Quick Update

Turmeric vegan ice cream and creative vs technical…

Sea Point
  • Week of 11-17 September.
  • Monday, up way too early, published my weekly blog post, school run, Waterstone gym, biltong shopping, catch up with Gavin, vegan smoothie with Heleen in Woodstock, office, sunset promenade walk with Heleen, Shawarma Express, general project tinkering.
  • Tuesday, walked to the office, fetched a new bank card, Knead omelette for lunch, Myog with Michael and a chat about lifelong learning, investigated our home free wifi hobby project – seems to be going well, sunset promenade walk, watched the Apple event, made an About page for the Jolp website.
  • Wednesday, car shopping at VW and Honda – cars are crazy expensive now it seems, catch up with Sarah at Workshop 17, vegan ice cream at Unframed – very good, office, promenade walk, short nap, sushi at Codfather with Georg, a Belvedere martini at Harveys.
  • On being a resilient person
  • Transcending Time – Interstellar’s Hidden Meaning Behind Love and Time
  • “It seems that the only thing we can do is to commit to memory all that will be lost, be it the sounds of earth in deep space or the testimonies of our lives and in doing so keep pushing the boundaries of this strange dimension.”

  • Thursday, walked to the office, tea with Michael, Sababa lunch with Heleen, Vodacom meeting, burger in a bowl at Da Vinci’s with Heleen, turmeric latte vegan ice cream at Unframed in Kloof street.
  • New Age Bullshit Generator
  • The Food Pyramid. Energy equilibrium. Run more. Low fat diet. Cholesterol causes heart disease. Santa. The Easter Bunny.
  • Friday, walked to the office, dev meeting, catch up with Dave, dinner at He Sheng Chinese restaurant with Heleen – good value.
  • Saturday, did a Sketch tutorial, breakfast and rugby at La Vie with Heleen, Cape Town G&T, more Sketch learning – watched about 20 treehouse videos, made a fox logo.
  • Happiness is… getting things done without it feeling like work.
  • You are either creative or technical, right? Turns out IQ is an intelligence factor made up of a number of elements: verbal comprehension, abstract reasoning and induction, maths and memory, spacial visualisation etc. But, it’s not a trade-off. If you are good one you are good at the others – if you have an above average IQ – that’s how they came up with the idea of IQ. You are creative and technical. Interesting to understand in the times of DevOps and Full Stack developer thinking.
  • Sunday, up early, bit of a design workshop with Jonathan, we went to the finish of the Cape Town marathon in Green Point, managed to get a photo of Heleen finishing the 42km race, extended afternoon beach session on Clifton 1st with Cath, Heleen and Georg, supper at La Vie, fell in bed just in time, time well spent.
  • Support your local tech startup – week 3… please go Like and Follow a project called Atlas.
  • It’s been a while since I found a song to add to the blog. Hmm. I might be listening to too many podcasts.
  • I’m still avoiding gluten and coffee. Think I might just stick with this plan.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

Let’s go bowling…

Lunchtime Walk
  • Week of 4-10 September.
  • Monday, walked to the office, lunchtime walk and a salad, supplement shopping – found some magnesium glycinate, walked home, working supper with Heleen – Korean food at Soju – fermented food is healthy kids, general tinkering, script writing and a bit of design at La Vie – made a logo for Jolp.
  • 4 weeks without beer, coffee, gluten, pizza.
  • “Just put the moodboard in a spreadsheet.” — Heleen. Sure way to scare away designers.

  • Tuesday, some early morning film making – good fun, windy and rainy day, office, lunchtime podcast smoothie walk, tinkered with a WordPress site and did some creative writing, jazz night at Hanks with Etienne and Wouter, bit of a list minute scramble to get Jonathan to submit a recommendation – which kinda failed.
  • We missed the Startup Chile entry deadline, mostly because of lame UX.
  • Wednesday, up early, walked to the office, catch up with Dan, catch up with Greg, after work promenade walk with Paul, a glass of wine at La Vie with Paul, dinner with Heleen and her parents.
  • 4th week without coffee for me. This was the first week I did not have any cravings to go get a cup of coffee. Not sure if it was a chemical thing or just mental habit, but for the first two weeks coffee kept popping into my head. So long coffee.
  • Thursday, cold and wet day, office, egg breakfast for lunch, processed about 200 notes, watched a classical music concert at the Town Hall with Georg – very good Sibelius piece, Van Hunks with Georg and Chris.
  • The first version of the Jolp website is live.
  • Friday, up early, wrote an overdue blog post, tea with Heleen, office, two meetings, dentist, Lancet lab tour, fetched Mia, had a minor wobble about the state of Mia’s toe, walked around the Waterfront and spent some time in the bookshop – Mia was hoping the next School for Good and Evil book would be out, Shawarma Express with Mia and Heleen.
  • Saturday, supplement sorting and bottling, breakfast at La Vie with Mia and Georg, promenade walk with Mia, took Mia to the Dischem nurse, watched the rugby at La Vie with Georg, potjiekos competition day at the Camps Bay community bowling club with Mia, Georg, Dennis, Hugo and Romeo, patched Mia’s toe, nap, photo processing, calories well spent.
  • Sunday, backups, migrated my photos from July and August, patched Mia’s toe again, brunch at Newport with Mia, a walk through Green Point park, extended afternoon on Clifton 1st with Mia, Heleen, Georg, Cath and Etienne, La Vie supper with Mia and Georg, great weather, time well spent.
  • Support your local tech startup – week 2… please go Like and Follow and Follow a project called Flow Farms.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

Arniston visit and a spider bite…

  • Week of 28 August to 3 September.
  • This post is a bit late. Also, I should probably make better notes of interesting things I discover.
  • Monday, processed some notes, worked from home, all kinds of yak shaving, sunset promenade walk with Heleen to the Waterfront and back, 2-for-1 steak night at HQ with Wouter – good food.
  • Tuesday, sick at home – suspect a spider bite on my ankle, lots of sleeping and caught up on a few JP videos – generally just feeling sorry for myself, Heleen brought me some tom yum soup – thank you (-:
  • Engage your core when you sit.
  • Wednesday, feeling way more human, VitB shot, doctor visit, Dischem, office, catch up lunch with Dave, after work drink with Jonathan and Ian, burger in a bowl with Georg at Da Vinci’s, the Dutches with Georg and Heleen.
  • “Berlin. Ostrich. In a bowl. Double.”
  • Pro tip: when you get a weird insect bite (spider), make sure you get something like Bactroban on there, else you might get a secondary infection (and be taken out for a day).
  • Thursday, wound healing cocktail with extra collagen and glutamine, office, phone chat with Ernst, afterwork drink with Jonathan and a tour of Ian’s new office project, Georg cooked a roast with a nice Saronsberg red, we watched Semi-Pro again – very funny.
  • Mia did very well in her test week. Three A results so far. (-:
  • Friday, doctor check up, office, gluten-free and dairy-free snack shopping, road trip to Arniston with Heleen.
  • I managed to not take a big batch of antibiotics.
  • I’ve been collecting a list of blood tests / bio markers to do fairly regularly, but that project has been delayed because of the spider bite infection.
  • Saturday, epic buffet breakfast, bicycle ride around Arniston, harbour visit, sunset beach walk.
  • The Arniston Hotel is good value.
  • Sunday, woke up early and watched the sunrise, Arniston cave exploring, buffet breakfast with some bubbly, a visit to the southernmost tip of Africa / Agulhas, calamari at Pelicans, podcast road trip, Perigrine farm stall visit and cider tasting, Clifton 1st sunset with Heleen, Cath and Georg, photo processing, fun weekend, time well spent.
  • Heleen’s no gluten diet seems to be working well for me.
  • I did not go to Wolfkop this weekend, but I am making some good progress with a project I kinda started at Wolfkop last year, thanks Tash. Actually two projects.
  • Support your local tech startup – week 1… please go Like and Follow and Follow a project called Jolp.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

Wack yak wack…

  • Week of 21 to 27 August.
  • Week two without coffee or gluten.
  • Monday, office, catch up with Dave, wrote a newsletter, walked to gym, general tinkering with a WordPress site.
  • Tuesday, walked to the office, egg breakfast for lunch, had a salad at Hail Pizza with Wouter and a group of Dutch friends, jazz night at Hank’s Olde Irish and a Gentleman Jack Old Fashioned – very cool music and venue, time well spent.
  • I’ve been playing with Sketch. My inner designer likes it.
  • Wednesday, Octotel shareholder meeting, doctor visit, fetched Heleen from the airport, a short promenade walk, early supper at Mantra Cafe in Camps Bay with Heleen, somebody broke into our flat and stole Mia’s Macbook Pro, my 5DmkII camera with two L-series lenses, iPad and a Kindle… eek.
  • Pro tip: just locking your door with a single latch lock is not enough.
  • Sad to lose all those things, but I have to admit – I did not really use them very often.
  • I cancelled my Silo VA gym membership. Yes, because they will not switch the sauna on.
  • “We like to hang out with people who get our jokes.” — from a Sam Harris podcast

  • Thursday, walked to the office, catch up with Greg, Vox meeting, a walk around the bottom of Lions Head from the top of Fresnaye with Heleen, nice sunset.
  • I suspect I’m a master yak shaver.
  • We submitted a Flow Farms pitch video for the WeWork Creators Awards this week.
  • Friday, promenade walk with Heleen, office, suggested some yak shaving options for Michael, got a quote on a list of blood tests, smoothie with Heleen, watched Mia’s hockey match, sunset promenade walk, La Vie with Heleen, Micah, Nadia and Mia.
  • Our little health hacking group has been more active. Jacques seems to be getting busy.
  • Saturday, woke up at 5:30, photo processing, Granger Bay market with Mia and Heleen, shopping with Mia, dog walking around Green Point Park, Kloof Corner hike and sunset Chardonnay with Heleen, Butcher Shop and Grill in Mouille Point – good ribs, time well spent.
  • Chia and collagen. Breakfast of champions.
  • Sunday, woke up at 6:15, drove to Stellenbosch, Jonkershoek tweede waterval hike with Heleen and Mia – very cool, dropped Mia off, had some fish at The Thirsty Oyster in Gordons Bay, nap, La Vie with Georg, Melvi and Heleen, perfect weather, time well spent.
  • Note to self: go on more hikes.
  • “Smells like memory eraser to me.” — Melvi, about tequila.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

Relentlessly resourceful infinite learners…

School Run (photo by Mia)
  • Week of 14-20 August.
  • Health week 1 of 11.
  • Start of my 80 day keto eating plan. No gluten. No dairy. No coffee. No legumes. No soy. No alcohol (well, very little – only vodka soda).
  • Monday, school run, keto breakfast, gym, office, after work walk with Alan, keto supper, in bed early.
  • Tuesday, TiTea, gym, office, smoothie, podcast promenade walk – nice photo weather, phone chat with Heleen from Istanbul, updated my keto eating foods list, had a lazy keto meal, watched some Jordan Peterson videos.
  • I’ve been nerding out on keto diet info with Jonathan. Updates here.
  • I bought two full Self Authoring Programs. Turns out it’s a lot of work. 16 hours.
  • I’ve been getting into the Sam Harris podcasts. Three this week. Check out episodes: 67 and 71.
  • “Have one foot in what you know, and one foot in what you don’t know. Maximise information flow.” — JP

  • Wednesday, TiTea, office, smoothie, lunchtime walk, early keto supper, podcast promenade walk, tinkered with a website for our aquaponics pet project: Flow Farms.
  • Thursday, TiTea, gym, office, sunset podcast promenade walk, cooked some eggs.
  • “Where are all the fat old people?” — Wouter, about Jacques not wanting to do the future authoring course.

  • Friday, TiTea, office, catch up with Greg at the Woodstock Exchange – nice tuna salad at Ocean Jewels, after work drinks on the roof, helped Wouter glue gun some cable to a wall, sunset podcast promenade walk, tinkered with some UniFi devices – we now give the security guards free wifi.
  • I set up a (hosted) UniFi controller for our home wifi this week. Enterprise wifi at home. The UniFi iOS app is pretty cool.
  • “If you give people responsibility you double their intelligence.” — Tim Ferriss

  • “We’re sorta like 7-Eleven. We’re not always doing business, but we’re always open.” — The Boondock Saints

  • Saturday, backups, Silo gym, swim, nap, walked to La Perla and watched the rugby with Nick and friends, walked to The Butcher Shop & Grill in Mouille Point and had a rib-eye, yum, time well spent.
  • Relentlessly resourceful infinite learners. Note to self, have a dinner conversation with Mia about this.
  • I think I’ve convinced Jacques to learn Django while doing a 21 day fast. Real Jedi stuff.
  • Sunday, made a logo with Sketch (cool app), brunch at Clark’s with Wouter, more Sketch tinkering, phone chat with Heleen from Cappadocia, took a long podcast walk to Clifton, Wouter cooked his famous (sous-vide) rib-eye and broccoli.
  • I think Tim Ferriss should have a child – if enough nerds follow (just to get all the parenting tips timeously) we should have a nice bump in global IQ.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

The last pizza and two pizza teams…

  • Week of 7-13 August.
  • Monday, office, smoothie with Heleen, supplement shopping for a new project, walked from Sea Point to Camps Bay with Heleen – nice sunset on the way, a very tasty burger at Mantra Cafe / Melissas.
  • “Ken sent me.”

  • “If an argument lasts more than 5 minutes, both sides are wrong.” — Neil deGrasse Tyson

  • Moments are momentary
  • Tuesday, car service day, office, dev meeting, beetroot latte at Knead with Niel, wrote a newsletter – we launched a new Octotel app for ISPs, promenade walk with Heleen, we walked to the Waterfront and found a gift, a glass of wine at Georg’s, a drink at HQ with Georg – joined Heleen’s woman’s day dinner, nightcap at Harvey’s.
  • Wednesday, public holiday, installed Firefox v55, promenade podcast walk, a Cape Town G&T at La Vie with Georg, Pierre and Stefan, an Old Fasioned cocktail at Ricks with Heleen, we watched Baby Driver at the Labia – very good – go watch it, a Porn Star Martini at Asoka – I had not been there in ages – still a very cool interior.
  • How To Be A Genius
  • Watch the video above. Kinda weird how you don’t really get around to doing things you know are good for you. Learn to stick with your ideas.
  • “Wisdom is learning to take your own advice.”

  • Our real wealth is in what we can learn to build.
  • Thursday, chia and yoghurt for breakfast, daily supplements, office, got some house sitting instructions from Cath, IFM doctor visit with Heleen – very interesting, some collective document editing and tinkering on a project with Heleen at Hail Pizza – cool place – Heleen’s last pizza for a while, house sitting in Gardens – fed the cat.
  • Seems I’m more allergic to Cath’s cat than most cats.
  • Check out IFM.
  • I updated my daily supplements list… since I’m kinda health hacking Heleen at the moment (read: health coaching).
  • I found this post again. Worth a read.
  • Friday, haircut at Yogi’s, worked at Clark’s, got my lip zapped with a laser three times, office, supplement shopping with Heleen, walked home (car still being fixed), Van Hunks happy hour with Georg, burger in a bowl at Da Vinci’s with Heleen.
  • Listen to the Joe Rogan interview with Dom D’Agostino – it’s only 3 hours. Very inspirational.
  • Saturday, up at 05:50, dropped Heleen off at the airport – she’s on holiday for a few days, some cat typing at the Waterstone gym with a Cigarettes After Sex soundtrack, omelette at Lourensford, fetched Mia from her gran’s house, tea with Dirk in Stellenbosch, clothes shopping for Mia, Route44 market biltong stop, we took the coastal road to Muizenberg, beach walk, chai latte at Empire Cafe, walked up and down Kalk Bay main road, harbour wall stroll, we shared some mussels at Olympia Cafe, nice drive back via Boyes Drive, Gardens Centre, managed to figure out how a Chromecast works, watched For the Love of Spock, watched Jumper, fun day, time well spent.
  • I posted my 500th Instagram photo this week.
  • I stared playing with Sublime Text 3. Tired of fat and lazy Java.
  • We’ve Lost the Internet
  • I’m pondering an experiment with a gluten free, dairy free, coffee free, keto diet for 10 weeks. The cure for chronic inflation. Living well in old age and low orbit.
  • Sunday, tea, photo processing, chilled sunny winter Sunday, we made favicons, I showed Mia the end of The Interview (she’s a Katy Perry fan and was asking about North Korea), Mia remembered what she did with her phone after losing it recently – only took me about 10 minutes of asking questions, we walked to Bacini’s for lunch – my last pizza for a while, promenade walk, Mia watched Edward Scissorhands, updated my blog with some of Wellington’s finest.
  • Tune of the week: Shakira – Try Everything

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

Hugs, hugs, hugs…

Sea Point Sunset
  • Week of 31 July to 6 August.
  • This blog post is pretty short again.
  • Monday, Mia was still sick so I let her finish watching The Dark Knight Rises while working from home, brunch at CaffeNeo with Heleen, dropped Mia off at her gran’s house – chats about multiplying skills, worked at Waterstone, sunset glass of wine on Clifton 2st with Heleen, Nuri sushi in Sea Point, watched The Breakfast Club – good movie, had not seen it in ages.
  • Tuesday, office, stayed at the office fairly late, dinner at El Burro with Jess, Max, Amanda and Heleen – Techstars London catch up, some tinkering with a logo over a Jamey.
  • I’m tying to get Heleen, Michael, Dave and Jacques to learn Django.
  • You really have to enjoy learning to keep up with the pace of technology.
  • Wednesday, walked to the office, Sababa lunch, stayed at the office fairly late, finished a WordPress project, supper at Soju Korean restaurant – very good.
  • Listen to Tom’s podcast, first episode is out. I liked the idea of setting macro goals.
  • Thursday, office, sunset promenade walk with Paul, dinner at Dennis and Hugo’s house with Heleen and Georg, fun evening, thanks!
  • I think I’ve inspired Jonathan to play with fasting and ketosis.
  • Friday, office, catch up with Greg at Bootleggers, after work beers at the office, sunset promenade walk with Heleen, dinner at The Duchess of Wisbeach with Georg, Sonja and Heleen – very good, The Creamery, a white russian at Harvey’s, time well spent.
  • “Could you just put the rest of this conversation in a podcast?” — Georg about active wear.

  • Saturday, photo processing and backups, nap, promenade walk, Green Point park, watched The Interview again with Heleen.
  • Good read: 4 rituals that will make you happy. 1) Gratitude. 2) Label negative emotions. 3) Make decisions – even if they are not perfect. 4) Hugs, hugs, hugs.
  • This Guy Is Launching 12 Startups in 12 Months
  • Sunday, lazy morning, Hout Bay market with Heleen – try the zoop soup, Glen Beach walk, nap, I made a salad and had some Chardonnay, in bed early.
  • Tune of the week: Cigarettes After Sex – Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

Valerian, Drambuie and a Royale burger…

Sea Point
  • Week of 24-30 July. Shorter than usual post.
  • Monday, woke up in Sea Point for a change, fasting day 8, office, meetings, had to go buy a new keyboard at the Waterfront, VitB shot, afternoon promenade walk, nap, catch up chat with Wouter.
  • Tuesday, office, Georg’s birthday drinks at Van Hunks.
  • Wednesday, fasting day 10, office, omelette for lunch at Knead with Heleen – first meal in ten days, had a big hand full of supplements, supplement shopping, some server admin, dinner at Cath’s house with Georg and Heleen, a Drambuie at Harvey’s.
  • “Tomorrow will be the most beautiful day of Raymond K. Hessel’s life. His breakfast will taste better than any meal you and I have ever tasted.” — Tyler

  • Thursday, office, a burger at Royale with Jonathan.
  • Friday, gym, office, smoothie with Heleen, found 4l of Camphill milk, fetched Mia, quick Stellenbosch visit, tea at Melissas, we watched Valerian in 4DX at the Waterfront – very entertaining.
  • Saturday, made Mia some breakfast, backups and upgraded my Debian laptop while Mia got stuck into a Neil Gaiman book, nap, flowers shopping with Mia, we went to Diabi’s birthday at the Italian Club – very good veal limone and spaghetti dish, Drambuie and tiramisu – probably the best I’ve had in Cape Town.
  • Sunday, played with Postgres.app and Docker and GitLab and pipenv and upgraded Python to 3.6.2 in a few places, Mia had a stomach bug so we pretty much just chilled at home, sunset glass of wine and pizza with Paul at La Vie, watched The Dark Knight Rises.
  • Tune of the week: Counting Crows – Holiday in Spain

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

Fasting for fun and fat loss…

  • Week of 17-23 July.
  • Fasting week. Jacques challenged me to a 10 day fast. Previous record was 6.5 days. So, I think I can eat again on 27 July. The plan is to lose 10kg of fat in four weeks.
  • Monday, fed the dog and cat and made some cinnamon bulletproof coffee, office, Vodacom meeting, coconut oil with ginger and green tea, extended sunset promenade walk with Heleen, 20k steps, ended up at the Waterfront and had some mint tea at Melissas, crazy happy dog greeting.
  • Tuesday, fasting day 2, gym, office, I cleaned my (external) keyboard – and then five of my keys stopped working – argh! – lunchtime walk, wrote a quick blog post about How To Get Lean, took Romeo for a walk on Camps Bay beach, wrote a blog post about Social Media Sanity.
  • Wednesday, gym, swim, published a blog post about the gym – Virgin Active Muppets, Audi visit, office, lunchtime walk with Heleen, rainy afternoon, a mint tea at Beluga.
  • Interesting read: A tale of two beautiful women.
  • Future proof your body.
  • Thursday, fasting day 4, bulletproof coffee, office, lunchtime walk, evening swim at the Silo gym.
  • I wrote a post about Fasting for Fat Loss. If you are interested in some of the details of my current fasting routine.
  • My More Life Labs site looks a bit more pretty now.
  • Listen to The Future of Education.
  • I published a bunch of blog posts this week. Must be the ketones in by blood.
  • Friday, the cat woke me up, office, dropped a school bag off for Mia, catch up with Dirk and Dave in Stellenbosch, quick catch up with Jaco.
  • Saturday, 12k steps walk with Heleen and Romeo from Sea Point to Clifton and back, mint tea at Seattle Coffee co with Heleen and Romeo (who had water), nap, watched The Odyssey at the VIP Waterfront cinemas – very cool movie… note no self: watch the old Jacques Cousteau movies.
  • When fasting I seem to wake up feeling more rested, and my head seems clearer. I often wake up with some pretty good ideas.
  • Sunday, fasting day 7, Hout Bay beach walk with Heleen and Romeo, we picked up some trash on the beach (human WALL-E), Gardens Centre, epic nap, last day in the Bakoven house – it was a very cool three weeks – said goodbye to Romeo, sunset promenade walk, general Sunday night cat-typing and watched some Netflix documentaries.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Virgin Active Muppets

It’s time for a blog post about Virgin Active. I’ve been emailing them about these things, but they don’t seem to think this is useful feedback. So here are my thoughts about the Silo gym at the Waterfront.

I think…

  • The pool could be 25m long. What fool decided to make it shorter?
  • The sauna could work. It uses 100ml water / 3min. Keeping the sauna on for a day uses around 20 litres of water. This is less than a single shower. Don’t try and tell me they are trying to save water by switching the sauna off.
  • They could add an area where you can stretch – not just the grid area – gets busy and loud. In a place that big, how can there not be an area to stretch?
  • The changing rooms could be WAY bigger – must be the same genius designer that figured out their unique swimming pool length.
  • They could make the parking free if you go early in the morning when the parking area has almost no cars.
  • Internet: They might as well keep the wifi password the same for a few months. Nobody likes asking for their l33T hAX0r passwords all the time.
  • Wifi speeds at Silo gym: 4Mbps down, 2Mbps up. In 2017, with fibre in the area?
  • That Fortinet firewall / content filter is super lame.
  • Yeah, I know the internet at the other clubs is way worse. Stuck in 2004. You can’t even download the Uber app with the daily traffic allowance at most clubs. *facepalm*
  • I’m still mildly annoyed they don’t let kids visit this gym.
  • Add bulletproof coffee to the coffee shop menus. The Point used to have this. Not anymore.

There you have it. Things to be aware of when you ponder joining a Virgin Active gym.

“The fancy one.”


Social Media Sanity

Social media lost the plot around 2017 when Facebook and Instagram added stories.

Here is my quick guide to save you from this spiral of lame.

Social Media Complicator…

You should…

  • Remove all social media mobile apps from your phone. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Bonus: you will waste less time.
  • Post photos to Instagram with Flume for macOS.
  • Browse Instagram with Firefox and uBlock Origin ad blocker. They really went overboard with the ads.
  • Browse Facebook on the web only – or with a mobile web browser if you must. You kinda need this to find info about events. Use the Hide Post feature often to manage your feed.
  • Use the Pocket feature in Firefox and the Pocket app on your phone. Useful for catching up on reading and keeps you from ending up with a million open tabs.
  • Avoid Facebook Messenger. Delete the app now. It’s pure evil. Don’t send people Facebook messages unless you have no other option.
  • Avoid WhatsApp, use Telegram.
  • Avoid Twitter, it’s been dead for a while – only use (read) it when you go on a protest march or want to share the odd link to a blog post. Also, you should probably not trust Twitter after they shadow banned Scott Adams.
  • Which brings us to: host your own content! The day Facebook, Twitter and Gmail goes away you should be smiling, not crying.
  • Oh, and – unless you are a real chop, you are probably backing up all the content on your phone daily/weekly right?

Lastly, if you are going to be on these networks, at least post something interesting every week. Write, create, share. Too many time wasters and lurkers. Say something interesting! Share strong opinions.

More of my ideas on what tech you must use.

Previous posts in my Strong Opinions series.

How To Get Lean

A quick guide to losing body fat, easily and quickly.

TL;DR: Fasting and 2 hours of walking per day.

Green Tea and Coconut Oil

You can lose about 10kg of fat in four weeks. All you need to do is:

The maths: 7500 kcal per 1kg of body fat. 450 kcal per hour of walking. Aim for 3000 kcal per day, or 400g fat loss per day, or about 2.5kg fat loss per week. You’ll use about 1900 kcal per day by just being alive (depending on your lean muscle mass), so add about 1000 kcal with two hours of walking. In my experiments I can lose an average of 550g of fat per day while fasting.

Two 5-day fasts should do it. The rest of the time eat one super healthy paleo/keto meal per day.

If you get bored, have some green tea with coconut oil.

Fasting and walking. Simple. You can’t screw this up. Yes, I have tested it.

Read this for more detail: Fasting for Fat Loss

ps. I’m not a doctor, read the details of the fasting post above.

Previous posts in my Strong Opinions series.