Amobia Stories

It’s all about your story. I’ve been talking to journalists about Amobia again so I figured I’d share some stories about why we’re so uber groovy..

Future plans..
Amobia has three ways to expand its coverage:
1) Infrastructure in metro areas operated by Amobia: CPT, JHB, DBN, PE etc.
2) Infrastructure in the rest of SA, operated by Amobia franchises
3) Wifi Hotspot network

Amobia is unique in that it can deploy infrastructure with an organic business model, not needing large capital investment. Most other telecoms networks are very capital intensive. Unlike fibre networks, Amobia’s technology can be deployed rapidly.

Amobia’s technology is cost effective enough that a new franchise can break even and make a profit within a year with only 70 customers.

Amobia is different to most other WISPs (outdoor fixed wireless providers) because of its focus on the business market in metro areas. Amobia’s wireless last mile service is a viable alternative to Telkom’s Diginet service, but is more cost effective and faster to deploy. We find that our customers prefer dealing with a smaller and more dynamic infrastructure provider. Amobia has managed to secure contracts with many “blue chip” companies because of our remarkable service levels.

We had a customer which phoned us at 8:00 one day. A truck had just driven over Telkom infrastructure that connected their distribution depo. They would lose millions of Rands per day without connectivity to this site. Amobia installed two 1Mbps links for them that same day and everything was operational by 18:00 that evening. Try get that kind of service from anybody else.

With copper cable theft on the rise it’s happens more and more that Amobia is helping clients avoid major connectivity disasters.

If you are an Amobia customer and you have a story to tell, please let me know.