GeekDinner Logo

Geek Dinner Logo

Domain, check
Server, check
Logo, check, blog and maybe a planet site on the way.

Thanks for all the good feedback so far.

6 thoughts on “GeekDinner Logo

  1. Thanks Dave.

    It’s the quick and dirty version. Logo “design by committee” seems to give you many more options. (-;

    If anybody really hates it please let me know, otherwise this is it.

  2. My 2 cents: use StikiPad as the Wiki.

    I know you’ve been thinking about using MediaWiki… Stop it! Now!

    StikiPad good, MediaWiki bad…

  3. thanks Max (-;

    Henk, StikiPad looks interesting.. much better than pbwiki… but for now I’ll just StikWithWhatIKnowWiki.

    Hosted services are nifty, but I like being able to tinker with the code, that’s why I think a custom WordPress install is much nicer than a garden variety blogspot page.

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