Amobia School Connectivity Project

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Amobia together with Inkululeko are busy with a school connectivity project in the Western Cape. Amobia sponsors the wireless connectivity. We now have 35 schools connected to the Amobia Network. Schools are connected using 5.8Ghz outdoor fixed Wifi and Amobia CPEs devices which run an embedded Linux OS developed by Blio.

The majority of last week’s newly connected schools are in the Mannenburg, Guguleto and Mitchells Plein areas. The project aims to connect 100 schools. The first step is to create a wide area network for internal communication, email and access to Ubuntu mirrors for the tuXlabs. The next step will be to provide Internet access.

4 thoughts on “Amobia School Connectivity Project

  1. Thanks Neil

    Spreading the news about the project is very helpful, thank you for the kind words on your blog.

    I’ve had some very positive responses from this posting. It looks like we’ll now be adding a mirror of the MIT OpenCourseWare to the (internal wide area) network. Thanks Antoine.

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