Quick Update

Podcast queue zero, flow hacking and the 150ms rule…

Sea Point Sunset
  • Week of 5-11 February.
  • Monday, gym, office, I presented a little training session, podcast promenade walk, phone chat with Mia – she won the trophy for most points in her school gala, mostly processed email and watched a webinar.
  • Gluten-free bonus.
  • Looks like Mia’s nippers friends group has deflated. I’m a bit sad. Also, all the inter-school galas have been cancelled because of the water situation.
  • Tuesday, random admin, walked to the office, got stuck in traffic, workshop in Gardens – pizza, wine and watched the SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch with Nick, Simone, Chris and Dirk – nothing short of awesome, time well spent.
  • I actually managed to get to podcast queue zero this week. That’s a first.
  • Wednesday, up early, good mood – sense of meaning, office, Clifton 1st sunset with Georg, Dan and his new girlfriend, and some rooibos gin, stayed on the beach till after dark, time well spent.
  • Thursday, work, gym, had some of Maria’s Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee – nice, sunset promenade walk.
  • I’ve been playing with the Monday.com app. Pretty cool.
  • Friday, up early, office, dev meeting, Sababa lunch, walked home, processed around 200 notes, drove to Clifton, Georg cooked a roast leg of lamb with some great red wine (thanks!), rainy evening – nice to get some rain.
  • I’ve been listening to Stealing Fire – since I ran out of podcasts. Rad audio book. Flow hacking is the next big thing. The transcendence industry is big business – keeping our pre-frontal cortex from over-thinking things all the time. Bit of an evolutionary defect there, can’t switch the sucker off easily. Pretty sure that the smarter you are, the more risk you have for a potentially wonky pre-frontal cortex.
  • Pretend You’re Good at It
  • “Two crappy pages per day.”

  • Remember the yellow square in the National Geographic logo? Have you ever wondered why that simple logo appears to be so appealing? The answer is, as you might know, the Golden Ratio! The length and width of the square have a ratio of 1.61.
  • Skills. Network. Ideas. Capital. In that order.
  • The curse of note taking. Sometimes you just have to process all those old notes.
  • Saturday, tea, backups, tinkering, wrote a letter to Radiolab (about bacteria from space), epic nap, worked a bit at La Vie – with the usual bloody mary and chicken skewers, processed another 100 notes, another nap, sunset audio book promenade walk, in bed early.
  • My latest long term health ideas… avoid gluten, white carbs, and sugar. Figure out your daily supplements. Eat enough protein, especially collagen. Walk 10k steps per day and lift weights every 2nd day. Have a daily mobility and stretching routine. Sleep more than you think you need. Fast for a week every 3 months. Know your blood biomarker data, 4x per year. Avoiding gluten has probably been the best of my recent hacks – a simple code for avoiding bad food, and big enough cultural norm to make it easy to explain.
  • Sunday, general tinkering and moar notes processing, Wembley Square gym, Van Hunks with Anton, mini nap, promenade walk – finished listening to Stealing Fire – great book, started listening to Anything You Want again, watched three episodes of The Tim Ferriss Experiment.
  • I migrated away from Zenkit – web based kanban kinda things like Zenkit and Trello just feel slow. Takes more than 150ms to do something. Same thing with Slack, everything takes seconds. Lame. Real nerds use Telegram, Simplenote, Wunderlist and Monday (so far pretty good).
  • Read Why Procrastinators Procrastinate and How to Beat Procrastination.
  • “A big list is perhaps an early phase of planning, but planning must end with rigorous prioritizing and one item that emerges as the winner – the item you’re going to make your first priority.”

  • “Business is not about money. It’s about making dreams come true for others and for yourself. When you make a company, you make a utopia. It’s where you design your perfect world.” — Derek Sivers

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

Groundhog Day, cargo shorts and naps…

Three Anchor Bay
  • Week of 29 January to 4 February.
  • Monday, school run, gym, catch up with Nico in Stellenbosch, catch up with Dirk and Michal, office, nap, sunset promenade walk, burger at Lily’s, Moro ice cream, time well spent.
  • Tuesday, office, dev meeting, had the slowest haircut in the world, podcast promenade walk, epic nap, another walk, last minute Startup Chile application for Jolp – again, this time we actually managed to submit the application – Jolp is getting a mobile app soon.
  • Wednesday, office, coconut Myog with Michael, tinkered with python csv tools, extended promenade walk with Tom to Clifton, Mojo Market burrito bowl.
  • Calm, technical, relentlessly resourceful, relentlessly optimistic, infinite learners. Work ethic, taste, integrity, curiosity. The rest you can learn.
  • If Derek Sivers had Roman Mars’ voice… read that about page link.
  • Thursday, where did this week go?, gym, office, installed a NIC, catch up with Warwick, Giles, Tom, Nick and Nigel, Rhodes Memorial, ate 1/2 a chicken and went for a comatose nap, sunset podcast promenade walk, firmware upgrade tinkering.
  • Mia had an eye test this week and needs to wear glasses now. -1.50.
  • The answer is cargo shorts, and abundance through technology.
  • “I figured out how to monetize SJWs.” — JP.

  • Friday, official Groundhog Day, office, catch up with Joseph, built a VM in record time, nap, sunset podcast promenade walk, processed some photos and listened to podcasts.
  • Saturday, morning walk with Georg to the Waterfront and back to Clifton, breakfast at Bootleggers in Bakoven, took Georg’s new car for a test drive, worked on a side project with Heleen, Anton’s house warming in Tamboerskloof – good fun.
  • Sunday, gluten free blueberry pancakes, epic nap, helped Georg fetch a car, bloody mary at La Vie.
  • Tune of the week: Bob Seger – Fire Inside
  • Dear nature, it would be rad if it rained more in Cape Town.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

Gadgets for Dvorak typing, Elton John and time travel…

Clifton Sunset
  • Week of 22 to 28 January.
  • Monday, woke up near Citrusdal, packed up, drove back with Paul, we stopped for a breakfast near Piketberg, dropped some camping gear off, charged some devices, took an aimless sunset podcast walk through Little Tel Aviv, found a burrito bowl and a bloody mary at Mojo Market.
  • The Absa Payment Pebble – most impressive UX fail I’ve seen in ages.
  • Check out The Butterfly Effect podcast series from Audible.
  • Snowden for president.
  • Tuesday, walked to the office, busy day, after work catch up with Nick at Primi.
  • I was away for two days and I ended up with 1000+ RSS feed items, telegram, slack, 50+ podcasts, 100+ emails, FB and Instagram feeds to process. Took me about 90min to make sense of it all again.
  • Wednesday, office, VitB shot, dinner at Thali in Park Road (old Kink) with Al, Georg and Cecile – very good food, phone chat with Mia – she won a few athletics events including high jump and shot put, Van Hunks.
  • People leave managers, not companies.
  • Seem you can now watch the Tim Ferriss Experiment on FB.
  • Thursday, I think that vitB shot worked a bit too well – could not wake up, work – mostly support things, finally unpacked my Wolfkop gear, mini-nap, La Vie salad and a bloody mary, catch up with Paul, lamb stew for dinner with Wouter and Rene – with some red wine and dark chocolate, time well spent.
  • Matt Groening Is A Time Traveler
  • Friday, office, catch up with JL in Stellenbosch, Mia’s inter-house athletics and a catch up with Dirk and Nick, drove through to The Theatre on the Bay (with a Tiny Dancer soundtrack) to watch an Elton John tribute show (Honkey Cats) with Mia – which as fun – Mia liked it – I’ve always loved that little theatre, 24h WW snacking, time well spent.
  • Elton John has been performing for 50 years, and has sold more than 300 million records. Wow.
  • How majestic was that beagle at Wolfkop?
  • I asked Mia what she thought the Tiny Dancer video was about – she said: “music makes you happy”. I said, I think it’s about amor fati, and how life is linear, it has many ups and down, but you can’t have the ups without the downs, so just enjoy all the moments. Life is a dance.
  • I’ve noticed that podcasts help me be unfocused and creative. The real drug is tricking your mind into feeling busy enough and relax, to wonder into other interesting thoughts.
  • I’m afraid we will forget. Last week post about Wolfkop did not do it justice, memories fade. Video is just so much effort. Hmm.
  • I’m clearly not taking enough photos. The last two weeks I had to hunt around to find just ten.
  • After 6 years, I think I’m taking a break from Afrikaburn this year, the ratio of input vs reward just feels a bit out. The rest of the people in our regular crew feel the same I think. Some very good memories, but time to find other adventures.
  • Feels like this year has stared very quickly. Backlog of things to work through.
  • Nerdy weekend of gadget tinkering and one really great movie…
  • Saturday, we found Mia a music keyboard to practice her piano lessons on, omelette for lunch, minor grudge purchase of toothbrush heads, Mia’s phone contract renewal – backup/restore to a new phone, took a stroll to the Waterfront, Hussar dinner with Georg.
  • Sunday, walked to the Winchester, found Mia a Macbook Air 13 inch (7,2 Early 2015) – I considered getting her a Debian laptop but she did not seem that keen (yet) – helped Mia re-install and upgrade macOS on her laptop, Waterfront visit – found Mia a pink sparkly laptop sleeve and a backup drive, Mia wanted to go watch Pitch Perfect 3 – so I ended up watching The Shape Of Water at the VIP cinema – which was truly brilliant – go watch it!, Clifton 1st swim and sunset with Georg and Cath, gluten free pizza at Posticino, time well spent.
  • Turns out 12yo kids now use laptops at school for most of their classes. The deal with the new Macbook and iPhone is that she will be listening to podcasts and typing Dvorak. Good trade.
  • Tune of the week: Elton John – Tiny Dancer

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

Wolfkop weekend…

Promenade Walk
  • Week of 15-21 January.
  • Not enough photos this week. I kinda forgot to take photos at Wolfkop. Had to borrow a few photos.
  • Monday, gym, office, tea with Michael, extended promenade walk with Nick, La Vie supper.
  • I’ve been experimenting with taking extra zink, copper, selenium, magnesium and boron.
  • Tuesday, office, tea with Nick at Knead, first dev planning meeting for the year, coconut Myog with Michael, sunset promenade walk, tinkered with Sketch.
  • Keep doing things about 5% outside your comfort and skills zone.
  • Wednesday, gym, blur of a multitasking day, played with a gantt chart app, sunset promenade walk.
  • Make time to be unfocused.
  • “The exchange of truth is curative.” — JP

  • Watch this interview. I would not like to debate JP. You would have to really have your act together.
  • How to be an Entrepreneur
  • How To Seduce Someone With Confidence – tldr; odds are so small of it working out anyway, usually.
  • Thursday, work, packing, some just in time shopping – found some new shades and a mattress, blitong stop, fetched some camping equipment, drove to Paul’s house in Stellenbosch, we drove up to Wolfkop and arrived just before sunset – we found a cool camp site – about 18 people in our group.
  • Seems everybody is doing Cape Town Burn this year, starts in April, 3 months in the desert, at home. 5l per day. Thanks city officials for organising, stellar job. Muppets.
  • Friday, Wolfkop, lilo day.
  • Saturday, more Wolfkop, very good fun, lots of swimming, great music, cool people.
  • Big thanks, crazy cats, very cool weekend – incl Paul, Michael, Nelia, Julien, Nick, Wouter, Rene, Pierre, Werner, Stefan, Kirsty, Olivia, Ross, …and the organisers!
  • Somebody should make gluten free beer in Cape Town.
  • Sunday, Wolfkop, epic afternoon, more swimming, in bed early.
  • Note to self: take bloody marys next time, and maybe some Campari.
  • Tunes of the week – Thirty Seconds To Mars. Never been a big fan, but the videos are cool – well produced. Watch these: This is War, Closer To The Edge, Kings and Queens. Also listen to the This is War album.
  • “The age of man is over.”

  • I think I’m having a dry February, and a 5-day fast soon.
  • Feeling refreshed and ready for the year now. (-:

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

Beach visits and birthday parties…

Three Anchor Bay
  • Week of 8-14 January.
  • Monday, gym, visited Dirk in Stellenbosch with Anton, snoek braai with Michal and Dirk.
  • Tuesday, first day back at the office, fetched Mia from a birthday party.
  • Wednesday, breakfast with Mia, office, tea with Nigel, tea with Michael, Mia watched Die Hard and Iron Man 3, gluten free pizza at Posticino with Mia, Clifton 1st with Georg – Mia took a long swim and shivered for a while (afterdrop) – we played some frisbee, epic sunset, marzipan, time well spent.
  • Collagen is a food group, 20g per day.
  • Thursday, Mia slept for 12 hours, breakfast with Mia, general tinkering, late lunch at Da Vinci’s – Mia Mr Fox’d their 1kg ribs, Unframed ice cream, nap while Mia watched The Avengers, sunset promenade walk, watched Ant-Man again.
  • “First rule of design – does the thing do what it was designed to do?”

  • Friday, we walked to the Winchester for an extended buffet breakfast – with some Miss Molly, had to go change Mia’s bank card PIN while getting a car wash at the Gardens Centre, we found Mia a cool new school bag with wheels on special, Skype meeting, tinkered with my home router’s failover feature, Clifton 1st with Georg – Mia took a long swim again – nice sunset with a bag of cherries and some Miss Molly, Hussar Camps Bay steak dinner, time well spent.
  • “A life lived with purpose is a life well lived.”

  • Saturday, meeting at Trumpet Tree, Dirk’s 40th at Peter Falke, dropped Mia off, Al’s birthday in Mostertsdrift, good fun.
  • Sunday, woke up in Stellenbosch, La Vie, workshop day, epic nap, sunset promenade walk, watched Daddy’s Home 1.
  • Tune of the week: Plainsong – The Cure – from Ant-Man.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

Hello 2018…

De Wetsbaai
  • Week of 1-7 January.
  • Yeah, this post is a bit late again, holiday time with Mia.
  • Monday, breakfast in Pringle Bay, caught up with some photo processing and blogging, extended beach outing with Jacques, Mia and Charlotte, ice cream, braai, drove back to Cape Town.
  • “I don’t have a dog in this hunt.”

  • Tuesday, tea, macro planning, backups, chia and fruit breakfast, Mia found the 16 Personalities test again and this time she’s an ENFP, used to be ESFJ, lunch at La Vie, tinkered with testpmd while Mia watched Spiderman 2, sunset promenade walk, had to replace the battery in my Chipolo BLE keyning sooner than I had hoped, watched Iron Man – reminder that engineering should be fun.
  • Wednesday, Linux tinkering, Waterfront, Gibsons burger and a huge milkshake, we watched Daddy’s Home 2 – super fun movie, book shop – got Snow Crash for Mia, extended sunset promenade walk – good chats, bloody mary and a light supper at Lily’s, time well spent.
  • Turns out Snow Crash is lame.
  • I think I see some post-festive season fasting in my future.
  • Pro tip: good week of the year to stock up on the big bottles of Body Shop shower gel.
  • Thursday, omelette at Knead with Mia, BIA machine, got some caps for our kayak trip – I can’t seem to keep a cap for longer than 6 months, supplement shopping, Waterfront, Bang & Olufsen shop, Lindt shop, visited Wouter’s office – very impressive building, watched Hancock again, mini-nap, watched Evita / Lloyd Webber musical at Artscape with Mia, time well spent.
  • The ability to create wealth is way more important than having money.
  • Friday, up early, sea kayak tour with Mia – Mia took a swim half way – we saw some dolphins and sun fish – very good fun, Mia watched Iron Man 2, drove to Bettys, nice swim, sunset braai, sounds like Mia did well in a Settlers of Catan game.
  • People should look after each other. Find your tribe.
  • Saturday, beach, swim, nap, Kleinmond Harbour fish and salad supper with Cath and Mia, epic sunset, played Battleships against Mia.
  • “Nobody knows anything, including me.”

  • Sunday, breakfast in Bettys, dropped Mia off at her mom’s house, tea with Dirk in Stellenbosch, extended podcast promenade walk.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

End of 2017, diminishing return curves and learning more…

Pringle Bay
  • Week of 25-31 December.
  • Monday, cooked a xmas champagne breakfast with Jacques, watched Star Wars ep VI with Mia, quick visit to Rossouw and Elise’s, drove to Melkbosstrand, Mia had a swim, family braai in Melkbos.
  • “Laat weet my wanneer julle weer die A-span speel.” — Jacques, about Springbok rugby and sports politics.

  • Tuesday, played with tmux and syslog-ng, xmas left-overs lunch, tinkered with VPP and discovered Unbound, late afternoon Melkbos family beach outing, braai at Jacques’.
  • Wednesday, watched Baby Driver again – great movie, missed some solitude and silence so went back to Sea Point for a while, visited Anton’s new house in Tamboerskloof – chatted crypto currencies, nap, sunset promenade walk.
  • Makes a big difference if something is built with love, care and passion.
  • Thursday, played with KVM, braai at Anton’s with Georg.
  • Friday, podcast gym session, breakfast for lunch with Warwick and Giles in Cavendish, burger at Hudsons Kloof Street with Paul, Up Yours, Van Hunks, sunset podcast promenade walk.
  • Saturday, fetched Mia, drove to Pringle Bay, outing to the beach and lagoon, braai at Jacques’, watched Die Hard again – great movie.
  • “The incentives always win.”

  • 21 full days of podcast listening this past year… over 500 hours. And more than one breakup (-;
  • Sunday, breakfast in Pringle Bay, Hangklip Hotel, nap, sunset podcast beach walk, rainy nye braai at Jacques’, in bed by 23:00ish.
  • The rate at which you need to learn, and the scope of knowledge you need to build up to be a good DevOps / NetDevOps / full stack developer is rather frighting, or perfect if you enjoy learning. Nothing speeds up learning like a good practical reason to figure something out.
  • So long 2017. Hmm. Kinda feel like I gravitated towards a few diminishing return curves. Not learning enough. Been having lots of fun learning new things over the last few weeks, so all is not lost. I think 2018 needs to be more macro goal orientated. It could just be that weekly journalling is not the best way to look back on a year. I need a macro journal again.

Have a fun 2018, crazy kids.

Quick Update

Hacking cholesterol and Star Wars sans Han…

Granger Bay Radisson
  • Week of 18-24 December.
  • This post is a bit late, holiday time.
  • Monday, gym, walked to the office, lunchtime One Juice visit, attempted some remote pair programming with Sublime, tinkered with docker-compose and some Python code, figured out how to use a jump box for ssh port port forwarding.
  • Tuesday, Python hacking, played with Sublime, git and pipenv to create dev environments, gym, lamb and broccoli supper with some swiss chocolate.
  • JP on rewards, goals and learning.
  • Tigers like catnip too. Yeah, that’s a fact.
  • Wednesday, last minute vitality health test booking, gym, walked to the office, sunset promenade walk, in bed early.
  • “I just checked out your old-school site. Love it.” — Derek Sivers (-:

  • Thursday, got a Wolfkop ticket, Vitality health check at Wellness Warehouse – life is too short for the Discovery Store and their attitude, very happy with my cholesterol test result, omelette at Clark’s, office, haircut at Wim’s, software testing, mini-nap, Clifton 1st with Georg, Karla and Excelda, followed by the usual chicken skewers at La Vie.
  • Health test results:
    Glucose: 4.9
    Total cholesterol: 4.6 (26% down from 5 weeks ago)
    LDL: 2.95
    HDL: 1.21
    Trig: 1.02
    BP: 128/84
  • I managed to keep my Diamond status, Vitality age = 38. Ended the year with over 53k points. Lame that you can lose points for BMI – what a joke of a metric.
  • “Modern medicine is like throwing eggs off a building and asking doctors to catch them.”

  • I started making list of things I need to complete at Octotel by Feb.
  • Friday, last Octotel software updates for the year, gym, fetched Mia, walked to the Waterfront and stopped for a drink at The Radisson, dinner at Tasha’s, gelato, book shop – found Mia a book: The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O. by Neal Stephenson and Nicole Galland.
  • Mia says she read ten books over the last two weeks – reread Harry Potter and School for Good and Evil series. A lot more reading than I did as a child.
  • Saturday, up early, backups, Mia made breakfast, tinkered with a Bitcoin thing, xmas gift shopping at the Waterfront, earl grey tea and the Melissa’s grand breafast, we watched Star Wars ep VIII at the VIP cinema – entertaining – good suspension of disbelief time – better than the last one – Mia liked it, promenade walk, xmas drinks shopping, a Cape Town G&T with Georg at La Vie, watched Contact – epic movie – Mia enjoyed it, time well spent.
  • Star Wars sans Han feels a bit nerdy.
  • Sunday, breakfast with Mia, xmas shopping with Jacques, he walked through Ultra filling up a trolly like that scene from Leaving Las Vegas, bloody mary’s with Jacques, family xmas dinner.
  • Snowden is my personal hero.” — Pavel Durov

  • Tune of the week: Video killed the radio stars.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

Hacking on hangovers, and a breakup…

Sea Point
  • Week of 11-17 December.
  • Monday, I sent Derek Sivers an email, backups, late afternoon La Vie supper with Heleen, ended the relationship with Heleen. Breakups are not fun.
  • Tuesday, not the best morning, walked to the office, server install – with some friends – for a friend, figured I needed some new ssh keys – ed25519 format, played with Salt.
  • Wednesday, made some ascii art, office, afterwork burger at Jerry’s with Georg, tinkered with Salt Cloud and libvirt.
  • Be resourceful. Walk through walls.
  • Thursday, gym, sunset walk, read a book about Salt.
  • Everything is virtual now.
  • Friday, office – new software release day, tinkered with virt-manager, evening out with Georg, Roast & Co dinner in Heritage Square – good food, we walked to The Secret Gin Bar – bumped into Christo – I had a heart remedy G&T, Aces & Spades.
  • We pretty much built a full OSS/BSS system for Octotel over the last 10 months. I think it’s kinda cool. Still some parts to automate, but it supports all the business processes now, with web interfaces for staff and ISPs, all via REST APIs.
  • I wish Paul Carr would write something profound again.
  • Be relentlessly optimistic. Calm, technical, relentlessly resourceful, relentlessly optimistic, infinite learners.
  • Saturday, a disprin and rehydrat kinda morning, tinkered with DPDK in a VM, Van Hunks with Georg, Anton, Diabi, Claus and Michael – until they closed.
  • Had a few nice flow states this week. Learning and creating. I think I understand Salt, KVM, LVM, SR-IOV, DPDK, VPP, FRR, Docker and VNFs a bit better now. I built a linux kernel again, for the first time since maybe 2009, it creates about 10GB of binaries, crazy.
  • Sunday, more disprins and rehydrat, more NFV hacking – deep nerding – lost some time, White Russians at La Vie with Georg.
  • Holiday soon.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

Ghee in my tea, and three Clifton sunsets…

Volvo Ocean Race
  • Week of 4 to 10 December.
  • Monday, tea, backups, worked at home while Mia watched the first Lord of the Rings movie – not my idea, we found Mia some new shoes, podcast drive to drop Mia off at a friend’s party, found a 10m measuring tape for Mia’s shot put hobby, nap, cooked some broccoli and kefir shots with Heleen.
  • Raise resourceful children.
  • “Stupid is normal.”

  • Tuesday, gym, office, clicked around shipping tracking websites, showed somebody Jacques’ car, software testing, got some new GPON toys, found some ghee, Kauai Vitality voucher breakfast for supper (was out of ideas).
  • I’m still on the 6g VitC per day plan. I think it might be working.
  • Wednesday, office, Clifton 1st sunset with Georg, Dan and Heleen, quick promenade walk to get 10k steps.
  • Listen to the The Polybius Conspiracy.
  • How many companies could you still start, with the energy / health-span you have?
  • One good reason for longevity… I figure it takes most people until around 35 to find and fix themselves.
  • Thursday, ghee in my TiTea, gym, office, wrote a newsletter, Clifton 1st sunset with Georg, Cath and Heleen – great swimming water temperature, burger in a bowl at Da Vinci’s, vegan ice cream, in bed a bit late.
  • “Bitcoin isn’t a bubble. It’s the pin.” — Simon Dingle

  • Friday, office, dev meeting, Jacques fetched a server, extended Clifton 1st visit with Georg, Cath and Heleen, stayed on the beach till well after dark, Mojo market, time well spent.
  • Keep learning and researching. Things seem much less intimidating if you encounter them a 2nd time.
  • Saturday, breakfast at La Vie, started a broccoli sprouting project with Heleen, lunch at Helemhuijs with Paul, Darryl and Felix – very good – have not seen Felix since aB 2015, walked around De Waterkant, wine tour with Heleen, drove to Beau Constantia – which was a bit lame, Buitenverwachting – which was very nice, Chapmans Peak Hotel visit, we made some gluten-free wraps, 11h sleep.
  • Sunday, up early, gym, breakfast with Jacques at Harvest Cafe in Bo Kaap, we installed Debian 9.3 on a quad core Xeon server with 32GB memory – NVMe drives are crazy fast, braai with Wouter, Rene and Alex, fell asleep learning about SR-IOV.
  • Page 701 is going to be exciting. Listen to the Tim Urban interview with Tim Ferriss.
  • Tune of the week: The Killers – Run For Cover

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

Three Riddick movies and high doses of vitamin C…

Sea Point Moon
  • Week of 27 November to 3 December.
  • Health week 4/4.
  • Monday, skipped a gym day, walked to the office, late afternoon Clifton 1st session with Georg and Heleen – swimming and some aerobie playing, Hussar steak with Georg.
  • I’m experimenting with 6g VitC and 6g Lysine per day – Pauling method. Cholesterol hacking takes time. 3 month cycles.
  • Tuesday, office, dev meeting, lunchtime smoothie podcast walk, nap, reading and watched some Open/R videos.
  • Are your Tuesdays happy?
  • Worth a read: things which lower testosterone. I’m on 581 ng/dL total Testosterone at the moment. Not ideal.
  • I went full hippie and now use organic shampoo and conditioner.
  • Being over 40 is all about avoiding chronic inflammation and muscle loss.
  • Wednesday, walked to gym, podcast walk to the office, some sysadmin tasks, backups, photo processing, new major version of the Octotel automation system went live, I took 10g of VitC in total through the day.
  • The JP diet. Maybe Jacques will go gluten free now.
  • Businesses run for love. Love the businesses you build.
  • “Cattle, not pets.” — DevOps

  • Thursday, mobility routine, walked to the office, data migration day, vitB shot, hardware shopping list refactoring at La Vie with a glass of Chardonnay, in bed early.
  • Friday, just in time hardware shopping before Jacques arrives back from London, gym, fetched Mia from her last day of school for 2017 and had a nice lunch at Vergelegen to celebrate, afternoon at Dirk’s house – we chatted about Instagram for anti-social people, just in time visit to the Waterfront VIP cinemas to watch Justice League – which I thought was rather lame, but Mia seemed to like it, epic weather, walked around the Volvo Ocean Race exhibition again and let Mia do the excavator challenge, I finished it in 48sec this time, fish and calamari for supper, vegan ice cream, in bed early, time well spent.
  • “acting like the Doomsday Clock has a snooze button.” — Justice League

  • Context before conversation. Reverse polish notation.
  • Saturday, backups and reading – nerdy rabbit hole as usual, brunch at Blue Cafe in Tamboerskloof with Mia – the full monty with kefir shots, we watched 12 Monkeys – Mia enjoyed it, cooked Mia some broccoli.
  • I’ve consumed at least 200g of collagen in last 30 days.
  • Sunday, made Mia some breakfast and watched Pitch Black, lunch at with Georg and Mia at Manga in Mouille Point – the food was pretty average, but the dessert was rad, watched The Chronicles of Riddick with a Famous Grouse, braai at home, wrote a blog post about How To Browse The Web, watched Riddick, sunset promenade walk with Mia, we watched The Prestige – great Nolan movie – Mia was somewhat confused, but it was cool to see her work it out.
  • We’re making slow progress with the Geeky Movies list.
  • Cool little film about happiness.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

How To Browse The Web

Things you must do before you browse the web…

Step 1) Install Firefox. You want an independent browser. No evil empires.

If you are unsure about Step 1, watch an Enron documentary or two, and then go for a long walk.

Step 2) Install some plugins for Firefox. You need:

a) Privacy Badger, from the EFF. You know who the EFF are right?

b) HTTPS Everywhere. Also EFF, and Aaron Swartz was involved is this plugin, you know who that is right? Watch: The Internet’s Own Boy.

c) uBlock Origin. Because the brightest minds of our generation are building “AdTech”, yet ads are _still_ lame, and because 0.1% of humans (muppets) click on ads, we have to endure this foolish torture, or just block them.

d) NoScript. Because Google “tag manager” is just spyware, and you don’t want people running evil javascript in your browser, trying to sell you things you don’t need.

Step 3) Read Social Media Sanity and Use This Tech.