An altruistic day

schoolwanToday I did a quick hack to setup a server for what used to be the Wireless Schools Connectivity Project.. for lack of a better name. You may remember that Amobia is one of the sponsors. It turned out some schools as far away as KZN were connecting with dial-up modems, so it needed a new name.

With a bit of help a new project was born.. or just given a bit more of it’s on space to grow. We created the basics for the project.. a name/brand, server, domain, logo, colour scheme, website/blog and wiki all in under 24 hours. Not bad.

Go look at SchoolWAN.

The project needs volunteers, sponsors and a bit of publicity. If you can admin a Linux box or you feel like creating some content or if you have grand plans to inter-connect all the schools in SA please stand up and be counted.

I also completed an article about the health concerns of Wifi for WAPA today.

3 thoughts on “An altruistic day

  1. Excellent! I think this will benefit many schools, it’s great to see the project evolving so much. People have tried similar things before, but it failed because they rarely had the right people on board. Thanks to you and Amobia for getting it all together! I hope that the network will grow bigger and stronger until all the local schools can connect!

  2. Hi Jonathan

    Thanks for your words of motivation. The project is slowly getting to it’s milestone numbers of around 80 to 100 schools. I’m hoping we can start using it as an example of how partnerships like these can work to connect schools and inspire other parts of the country to take part.

    We still have lots of work to do to give each school email, Internet access and some local network content.

    I must also thank Andy, he is most definitively one of the “right people on board”.

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