SA Broadband Value for Money Comparison

I was interested to see how the Amobia and Frogfoot products compare to the rest of the SA consumer Internet market so we did some research and drew up a spreadsheet. I wanted to see how the Frogfoot Wifi “neighbourhood sharing” model would compare. The idea is that traffic gets aggregated to a shared Internet connection so all the users share the cost of the line which brings the overall cost down. I also wanted to see how Amobia’s Wireless Broadband compared to the ADSL, 3G/HSDPA and iBurp services.

Note: I compared “all inclusive” services, connection and traffic.

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Hmm.. seems WordPress does not like .ods uploads, I’ll just gzip it.

ps. We updated the Amobia website, it now has a Javascript calculator for business VPN services. The Amobia consumer services have been bumped up in speed.

3 thoughts on “SA Broadband Value for Money Comparison

  1. Hi,

    I visited Amobia in June 2007 @ their Newlands offices. They were still new, but were willing to help me. I was still tied up with a Iburst issue and could not have two ISP. I was in touch with them all the time and they gave me great advise although I was not a client. Last month I ended the Iburst account, and paid my R1000.00 deposit. The same day the team was ready to install my hardware.
    In no time I was online. I personally feel this company will go far, excellent price and good coverage.

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