Quick Update

Mild sense of panic setting in…

  • Week of 18-24 April.
  • Health week 3/3. Well, mostly.
  • Monday, office, wrote a newsletter, booked a flight to Joburg for Anton’s birthday party, sunset podcast walk to Clifton and a stroll from 1st to 4th beach (see below), made a healthy dinner while chatting to Jacques via Facetime for about an hour, catch up chat with Paul.
  • Tuesday, office, an extended city wayleave meeting – all about trench sharing, sunset walk around Nettleton rd, cooked a healthy supper, Wouter made tiramisu – yum.
  • Wednesday, podcast walk to the office, migrated a bunch of forms on the Octotel website, Wellness Warehouse visit and a VitB shot (I should do this more often), DStv over fibre training workshop, dropped a tent off with Darryn, drove to Canal Walk, haircut – tried something new – I guess it’s a Brandon Flowers man-crush hairstyle, planned all the things I needed to get for AfrikaBurn in about 25min – mostly by dragging around items from previous Wunderlists, shopping- I actually had to go get a map of Canal Walk to make sense of the place, packing and making more lists at home.
  • Thursday, bumped into Paul at 6:30 in the kitchen, TiTea, gym – while listening to Sam’s Town – always makes me happy for some reason, office, lomad and chia day, manicure, Seacom meeting, met up with Paul for a coffee and a walk, catch up chat with Dan, a burger at Hudsons with Paul, drove home listening to some Nick Cave and had some dark chocolate with Paul, kinda delayed my packing but managed to get all the important stuff in place, minor Youtube party.
  • “Martial arts on Valium.” — Paul, about Pieter’s Tai Chi.

  • I’m starting to think I should aim for 9 square photos per week and one 16×9.
  • Suffering really is voluntary.
  • Cool new Brandon Flowers video – Lonely Town
  • “Without adventure, civilization is in full decay.”
    — Alfred North Whitehead

  • Friday, packing, office…
  • I’ll have to fill in the rest when I get back from the burn.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.


Quick Update

Trying a bit of a new format with the photos…

  • Week of 11-17 April.
  • Health week 2/3. – 7kg transformation so far – aiming for 9kg in 3 weeks.
  • Monday, podcast walk to the office, two new people started working at Octotel, gym, killer abs, spinning class, swim, phone chat with Mia, cooked a healthy dinner, we booked our stretch tent for AfrikaBurn (just in time Joe, JITJ).
  • Tuesday, early morning walk up the hill to try and find a wireless dish, office, wayleave meeting with the city – could have turned out a bit better, quick visit to the Audi garage – seems some child (no idea who this could have been) stuck a marble in one of the back seat vents and it’s making a weird noise, made a rather unique spreadsheet, lunch time Instagram walk, aimless sunset podcast walk to Clifton, Wouter cooked his signature temperature probe perfection ribeye + broccoli + avo dish.
  • I made it to Sept 2015 on the TimF show. 100th shows I’ve listened to.
  • “Practice discomfort.”

  • I gained about 80 Instagram followers this week – never realised it was this popular.
  • Wednesday, gym – benched 90kg again – cold shower, office, lomad and chia day, figured out a diagram with Michael, left the office after dark, swim, cold shower, phone chat with Mia.
  • When you stick around the office pretty late – lie on your back and do 20 deep breaths, and squats – and then have a 5min nap. Works well to get motivated again.
  • Breathe! Wim Hof interview TimF show 7 Sept 2015. 40x deep breaths in the morning while relaxed.
  • The Wim Hof method.
  • When you don’t fear discomfort, you can be relaxed. Being comfortable is not the same as being happy.
  • “Are you high? – no, I’m just relaxed.” — chat at our recent braai.

  • Thursday, swim – how the gym gives back (inside reference – for the more seasoned blog readers, on that point, it seems ERnst does not read my blog anymore), three cold showers, office, took a nice walk with David around Century City, meeting with the Mobinomics guys, left the office pretty late, catch up chat with Wouter.
  • Try three cold showers and steam bath sessions – 20 deep breaths while in the cold shower. Really makes you feel alive. Practice discomfort.
  • Build the things you want to see in the world.
  • Keep looking for luck.
  • Meditate, hang, journal, put coconut oil in your tea… quick summary of the TimF morning.
  • “Be useful.” — Scott Adams

  • “Integrity is the essence of everything successful.” — R. Buckminster Fuller

  • “Love is metaphysical gravity.” — R. Buckminster Fuller

  • “Ninety-nine percent of who you are is invisible and untouchable.” — R. Buckminster Fuller

  • Friday, TiTea, gym, office, lomad day, watched three of Mia’s hockey games – Mia scored two goals, catch up with JD, sunset Fleetwood Mac appreciation drive back to Cape Town – good chats, stopped at my storage unit and loaded all my AfrikaBurn gear in about 5 min – still nicely packed and at the top of the pile, Mia and I browsed Giovanni’s for a shopping list from Wouter and Mia taste tested all the different types of olives, Wouter cooked this Itallian crumbed chicken tomato and mozzarella creation and we had a bottle of Moreson Chardonnay, good catch up Facetime Audio chat with Jacques for maybe 2 hours – technology is kinda cool – 10,000km away and we can still be brothers, good chats about business, relationships, health, family and teenagers.
  • “You’ve got people who are making plans with a clear focus, in a world which no longer supports a clear path to anything.” — Scott Adams

  • “Fail in a way you learn something.” — Scott Adams

  • “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” — Winston S. Churchill… Jacques likes this quote.

  • I think, maybe the biggest thing I fear is the day Mia and I don’t get along as well as we do now – because now, we are like peas in a pod. Ok, maybe more like Sith master and apprentice – which is why I’m pondering this. Always two there are. I’m pretty sure I can work this out. It’s a game right? It’s been played for many generations. I just have play 80% better than the legacy. No problem. I can do this. I’m an optimist.
  • Can I just say, thank goodness I switched to a useful touch typing setup a long time ago.
  • One of the (hot) moms at Mia’s school walked up to me an said: get off your phone – why do I always see you at the gym on your laptop?… well, firstly – ok, ok – I’m not going to reason my way out of this – it was lame to be on my phone while Mia is playing hockey and I drove all the way to be there – but Paul needed something. Sorry. This is just after I explained the concept of karma to Mia. Maybe this is some form of karma.
  • Saturday, breakfast with Mia at Jarryds – the fritatta is great, we found Mia two gumguards for the hockey season (because I know she’s going to lose at least one), catch up with Dan while Mia did some Dvorak touch typing training – I got her to read the DVzine – I think it’s important to tell kids WHY before you get them to learn anything – ask why three times (she actually uses this trick on me from time to time), we moulded the two gum guards with some hot water, Myog, little geek and I watched Eddie the Eagle at the Waterfront VIP cinemas – epic movie – go see it (really) – great seats for a Saturday movie chill – really sucks you in, a burger at Gibsons – the gorgonzola burger is nothing short of spectacular, a stroll around the Waterfront, a lady of leisure tea at Melissas, 11h sleep.
  • For some reason I was suddenly interested in activity trackers and geeked out on some research. The Polar A360 and A300 seem nice. I’m most interested in the sleep tracking and optimal waking up features. In the end – I guess we just need to see if the next Apple watch is waterproof.
  • Seems Mia likes comics – Wouter gave her the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles graphic novel to read, and she loved it.
  • Smart interesting people. I keep coming back to this. If you have read this far, and you are not a robot, I’d like to really emphasise this point. Find the smart interesting people around you.
  • Sunday, tea, gourmet fruit salad, backups and hockey photo processing, dropped Mia off in Obs, a glass of wine at Tammy’s, good pizza and tiramisu at Da Vinci’s, catch up with Wouter and Pieter – and re-packing some AfrikaBurn essentials, blogging.
  • Maybe I should just learn to make tiramisu. I keep finding okay versions – but nothing special. I can maybe add it to my list of things I actually care about. It’s a short list, on most days.
  • A little bit of drama as I dropped Mia off – she was very sad not to go to AfrikaBurn. I tried. I really tried. So, after about 7 weeks of trying to convince Naulene to let Mia go to AfrikaBurn – and many, many emails later – today she suddenly agrees to let Mia go (and miss school). Why now? Honestly. Everything has already been planned. Face-palm.
  • Mia is now 155cm, 46kg.
  • Just remember, in an Interstellar kinda way, everything has already happened.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

The life of Joe…

  • Week of 4-10 April.
  • Health week 1/3. Muscle gained + fat lost = 4.4kg.
  • Monday, walked to the office, interview, lunch with Mia, putt-putt with Mia in Sea Point – Mia won – I might have been a bit distracted with my new Instagram photography craze (see above), supper at La Vie and a glass of Miss Molly to celebrate Mia’s win, dropped Mia off at her mom’s house – after her last day of school holiday, podcast drive back, catch up chat with Wouter.
  • We connected IS / Web Africa to the Octotel network this week. Looks like MWeb will be on the Octotel network soon.
  • I think I might have listened to too much Nick Cave last week.
  • Tuesday, podcast walk to the office, some postfix tinkering, catch-up with Sarah and chats about network automation systems, supplement shopping, took a walk around our neighbourhood looking for a new wireless dish causing noise on our link – walked right up the hill to where the Lions Head footpath starts – nice views, ended up having curry at Laura’s house and agreeing to install wifi repeaters for her mom – good chats about AfrikaBurn and her fax-spam-king friend.
  • “Instead of trying to make a better robot, try to make a better man.” –Shimon Peres

  • “Is it possible to be a mindful hedonist?” from 31 Jul 2015 TimF show.

  • “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.”

  • Wednesday, up early, gym, chia + lomad day (Camphill milk delivery date changed to Thursdays now), tinkered with LayersWP, left the office after dark, asked Wouter to help with a small design project.
  • Maybe you are awesome? Maybe this is paradise? …from listening to the Tara Brach interview TimF 31 Jul 2015.
  • “Make new mistakes.” — Kevin Kelly

  • Will this laptop migration ever end? I keep finding little things which I need to install or configure.
  • Thursday, swim, steam bath, office, good meetings with Seacom and Vox, Facetime audio chat with Jacques – Facetime audio works pretty well to London, catch up chat with Nikki, left the office after dark, Wouter cooked an epic pasta – we chatted startup ideas and we did a bit of a design experiment.
  • “I remember when, I thought I knew everything.” — Pearl Jam

  • Friday, swim, steam bath, office, breakfast for lunch with Carel at the new Jason bakery – we chatted Bitcoin and AfrikaBurn, inbox zero, an after work beer at the office, Clifton beach walk, sundowner with Pieter, La Vie (/Rockpool) with Pieter and Rodney – maybe not the best idea in hindsight.
  • Woody Allen says – “eighty percent of success is showing up” – I’ve learnt that sometimes you should not show up. Just don’t go.
  • Saturday, some design tinkering, Granger Bay market with Wouter – always a nice vibe, catch up chats with Jacques and Dan, sunset podcast walk towards Clifton (see below), watched American Sniper… great movie.
  • General sense of optimism this weekend. Nice feeling. The two most important things.
  • We stand for adventure. The joy and the rush of the new.
  • Sunday, TiTea, gym, lomad day, some reading, sorted a list of ideas, notes and photo processing, backups, I put Mia’s photos from 2010-2014 on her iPad (~12k – she now has about 34k photos in total), I deleted about 200 apps from my iTunes library – man, I collected a lot of crap over the years, some blogging and chats with Wouter.
  • Manage desire. Try and desire only one thing at a time. Accept. Be present. Habits are everything. You become your habits. Are you happy doing just one thing? … listening to the interview with Naval Ravikant, TimF show 18 Aug 2015.
  • Tune of the week: Heart is a Drum – Beck. This whole album is great.
  • Which book has had the most influence on your life? I think my answer is Hackers by Steven Levy.
  • The Day You Became a Better Writer.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Sorry, I kinda saved most of the week’s photos in a square / instagram format – short on 16:9 photos.

Bantry Bay
Bantry Bay

Quick Update

The other parts of the perfect world…

Wintery Promenade
Wintery Promenade Walk
  • Week of 28 March to 3 April.
  • It’s certainly not summer any more in Cape Town – but it’s been a nice change.
  • Monday, public holiday, woke up with this Paradise song stuck in my head, wine tasting with Paul, a burger at Hudsons in Stellenbosch, we watched Half Nelson (with an intermission) – one more movie from Paul’s Ryan Gosling collection – very good, listened to some NIN Downward Spiral – Hurt, such a good song.
  • Best weekend in a long time.
  • “Just pop it in the gas microwave.” — from one of Anton’s stories.

  • “Why is it always so late?” — Paul

  • Turns out worms are optimists and even they like adventure.
  • “We’re wasting time.” — in a Point Break kinda way.

  • Some people bring out the best in you. Over time, I think you learn to appreciate this much more.
  • Tuesday, woke up in Stellenbosch, back to work, two interviews.
  • “I’d rather be a comma, than a full stop.”

  • I installed Instagram this week. Interesting how the square format forces you to be a bit more creative.
  • Wednesday, first rainy Cape Town morning in a while, listened to some Nick Cave on the drive to the office – Darker With The Day – great song, another interview, I managed to get telegram-cli to work, cold’ish sunset promenade walk (see above), cooked myself a healthy supper, catch up chat with Wouter.
  • “Well, it’s rarer than you think.” — Wouter

  • Good read: Julie Rubicon (reads a bit like Microserfs).
  • If you ever want to backup Telegram conversations.
  • Two people have recently suggested I should read the Ian Banks books.
  • “The unexamined life is not worth living.” — Socrates

  • Thursday, gym, office, I managed to work out our home wireless link is screwed and it’s not going to get any better – might need to get fibre, new Tenda wifi and GPON toys arrived, I walked our Beach Road trench over lunch, stayed at the office pretty late, some AfrikaBurn tent admin, notes, rss and inbox zero, promenade walk, healthy supper with Wouter, caught up on some reading.
  • I really miss my childhood days of adventure games.
  • New health mission for April: 21 days of health, lose 5kg fat, gain 4kg muscle.
  • Note to self: I should really try and limit adding todo list items and pocket reads. I’m still about 100 articles behind.
  • Mia turned 10 this week. Only 8 more years of officially needing to deal with her mother.
  • Write for yourself. Design and create for yourself! – it’s the best way. Success is all about consistency and a deep need to work – from Tim Ferriss show 24 July 2015. Good listen.
  • I asked Naulene twice through the day to get Mia to switch her phone on so I can at least phone her for her birthday, but no – and obviously Naulene does not answer her phone either. Nice, really classy.
  • Hmm… I’m starting to suspect I might have some note making disorder – and it’s getting more random (as I write this) – I don’t remember my head being this busy ten years ago.
  • Friday, swim and a steam-bath, office, fetched Mia – chats about what it means to be a geek on the way to Cape Town, epic post-rain sunset promenade walk – great light for some Instagramming and a freak wave splash, I cooked Mia a healthy supper, in bed early, 11h sleep.
  • So, after trying for about six weeks to convince Naulene that Mia can go to Anton’s birthday in Joburg – and go to AfrikaBurn with me, she’s just making it impossible, and she does not want Mia to miss any school, fair enough. Sorry Mia.
  • Since that cryo-sauna experience I’ve been doing three cycles of the steam bath and cold shower every now and again. Works well. Try it.
  • Why the seventh Star Wars movie was a copy of the first.
  • Saturday, breakfast with Mia and Wouter at Jarryds – good breakfast – try the Huevos Rancheros, catch-up with Dan while little geek hacked some PyCharmEdu, promenade walk, lunch at Rockpool with Mia (the old La Vie), another promenade walk, backups, nap, more PycharmEdu, Mia had a moment, I cooked Mia a healthy dinner, in bed early, 11h sleep.
  • I deleted all the games off Mia’s phone and she had a bit of a moment about that – but, it had to happen and we had a long chat about it on Friday. So long Minion Rush.
  • Ever notice that love is only the third layer of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? I guess it’s a bit like the OSI networking stack – nobody really talks about anything above layer 3.
  • “Copyright is for losers.”

  • Funny how making mistakes makes you look at things in a different light. Make a ton of creative mistakes before 30, crazy kids.
  • “The meaning of a thing is the change it causes in the world.” — from this article.

  • Sunday, super chilled day at home, configured Aperture on my new laptop, I imported about 33k photos (2000-2010), and put about 19k photos from between 2005-2010 on Mia’s phone for her – had a good nostalgic browse, we made kiwi and strawberry ice cream, (virgin) G&Ts by the pool – with the cat, some blogging, Mia refused to eat more of my veggie dinners, so we had a Nick Cave appreciation drive to Hussar Grill (Mouille Point) for some burgers, a night time promenade walk with Mia past Three Anchor Bay beach – I pointed her at the Chris Chameleon album on her phone and we talked about why Ingrid Jonker walked into the sea at Three Anchor Bay beach, big overnight backup – around 1.2TB – including every photo since around 2000 and a few before that.
  • So, no more phone games, Mia – sorry, but an extra 19k photos and 16 home videos – I should make more home videos – I have lots of footage.
  • “I thought of my friends who had died of exposure, and I remembered other ones who had died from the lack of it.” — Nick Cave

  • I found some interesting photos on Sunday. Nice to have all my photos in one place now. Why did I not do it sooner? – well, my old laptop did not like big volumes of photo imports. Let’s just say my idea of a photo worth keeping has moved on since early 2000 – nevermind camera quality improving a lot.
  • You have to appreciate how special Mia’s mother is. She has an iPhone, but I’m not allowed to phone her, or text her on that number. I am allowed, to text her on some random Nokia phone – but I can’t phone her on the Nokia either. So 5 hours go by on Sunday afternoon, with me trying to arrange when Mia can be dropped off. Then Naulene texts Mia’s phone – from her iPhone – saying she has no airtime on the Nokia phone – and she still refuses to answer text messages to the iPhone. Honestly, you just can’t make this stuff up.
  • I seem to be drinking way more tea than usual – must be a seasonal change thing. Units of work delimited by cups of tea.
  • “Love is not a maybe thing, you know when you love someone.” — see below

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Instagram walk
Instagram walk
Instagram walk clouds
Instagram walk clouds
Monday morning
Monday morning, spotted at Paul’s house

Quick Update

Holiday week with Mia…


  • Week of 21-27 March.
  • Monday, Afrikaans day with Mia, gym (powerplate, squats and stretches), swim, smoothies, chilled afternoon at home – super slow internets – had to do some debugging, a sunset G&T with Al and Hilah at La Vie, in bed early, 11h sleep.
  • It seems La Vie is about to change its name. Not sure I like it.
  • “Your download is in the mail.” — joking about our ridiculously slow internet at home.

  • Tuesday, gym, swim at Wembley Square, RoboArt – Kids Robotics Holiday Workshops at The Woodstock Exchange, a Kyoto style cold / slow brew coffee at Rosetta Roastery – amusing, it’s a bit like a tea version of coffee – if that makes sense, catch up with Max and Chris at RISE (Barclays / Techstars space) – interesting chat with Max about an explorers club for A-types, iOS and OSX upgrade day, fetched Mia and her robot art, we had a burger at Gibson’s, watched Allegiant (Divergent #3) at the Waterfront VIP cinemas – great seats – good story – nicely wraps up the plot from the first two movies, Mia liked it – so I’ll have to show her the previous two movies.
  • Battery life on this new Macbook is epic. A whole day out and about and I come back home with 60% battery.
  • Wednesday, climbed on our roof and tried to improve the alignment of our wireless dish, weekend packing, I cooked a ridiculously healthy lunch for Mia, part 2 of her EDRO robotics course, Las Marias flat white at Rosetta (mega hipster coffee), a chat with Max at RISE again, drove to Bettys Bay (while Mia watched the second Divergent movie), braai with Anton, Kloppies and Niel.
  • Very nice to take some time off, swim, move around more, spend time with Mia – good chats.
  • Random 80s song of the week: Heart and Soul, T’Pau
  • Thursday, rainy day in Bettys (see above), Kloppies and Niel drove home, a nice walk with Anton while Mia watched Divergent 2 again – I think she might have found a next Harry Potter-like phase, we watched The Abyss – epic movie (in preparation for a related sci-fi classic …since Mia asked me what my favourite movie is recently – and I figured the alpha-female characters are an interesting theme), sunset walk, we made a stew (it was not braai weather).
  • “Little geek is on the case.” — The Abyss

  • Mia seems to be getting into Scratch Jnr and some of the other coding related apps on her iPad, finally.
  • Friday, brunch with Anton, Cath, Mia and Piet, Mia and I drove to the Harrold Porter Gardens for a walk and some scones, drove back to Cape Town while Mia watched the 1st Divergent movie, we attempted to match Aliens – and made it about 1/2 way, a bit too scary for Mia – I remember watching it at her age and it was pretty scary, we watched a cold front cloud bank roll in over the ocean (see below), 11h sleep.
  • “Building better worlds.” — Weyland Corp.

  • Saturday, notes and photo processing, tinkered with some document writing, catch up chat with Dan, I dropped Mia off at her mom’s house, Trumpet Tree with Al and Margot – planning a boules day, house party at Adi’s.
  • Sunday, woke up in Stellenbosch, breakfast with Al at the De Zalze clubhouse – and a bloody mary, nap, a late lunch with Al, Henning and Margot, burgers and T10 with Paul and some Fleetwood Mac, time well spent.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.


Filter on attachment name with Procmail

After a recent spike in emails with .zip and .doc attachments… a quick way to filter them with procmail:

# Drop mails with lame attachments
:0 B
* .*filename=.*\.(zip|rar|rtf|doc|docm|xls|com|hlp|vbs|wsf|eml|shs|exe|nws|chm|pif|vbe|hta|scr|reg|bat)\"?\;?$

Stick this in your .procmailrc

Updated: 7 April 2016, I’ll keep adding to this as I find things to block.

Quick Update

Dress up. Leave a false name. Be legendary…

Octotel Beach Rd
Octotel Beach Rd
  • Week of 14-20 March.
  • Monday, some press release writing, office, fibre team manager interview, lunch with Dan, fetched my new Macbook Pro 13 Retina from the Waterfront (Macbook number 4 since 2004), discovered Paul was still at the house, had a post weekend catch-up chat and more braai meat snacks – his car battery had died, migrated some stuff to the new laptop.
  • Press for the week: Octotel expands Cape Town fibre network, Octotel to expand Cape Town FTTH, Octotel expands R50m Cape fibre network.
  • The new laptop is cool. It’s about 30% faster than the old one – which is nice, but not Moore’s Law kinda nice – then again, the screen is awesome! Crazy how many little configs there are all over the place when you migrate to a new laptop. Took me two days. Homebrew is pretty cool.
  • After a recent braai, I realised I’m back to full card carrying member status of the League of Emotionally Unavailable Gentlemen.
  • Tuesday, office, two interviews, set-up work for the Octotel event, took a podcast walk along Beach Road in Sea Point (see above), Octotel Sea Point Community Fibre Information Evening at the Marais Road Shul (Little Tel Aviv central)… it went well – we had about 70 people there, had a Myog with Michael and a vodka tonic with Wouter – chats about social tiers and self control.
  • Wednesday, swim, podcast drive to the office, installed emacs, sunset promenade walk, Wouter cooked an epic steak and asparagus dinner while we chatted AfrikaBurn planning.
  • I switched from using jed to emacs. This is a big thing actually – I’ve been using jed for about 18 years. I’m about to switch from Aperture to Lightroom. Apple’s pro apps have really become very lame. I guess that’s what happens if you make 90% of your money from selling phones.
  • I should probably change my Facebook religion status from Jedi to Emacs now.
  • I discovered Prelude. Thanks Charl.
  • Thursday, TiTea, gym, swim, podcast drive to the office, more interviews, we connected the first Cool Ideas customers (new ISP on the Octotel network), some new business card design work, attended the launch of Spin Street House (soon to be an Octotel fibre customer) – now associated with Speedspace (of Seedstars World fame), Wouter and I wanted to go have a St. Patricks day Guinness at Twankey Bar, but they stopped selling Guinness on tap – must be something that happened after Aiden went back to Ireland, then we tried five other bars and ended up having a Guinness (out of a can?!) at The Butcher Block and Grill – with some tiramisu – chats about crazy ex’s that used to make good tiramisu.
  • Are you healthy? – maybe less than 5% of the population is.
  • Friday, podcast drive to the office, fetched Mia from school – start of the school holidays and a ten day holiday for me, a late brunch at Fred & Max, drove to Cape Town, we made some frozen banana and strawberry ice cream, Mia watched The Princess Bride – she loved it, a sunset promenade walk with Mia – we chatted about finding things you are passionate about, I figured out how to remap some Slack keys, some Reyneke organic Merlot with Wouter, Anton arrived (Mr Kobayashi), we chatted about his eco-tourism ideas, lots of red wine and cheese, stayed up way passed our bed times.
  • Turns out Brie is more creamy and Camembert has a stronger flavour. I’ve been meaning to read about that for ages.
  • “Dress up. Leave a false name. Be legendary.” — spotted on FB

  • Saturday, breakfast with Mia and Anton, Anton left for a wedding, Mia and I went to watch Kung Fu Panda 3 at the Waterfront – very cool movie, some aimless walking (flaneuring) around the Waterfront, ended up at Den Anker for an early supper – with pomme frittes, mayo and weiss beer, more aimless walking and chats – including some AfrikaBurn planning, ice cream, we listened to Eloctrolite on the way home – Mia asked me what my favourite song was and it was first to pop into my head, in bed early, 11h sleep.
  • “Shifu: If you only do what you can do, you’ll never be better than what you are.” — Kung Fu Panda 3

  • I decided it’s time I help Mia to learn Afrikaans a bit quicker after reading one more article about the benefits of bilingualism.
  • “Life will only change when you become more committed to your dreams than you are to your comfort zone.” — Billy Cox

  • Sunday, the first day of autumn, Afrikaans day with Mia, breakfast with Mia, Ernst, Lisa, Owen, Tim and Wendy at Caffe Neo – and a bloody Mary – nice to see Ernst – chats about how we are very good at rationalising emotional decisions – he was on his way to convincing me to go for scenic runs – until he mentioned his knee that’s busy disintegrating – also chats about Stellenbosch, tech businesses, Afrikaans and wine, a Constantia Wine Route adventure… wine tasting at Constantia Glen – bumped into Zia, wine tasting at Eagle’s Nest – good Merlot – had to get a few bottles, Beau Constantia (see below) – bumped into B and Nick, Hout Bay Market, Chapman’s Peak drive – stopped for some views of Hout Bay, I had The Red Herring pizza at The Red Herring in Noordhoek (good memories from 2004 days), a sunset promenade walk with Mia (see below), notes and photo processing with some Eagle’s Nest Merlot while Mia built a Scratch game, nice Sunday – time well spent.
  • Fish oil, asprin and magnesium. Probably all you really need to add to your diet.
  • Somebody should start selling braai broodjies at weekend markets.
  • Tune of the week: Eloctrolite, REM.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Beau Constantia
Beau Constantia
Queens Beach
Queens Beach

Make Slack behave like the Telegram Desktop app

This will help you remap some Slack keyboard commands so that Command + Enter sends a message and Enter creates a new line… for OSX.

I think this makes way more sense than using Command Enter to “create a new snippet”.

I use the Telegram Desktop app a lot – so accidentally creating snippets in Slack all the time was a bit painful.

You’ll need to install Karabiner and load the private.xml file below…

<?xml version="1.0"?>
        <name>Slack Customisation</name>
            <name>Map Cmd+Enter to send, Enter to extra line</name>
                KeyCode::RETURN, ModifierFlag::COMMAND_L,
                KeyCode::RETURN, ModifierFlag::SHIFT_L

and just for fun, OSX Messages app…


        <name>OSX Messages Customisation</name>
            <name>Map Enter to extra line</name>
                KeyCode::RETURN, ModifierFlag::COMMAND_L,
                KeyCode::RETURN, ModifierFlag::OPTION_L

and Skype…

        <name>Skype Customisation</name>
            <name>Map Enter to extra line</name>
                KeyCode::RETURN, ModifierFlag::COMMAND_L,
                KeyCode::RETURN, ModifierFlag::SHIFT_L

Quick Update

The Last Braai of Summer…

Braai Friends
  • Week of 7 to 13 March.
  • Monday, school run, gym, office, super boring Telkom community fibre event at the Sea Point High School with about 7 people, swim, some blogging.
  • Tuesday, office, ward councillor meeting with Michael in Wale street, catch up with Fred in Woodstock, worked at the Wembley gym, a beer with Dan at Paradiso.
  • Wednesday, swim, Mia went on her first two day school camp, office, added the finishing touches to our Octotel Home Fibre Guide print brochure, catch up lunch with Joseph at Ravish in Bree street – we chatted GPON devices, premium wifi and space suit design, catch up with Cor and Steven at 75 Harrington, a swim at the Wembley gym, ordered a MacBook Pro 13 with Retina display (256GB model), a burger with Jonathan at Hudsons on Kloof – good fun, chats about parenting apps and mental health apps.
  • Thursday, podcast drive to the office, sent some newsletters to get people to come to the Octotel Sea Point Community Information Evening, some serious braai shopping with Wouter, sushi at Harbour House in the Waterfront with Wouter.
  • Friday, office, mostly tried to get more people to attend the Octotel event next week – newsletters, FB event and ads, flyer drops and press release writing, some final braai prep – candles, fairy lights (see below), music, snack platters… The Last Braai of the Summer (see below).
  • Very cool braai, perfect wind-still evening, 35+ people, bucket loads of G&T, Wouter braaied enough meat for a small army, I remember playing some The Cure songs and The Groovenator, a few good laughs about Ryan Gosling movies, nice to see Al, Diabi, Daniel, Becky, Claus, Janey, Paul, Hilah, Bienne, Dan, Pieter etc. (see above). We might have to do a first braai of Autumn soon.
  • Our AfrikaBurn theme camp sound system has made it through its third party. Not bad for a cheap boom box system that went to the desert.
  • We finally have a recycling bin – we figured we needed an extra bin for the braai.
  • Saturday, Janey woke me up at 7:00ish, processed some photos, fell asleep watching Hackers (1995), braai meat for lunch, The Grand / Granger Bay with Dan, La Vie with Dan… good chats – I’m excited.
  • I’ve been living in ~Cape Town for 20 years now.
  • Stating the obvious, but not all craft beer is good beer.
  • “Enjoy your own company.”

  • Sunday, slept till 9:00ish, finished watching Hackers… Angelina Jolie as a geek is pretty hot, braai meat for lunch again, nap, some notes processing and blogging, read through about 30 saved (Pocket) articles from the last six weeks (only 70 to go), more braai meat, watched an episode of Rome.
  • “Hack the planet.”

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Braai lights (pic by Luke)
Braai lights (pic by Luke)
Braai Views

Quick Update

Dog with a blog…

G&T sans HDR.
  • Week of 29 February to 6 March.
  • Monday, watched Drive… good movie choice from Paul’s Ryan Gosling film collection – epic soundtrack, fetched Mia and watched her Zonal Gala at De Hoop – last major gala of the season – she swam in five races and won a medal in the 25m freestyle race, a celebratory pizza supper at Giuseppe’s, dropped Mia off at her gran’s house (her mom was moving house), sunset drive back to Cape Town, catch up chat with Wouter, watched some Fleetwood Mac videos.
  • I sometimes wonder how, last year, I was starting this new business, dating somebody, and doing a lot of AfrikaBurn planning and design work – with the same social calendar.
  • “It’s not the destination, it’s the glory of the ride.” — Spotted in Paul’s house.

  • Octotel connected its first few GPON customers this week.
  • “75% of success is straying calm.”

  • Tuesday, office, wayleave related meeting at the roads department, our home internet was down for a while so Wouter and I had a burger at Gibsons and watched Deadpool at the Waterfront… the movie had its moments, but not totally my vibe.
  • If you had to put a billboard up somewhere, what would it say? – Tim Ferriss show question. My answer: Enjoy life.
  • Wednesday, podcast walk to the office, the day was a bit of a blur, had a G&T with Wouter, processed the photos from two swimming galas and a wine festival.
  • Thursday, podcast walk to the office, some last minute fibre duct delivery logistics, randomly bumped into Paul in Sea Point and had lunch with him, Myog – never gets old, was kinda planning to go to First Thursdays – but took a nap at home, processed a batch of (about 80) notes and did some blogging – good nerd time.
  • I think I need to start buying wine more regularly – in bulk.
  • Tune of the week: Juice Newton – Angel Of The Morning, good scene from Deadpool.
  • Friday, podcast drive to the office, catch up chat and a protein shake with Mark at the place next to Jason Bakery, lunch at Scheckter’s Raw Gourmet – pretty staff – portions could be bigger, fetched Mia from school, pizza and mocktails at La Vie with Mia, Pieter and Xavier.
  • Mia tells me there is a Disney show called: Dog with a Blog.
  • Saturday, Mia and I drove to deep-Plumbstead for a cryotherapy “sauna” at -150degC – managed to stay in for 3 minutes (see below), it was fun – I’ve had more intense spear fishing cold experiences, but it makes you feel alive, we hit the Nike factory shop – found some new gym bags, Hout Bay market with Mia, Fred, Dan, Duncan, Katie, Pieter and Marcus – nice vibe, car phone chats on the way home, some serious braai shopping, a nap at home, sunset G&Ts with extra lime (see above) and a braai at home with Wouter, Pieter and Mia – Wouter braaied a filet steak to perfection with his usual digital temperature probes, sago pudding, put Mia in bed and showed her the Coldplay Paradise video shot in Cape Town, Trude and Berry joined us for a glass of wine, some minimalist Berlin electro music, and a chat about LD50.
  • Good fun to watch: Kaspar in Paradiso
  • “Dance like no one’s watching. Encrypt like everyone is.” — from a tshirt

  • Sunday, brunch at Bootleggers Bantry Bay with Mia and Wouter – we watched a few Argus cyclists speed by, Mia and I watched Zootropolis (Zootopia) at the Waterfront – very cool, maybe the best animated movie since How To Train Your Dragon, some camping gear shopping for Mia’s school camp – fleece jacket and shoes, burger at Mondiall – still the most tasty burger in Cape Town.
  • Anybody else strip the tracking info off links before sharing them?
  • I’m starting to fear my Pocket list again. Major backlog.
  • I seem to average about 40 phone notes per week. Which explains the delayed blog posts.
  • I made it all the way to July 2015 with the Tim Ferriss show. Catching up.
  • 7 weeks to AfrikaBurn.
  • See you at the braai on Friday. The last braai of summer.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.


Quick Update

Little Lebowski Urban Achievers and warm milk…

The Table at De Meye
The Table at De Meye
  • Week of 22-28 February.
  • Yeah, this post is a bit late.
  • Fasting week – ate nothing from Sunday to Thursday night. Started the week at 86.5kg, ended the week at 83kg. Georg’s recent visit kinda delayed my fasting plans. It was actually pretty easy fasting this week. It gets easier.
  • I think I want to try one month in ketosis soon. Green veg, butter, coconut oil, mct, nuts, eggs… astronaut food.
  • Monday, school run, gym, The Kitchen, office, the SSD I ordered arrived, tinkered with CartoDB, the first few orders came in on my new Octotel line ordering system, left the office at 19:00ish, AfrikaBurn planning meeting at home with Wouter and Stephen, figured out I did not have the right size Torx screwdriver to install the SSD, meh.
  • Work has been pretty busy over the last three weeks.
  • Tuesday, TiTea, gym, found a Trox6 screwdriver, installed my SSD – painless process – yeah, I know I should have done it months ago – anyway, still working out how to convince work to give me a new Macbook Pro, left the office after dark, started reading Zero to One – great book.
  • OSX has native Trim support now.
  • The SSD is great. It can stay. Battery time pretty much doubled.
  • This is the best thing ever: if you hate telemarketers, you’ll love this robot designed to waste their time.
  • Wednesday, office, catch up with the Supernice guys, swim, haircut at Yogi’s, office, tinkered with a Raspberry Pi – tried to get the Kano at Mia’s school to work again, but it’s not happy. I see a Raspberry Pi 3 in my future.
  • Thursday, gym, swim, office, fetched snail mail, Spin street trenching project route walk, 2050 visit, Wembley gym, watched Mia’s mixed relay gala at Somerset College – she did well in the backstroke race, took Mia for an early supper and helped her with some homework, dropped Mia off, Stellenbosch Digital Developer meetup at Launchlab in Stellenbosch, catch up chat with Eugene,
    going away G&Ts at La Vie with Georg… and some pizza – could not resist (end of the fast)- great pizza.
  • Listen to the Chris Sacca episode. Very good. Find interesting, ambitious people. Founders who know it’s inevitable that they will succeed.
  • “I admit it, you are better than I am.
    Then why are you smiling?
    Because I know something you don’t know.
    And what is that?
    I… am not left-handed.” — The Princess Bride, great scene.

  • Friday, early breakfast with Fred at Bootleggers – we chatted about Zero to One and Bucky, office, manicure, document signing party, wine tasting at De Meye and a stroll around the farm, a superb (late) lunch at The Table (see above) and then went on this Friday adventure that made my life seem like even more of a Douglas Coupland novel, walked past Brampton Wine Bar, bumped into Henk at Trumpet Tree – and later Al and Henning, Balboa, Mystic (see below), Al’s house – the full Stellenbosch experience – nice to spend time with the locals – funny how things change by staying the same.
  • Find joy in everything that happens. Amor fati (love fate).
  • “Although it doesn’t matter, you and me got plenty of time.” — Fleetwood Mac

  • Tune of the week: Fleetwood Mac – Hold Me
  • “Due to the band members’ strained relationships at the time, the video shoot in the Mojave Desert was “a fucking nightmare” according to producer Simon Fields. “[They] were, um, not easy to work with” agrees Steve Barron, who directed the clip. “It was so hot, and we weren’t getting along” recalls Stevie Nicks. Lindsey Buckingham was still not over their breakup six years earlier, nor her subsequent affair with Mick Fleetwood. Further, she elaborates, the rest of the band was angry with Fleetwood because he had then begun an affair with Nicks’ best friend, who left her husband as a result, causing serious issues for Nicks.” — about the Hold Me music video … yeah, I know. And I figured I had problems.

  • Saturday, woke up in Stellenbosch, drove home, Constantia Fresh with Paul and Zia (see below) – always good fun – I took the 85mm and I think we managed to capture the spirit of the event (and Paul posing with about 20 hot girls), drinks at Michael’s house with Ashley and Olivia, Nick’s house with Charlie and Paul.
  • Sunday, woke up in Cape Town, Little Lebowski Urban Achievers adventure day: Masqued Ball in Kogelbay with Paul, J5, Charita, etc. – let’s just say we took some strain getting going after the wine festival, nice weather for a beach party – memories of listening to Pearl Jam looking out over the beach after the party ended, Trumpet Tree with Al, Henk, Paul and a big group of Stellenbosch locals, Balboa with Melissa, Renee and Lia – went home and listened to a Chris De Burgh album – well, not really – but something equally lame – we ended up with two girls (who just wanted to be held) who fell asleep on Paul’s couch while we had some Paul Cluver Chardonnay and listened to a Nick Cave album (great album though).
  • “No, I’m done – I just want some warm milk and biscuits.” — Paul in Balboa, after which the barman actually brought him some warm milk.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.


Quick Update

Create the world you want to live in…

Bantry Bay
Bantry Bay
  • Week of 15-21 February.
  • Monday, office, IFC meeting, Calix GPON workshop, Kloof st Knead, a walk up and down the full length of the promenade, some Reyneke Organic Merlot while hacking a user management system together for the ISP Portal part of the Octotel website – WordPress + Gravity Forms is a pretty cool rapid prototyping tool.
  • I switched to using the Overcast podcasting app. It’s a bit better than the default iOS app.
  • Tuesday, walked to the office, catch up chat with Lee at Knead, La Vie with Georg and Nick, a steak at Nelson’s Eye and some Saronsberg Shiraz 2013 (epic wine) with Georg and Nick – epic steak, nice to see Georg.
  • It was a liberating 5 days without a phone. Podcast listening suffered a setback. Because of Telegram I could still communicate with most people from my laptop – at least those I communicate with regularly.
  • I found a photo for last week’s post.
  • Support FMR. It’s R320/year.
  • “We are all super fragile.” – Nick, I think we were chatting about relationships.

  • Wednesday, lean startup coffee – chats about creating the world you want to live in, fetched a phone, restored all my apps and settings to an iPhone5 – this Android business was never really going to happen, took Mia some snacks and watched her girls relay gala, shared a pizza with Mia, we found some Mulante Spiced dark chocolate in the Waterstone Woolworths… very good, dropped Mia off at home, sunset drive to Cape Town, had a drink at La Vie with Georg and Nick.
  • “Make the kind of things you want to see exist in the world.” – Maria, of Brainpickings fame.

  • On the topic of creating the world you want to live in: You need a plan to live in South Africa!
  • “The best art divides the audience.”

  • So, Ari – I hope I meet this future wife in April, or I’m going to go have to come ask for my money back.
  • Thursday, gym, swim, office, got a Masked Ball ticket – let’s hope the weather is good, wrote a newsletter for the Octotel ISPs, sundowners on Clifton 1st with Georg, pasta and red wine at Hugo and Dennis’ place in Clifton… chats about analogue surveillance devices, kinda fell asleep with the lights on.
  • Friday, office, ZTE meeting, swapped the maps on the Octotel website to CartoDB – looks pretty cool, watched Mia’s school gala, she won three of her races (freestyle, butterfly, backstroke) and the U10 most points trophy (3rd year in a row), drove to Cape Town and had a celebratory pizza at Bacini’s Kloof St with Mia, tiramisu at Goloso in Sea Point, a sunset Famous Grouse with some sea views at home (see above), processed the photos and videos from the gala while Mia watched Futurama, 11h sleep.
  • Saturday, tea, we had flapjacks at Bootleggers (because of the recent shot put gold medal), Mia did some PyCharm Edu tasks while I renamed an AppleID, early thai food supper at Phuket in Camps Bay with Mia and Georg – it’s where the old Baraza cocktail bar was (see below) – we watched the 2007 Rugby World Cup Final there, a nightcap (at 20:00) at La Belle – Mia was tired.
  • What a nightmare trying to change my AppleID email address – I just wanted to merge an iCloud and iTunes account. Really painful process. Took like 2 hours. Had to reboot everything. Never use a company email address for an AppleID – things change. Make it a personal / generic account.
  • Lesson in iPhones going missing: always enable Find My iPhone via iCloud. Makes it a lot harder for the person who steals your phone – even after a full reset and OS re-install it gets stuck if the device is linked to an iCloud account with Find My iPhone enabled.
  • Sunday, tea and PyCharm Edu tasks, I showed Mia the banana ice cream thing – never gets old, gym, swim, smoothies, fetched Georg, Goldfish at Kirstenbosch with Mia and Georg (see below)… good fun – time well spent. The last time I was at a Kirstenbosch summer concert was in March 2013… it’s been too long – it’s been so long Mia is not really interested in playing in the kids area anymore.
  • Tune of the week: We Belong, Pat Benatar – random radio tune that got stuck in my head.
  • “This is the decisive second. The second when you act, the point of no return. This is where you meet yourself. This is where a new adventure begins. This is the moment. This is your time.” — Wired

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Camps Bay
Camps Bay