to Cape Town, time well spent.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

WordPress Backup Script

My WordPress backup script, which keeps daily, weekly and monthly backups of website files and database dumps.


This should work on your garden variety Debian or Ubuntu server running WordPress and Mysql.

Copy this script to /usr/local/sbin/backup-websites

cat /etc/cron.d/backup-websites
# Backup websites and databases at around 3am
15 03 * * * root /usr/local/sbin/backup-websites

btw. sorry the indentation seems to go missing when I use the /code tag in WordPress.

Obligatory Muppets Photo

The script…


# Backup websites and databases

# Set some variables and paths

# Must contain backup.monthly backup.weekly backup.daily folders

DATABASES=`echo "show databases" | /usr/bin/mysql --defaults-file=/etc/mysql/debian.cnf | grep -v Database | grep -v schema`


# Make appropriate destination directory

# Destination file names
date_daily=`date +"%Y-%m-%d"`

# Get current month and week day number
month_day=`date +"%d"`
week_day=`date +"%u"`

# On first month day do monthly
if [ "$month_day" -eq 1 ] ; then
# On Saturdays do weekly
if [ "$week_day" -eq 6 ] ; then
# On any regular day do daily

mkdir $destination

# latest backup symlink
ln -snf $destination /$BACKUP_DIR/latest

# Create backup files in today's directory

stamp=`date +%Y-%m-%d_%H-%M-%S`

# Dump MySQL tables in incoming dir
for db in $DATABASES; do
/usr/bin/mysqldump --defaults-file=/etc/mysql/debian.cnf $db | bzip2 > \


# Compress files, one tar file per sub directory
for filedir in $FILE_DIRS; do
tar -C / -cjf /$BACKUP_DIR/$destination/$filedir.$stamp.tar.bz2 $FILE_DIRS_BASE/$filedir

# Email backup info

ls -l /$BACKUP_DIR/$destination/ | mail -s "[`uname -n`] Websites Backup $date_daily" $email

# Clean up old backups

# Daily - keep for 7 days
find /$BACKUP_DIR/backup.daily/ -maxdepth 1 -mtime +7 -type d -exec rm -rf {} \;

# Weekly - keep for 30 days
find /$BACKUP_DIR/backup.weekly/ -maxdepth 1 -mtime +30 -type d -exec rm -rf {} \;

# Monthly - keep for 365 days
find /$BACKUP_DIR/backup.monthly/ -maxdepth 1 -mtime +365 -type d -exec rm -rf {} \;


Keep your backups for less time by updating mtime above.

To recover your backups:

tar jxvf your-backup-file.tar.bz2
bunzip2 your-backup-file.sql.bz2


Quick Update

IPv6, Solo, braai…

Mouille Point
  • Week of 21 to 28 May.
  • Monday, rainy day, walked to the office, late afternoon nap, server tinkering, banting wraps.
  • Started the week feeling somewhat inbox zero’ish, for a change.
  • “The more shots you take, the more shots you can take.”

  • On the #DeleteFacebook topic. I also did not see any real dip in friend numbers, but also not seeing any growth in FB friends over the last few months. When last did you see a check-in? Much less photos on FB. I totally removed FB from my phone. No more mobile browser use. I also totally switched off the app platform features: Settings > Apps and websites > Off.
  • Why You’re Wasting Your Life Away – Sam Harris
  • Tuesday, office, dev workshop, improved my website backup script, pipe track walk with Nick, ribs special at Van Hunks with Georg and Anton – collagen meal, irish coffee at Harvey’s with Georg, tested the latest Jolp iOS app, watched The Secret of Monkey Island documentary – very cool.
  • I’ve become a believer in eating lots of diverse foods. I also take a wide range of supplements twice a week.
  • How I know I’ve had a sub-optimal week, I can’t add the “time well spent” flag to any day or I struggle to collect ten photos to post.
  • Wednesday, I enabled IPv6 on a web server for the first time, gym, Cape Town winter special dinner at Srolla with Nick and Michael.
  • IPv6 Excuse Bingo
  • With IPv6 there are almost limitless IP addresses, at two to the power of 128 addresses: 340 trillion trillion trillion. From scarcity to abundance.
  • Streetlight effect: A policeman sees a drunk man searching for something under a streetlight and asks what the drunk has lost. He says he lost his keys and they both look under the streetlight together. After a few minutes the policeman asks if he is sure he lost them here, and the drunk replies, no, and that he lost them in the park. The policeman asks why he is searching here, and the drunk replies, “this is where the light is”.
  • I’ve been listening to The Obstacle is the Way. Pretty good.
  • Thursday, office, lunchtime walk, newsletter writing, Fred’s book launch at Heavy Chef at Workshop 17 – well done Fred, late dinner at Ocean Basket with Heleen.
  • Note to self: hang out with more cool smart people.
  • Friday, work, gym, micro nap, sunset walk to the Waterfront with Heleen, fetched a copy of the Armada book for Mia, 2kg mussels at Den Anker – winter special.
  • Saturday, up early, drove to Jacques’ house, we drove to Hermanus, watched Mia’s hockey tournament – they won the u13B league and received medals (she’s u12), family braai at Rossouw’s house.
  • Sunday, Jacques’ dog woke me up – very cute, we watched Solo at the 3D IMAX – great movie, braai at Jacques’ house, we chased Jacques’ rabbits around the garden, Mia and I visited Moro in Long Street, time well spent.
  • Tune of the week: A-Ha – I’ve Been Losing You

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

I’m just a student, not a guru…

  • Week of 14 to 20 May.
  • Monday, made breakfast for Mia, podcast listening school run, gym, swapped an off-site backup hard drive, work, cooked a mean batch of green veggies and avo, power nap while listening to a podcast, sushi at 1890 with Georg in Obs, a white russian at Harvey’s.
  • Very cool aB after movie.
  • “Never tell me the odds.” — Han

  • I introduced Mia to The Matrix movies. I need to watch them again.
  • Tuesday, nerded out on some new server tech, work, cooked another batch of green veggies, some Jolp app QA, ribs special at Van Hunks with Georg, caught up on some overdue blogging.
  • Worth a watch: Pyramids True Purpose: Advanced Ancient Technology
  • “That one person’s time can belong to someone else is actually quite peculiar.” — You’re Not Just Imagining It. Your Job Is Absolute BS

  • Wednesday, gym – nice sunny winter morning grid area workout, walked to the office, dev meeting, a glass of wine with Nick at Bootleggers.
  • Upgrade your Jolp app and check out the new content. New artwork and playlists.
  • Listen to the two recent interviews with Matthew Walker. Kevin Rose show and Joe Rogan.
  • Thursday, big round of backups, gym, Harvey’s with Warwick and Dirk.
  • My iPhone battery went lame at 23 months, pretty much exactly.
  • Friday, office, dev meeting, oyster special at Sea Breeze with Paul, one drink at Hanks, one tequila at Aces and Spades (yes, really), Sotano.
  • Was reminded of this: “Paul has two settings: Liza Minnelli or Weekend at Bernie’s.”
  • “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.”, “Take drugs, not too much, mostly psychedelics.” — about Michael Pollan’s new book.

  • Saturday, gym, omelette at Nu, general learning and tinkering, sunset promenade walk – epic sunset, cooked steak and veggies with Heleen.
  • Sunday, backups, more learning and tinkering, notes processing, nap, audio book promenade walk, managed to write a blog post on time – for a change.
  • Enjoy the process of learning.
  • Podcast queue zero again. Time for audio books. Listened to Anything You Want again by Derek Sivers – only 90min, do it.
  • I started listening to Growth Hacker Marketing by Ryan Holiday.
  • Eat more sodium.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

My hovercraft is full of eels…

  • Week of 7-13 May.
  • Monday, walked to the office, installed a few dev tools, late afternoon promenade walk with Nick, dinner with Heleen.
  • Code founder-run calm companies.
  • I’ve discovered take-away omelettes at Woolworths.
  • Tuesday, work, gym, catch up with Jonathan, Anton’s house to fetch my wallet, Tuesday ribs special at Van Hunks with some white russians – dining alone again, La Vie with Heleen.
  • I went three days without my wallet. Did not really miss it. Smartphones are pretty useful.
  • “Courage is a love affair with the unknown.” — Osho

  • Protect the nerds
  • My skeertuig is vol palings
  • Wednesday, office, dev meeting, catch up with Nick and Michael at Bootleggers.
  • I installed the Jolp app for two security guards this week.
  • Thursday, gym, Green Point Park, office, sunset promenade walk, Mexican food at Heleen’s house.
  • Placebo is the most powerful force in medicine.
  • Friday, office, fetched Mia, biltong shopping, watched Avengers: Infinity War at the Waterfront VIP cinemas – nothing special, but the ending was a bit different, book shop, I convinced Mia to eat a salad at Col’caccios in Camps Bay.
  • Listen to this a16z episode about education: The Case Against Education.
  • In summary: we want vocational education with prestige. A bit like YC – prestige for hacker culture.
  • Saturday, Granger Bay Market with Mia – less crowded than usual, a walk around the Waterfront, book shop, 50min Facetime Audio chat with Jacques, upgraded the home wifi and swapped out a hotspot, drove to Noordhoek via Chapmans, chicken + sundried tomato + avo pizza at The Red Herring – memories from having that there around 2003 with Ernst, night cap at Harvey’s while Mia shopped laptop covers on Amazon.
  • How cool is that Buzz Lightyear Apple Watch face?
  • Sunday, Mia managed a 12h sleep, notes and photo processing, tea and grapefruit, device backups, brunch at gym – gluten free flapjacks, grid area, great swim, Green Point Park, we watched The Dark Knight.
  • Woke up from a dream with a Counting Crows song in my head.
  • Tune of the week: Counting Crows – Round Here – I would link to the music video, but it seems super lame. The words of the song are much better imagined. (Side note: play Mr Jones at my funeral one day.)

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

Multi Pass…

  • Week of 30 April to 6 May.
  • Yeah, this post is late.
  • Learn, create, repeat.
  • Monday, school holiday, made omelettes with Mia, drove to Botrivier, Endless Vineyards Boutique Lodge at Wildekrans Wineyards, afternoon hike with Mia, pink g&t and pizza at Forage with Mia and Heleen.
  • Tuesday, public holiday, morning walk around the farm, extended breakfast, drove to Somerset Mall and found Mia some clothes, hair cut, wine tasting and cheese board at Uva Mira, a late afternoon walk around The Lord Charles Hotel garden, oversized chess game on the lawn – which I won, happy hour at St Andrews Pub, dinner at La Vigna while processing photos and notes – and Mia browsed her 17k kids photos, fun adventure.
  • Wednesday, hotel breakfast at The Lord Charles with Mia, short school run, catch up with Dirk at Waterstone WW Cafe, back to Cape Town, work, drinks at Bootleggers with Nick and Michael, notes processing and blogging.
  • Thursday, gym, walked to the office, dev meeting, lunchtime walk around Sea Point, read a batch of articles and stories about Larry Harvey, happy hour at Burger and Lobster with Paul, Tammy and Darryn’s going away drinks at Tigers Milk – off on a remote working adventure – very cool, Anton’s house.
  • “Belief is thought at rest.” — Larry Harvey

  • I remember going to one of Larry’s talks in 2015.
  • I was kinda in the news this week.
  • Law of Reversed Effort
  • Code calm companies.
  • Friday, office, Startup Chile: negative, dinner with Heleen.
  • Saturday, gym, pre-drinks at Tigers Milk, Goldswindler J00F Fifth Element party at Reset (old ERA) with Georg, Anton and Ollie, great fun – we all had Corbin Dallas tops on and I made a Multi Pass, 35k steps, time well spent – thanks for organising Georg!
  • Old school 90s clubbing.
  • Sunday, Anton’s house, Georg’s house, beach walk from Clifton 1 to 4 and back, chilled afternoon on the beach with Georg, pizza on the beach with Georg and Heleen.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.