On days like these I usually have a William Wallace moment.. after a good run.

“All men die, not all men really live.”

I followed the advice of the latest book I’m reading and I’m collecting phone numbers. Walked up to a girl I liked in Asoka tonight and said..

Hi, I’m Joe,
I think you are really cute and I’ll simply regret it if I don’t ask you for your number.
Don’t worry, I’m not some stalker. [Hands her the geeky phone] You can type in a random number if you don’t like me.
Here’s my business card. I’ll phone you.

…and it works. Well, we’ll see if the number is correct soon.

Have a fun weekend crazy kids.

Maybe I’ll see you at the Hermanus Wine and Food Fair this weekend.

btw. I’m getting a Mia-backpack on Friday, should slow me down enough to go hiking with Jono.

ps. Why oh, why are all my friends on diets at the moment?

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