40 Bars of Beer on the Wall

A summary of what I’ve been busy with..

A few bars here, a few bars there.. and pretty soon we’re talking real money.
— Paraphased, Donald Trump

  • Teraco is in a final budgeting phase, it turned out to be an expensive project. Trying to build a fully n+1 redundant switch fabric with about 8000 GigE ports using no spanning tree for less than 10 bars is an interesting challenge. We’re busy with an exercise of knocking off a few bars on the project.
  • Frogfoot and Amobia are planning their Joburg offices
  • Amobia completed it’s Southern Suburbs ring and we have a very cool 3D signal GIS map of our coverage area now
  • Frogfoot’s new 7 seat call-centre is up and running using Ubuntu and SIP soft phones. We have very nice Asterisk and RT (ticket system) integration now. CallerID based ticket generation and ogg voice recordings attached to each ticket
  • It’s crunch time to get our wifi hotspot product finished. It’s a case where the beta product is live and the final touches are needed urgently. We have Radius-proxy/roaming working with one other ISP already
  • WAPA’s new websites are very close to launch
  • We are working on Frogfoot’s new super-duper WordPress driven website with integrated online shop
  • There is a WAPA braai on Friday 25th
  • Frogfoot got more IP space from AfriNIC,, about 8000 IPs
  • Frogfoot’s Portal (web management system) now has all kinds of cool AJAX search features
  • Frogfoot network upgrades.. we have a new Core2Duo Netflow stats server and we’re planning the move to a full Gigabit network for our routers and core switches.. not that we really need it, we move about 10Mbps of traffic trough the day, but it’s nice to have. We also dumped OSPF and we’re using iBGP again.. which is rock solid
  • Figured out how to mass deploy SNOM VoIP phones
  • We had an office lunch on Friday at the Brass Bell in Kalkbay to welcome three new frogs
  • Mia is running around at full speed
  • Don’t forget about the May GeekDinner
  • Pics are at the usual place
  • And lastly, I’ve given up drinking alcohol.. shock, horror. It’s been more than a month now. Interesting social experiment, most people think I’m a bit crazy. My official reason is that it breaks my forward momentum. My one worry is that I’ll end up as a complete neurotic goody-two-shoes.. no McDonnalds, no drinking Coffee, Coke or Alcohol, no TV, no Smoking, no SMS, no Voicemail, no QWERTY keyboards, no Microsoft products.. is this normal?

PS. If you have a few spare bars lying around, we are looking for investment in our projects

PPS. For those who don’t know, 1 bar = R1million, when the big dogs talk money they talk about bars (-;

10 thoughts on “40 Bars of Beer on the Wall

  1. I try to avoid McDonalds, alcahol, TV, smoking, SMS, Voicemail, and Microsoft products whenever possible. There are some times when it’s good to make exceptions though. I’d rather have McDonalds than go hungry. I should probably go all the way and start using the Dvorak keyboard layout too, but then I’d also probably en up as a complete neurotic-goody-two-shoes :)

    Is this normal? Who cares. These days, getting a sex change is considered ‘normal’. If someone gets stuck up because I don’t want to drink as much as them, I consider it to be their problem… and McDonalds IS bad for you!

    And also, 40 bars is a /lot/ of money. Don’t let it get to you! Money is important, but it’s only a fraction of what’s important in life! I know some people that became real assholes once they had bars to burn.

  2. Thanks Jonathan, I feel a bit less neurotic now (;

    Don’t worry about money going to my head.. that post was in a very tongue in cheek style. I find it funny how nonchalant people talk about major money when the projects get big. Hey, it’s lots of fun designing something like this.. that’s rewarding enough.

  3. Joe

    “… no McDonnalds, no drinking Coffee, Coke or Alcohol, no TV, no Smoking, no SMS, no Voicemail, no QWERTY keyboards, no Microsoft products…”

    Might as well add ‘no bars’ to that list too Joe. What you gonna do, drink a milkshake? “Double orange juice on ice, please” while veryone else gets smashed and you leave at 9pm?

    Well at least you’ll be well and trully pissed next time you drink a beer- that’s money saving for you. You’re fooling yourself to think it’ll hold up. Next time we go out properly we’ll see about that… ;)

    You sound like the girl that was sitting next to me on Saturday evening telling me about her boyfriend that doesn’t have sex and how she admires it. Thats while she’s rubbing herself on me of cause. Moral of the story: if the girl wants sex (a drink in this case), you should join her or she’ll find it somewhere else. The pressure will get to you eventually.

  4. Joe, I forgot to add something.

    I’ve got a old respirator in an excellent condition that I can give you- we used it for chemical testing for military vehicles. It’s got a whole here and there, but you can fix it with some selotape. You only need a full body suite still then you’re all set for an UFO and/or nuclear invation, chemical warfare, or at least protection from 2nd hand smoke.

    P.S. I’ll try to remember to bring my Savlon antiseptic handwash for next time I need to shake your hand- we don’t want you to catch something now that might break your stride ;)

  5. WSE, a quote about bars for you from As Good as it Gets..

    Instead I’m here with you
    [gestures to bartender]
    No offense, but a moron pushing the last legal drug.

  6. Joe, I’ve got a 2 replies for you, quoted from The Simpsons:

    “Duffman: Duffman wants to party down with the man who sent in 10,000 Duff labels to bring me here today. I’ve got a bottomless mug of new Duff Extra Cold for… Barney Gumbel!
    All: Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!
    Barney: I can’t, I’m the designated driver!
    (Everything stops)
    Duffman: Yeah that’s swell, Duff wholeheartedly supports the designated driver program. Now! Who wants to Party!”

    “Homer: I’ve figured out an alternative to giving up my beer. Basically, we become a family of traveling acrobats.”

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