Agile PM and Feature Boxes

Just returned from the monthly SPIN meeting at the Bandwidth Barn. Jan Pool talked about Agile Project Management. Good presentation.

I’m no PM wiz, so things like Agile and Scrum are kinda new to me. I’ve heard people talk about these pretty often but this talk was very useful in understanding the ideas behind the buzzwords.

In the end I thought.. Ahh, yeah, that makes sense.. kinda like the stuff we’ve been doing naturally (-:

One very useful tip I could relate to was to create a “Feature Box” or “Vision Box” at the beginning of a project. This is really a box.. as in packaging for the product you are aiming to build. List all it’s cool features on the sides. Try distill the content to something you would print, fold and put on a shelf for your target market to buy.

Wifi Hotspot Box

Last year, in the initial phase of the Frogfoot Wifi Hotspot project, we had a pre-launch demo at iWeek. We had to have a brochure and we had to have a box. It was a fun task and focused our attention on the important and unique features of our project.

PS. They also have nice snacks at SPIN (-:

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