I’ve noticed that some people find dialing-codes a bit too hard to understand. Have a look at these examples:

This sign outside Manna in Kloof Street has been there for at least 9 months.. I wonder if anybody noticed?


I noticed this one when I wanted to phone Monkey Valley Resort in Noordhoek, this image is on their website. Must be the monkeys :)


A quick google for “+27 861” found the knowledgeable people at iBurst implying that you can dial a South African 0861 number from anywhere in the world.
(top right)


Some quick tips:

  • The “+” in “+44” is the thing you dial to tell your exchange you want to dial an international number. So to dial your friend in London you would dial 0044..
    This was 0944 in the past, but Telkom changed this recently.
  • You can’t put the + in the middle of the number
  • You can’t dial SA 0860 and 0861 numbers from outside SA
  • Lets hope the world changes to dialing “email account” style user IDs with SIP phones soon.

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