Audi TT and R8

Somebody once told me, there are two ways to buy a car. One, with your head. Two, with your heart.

I somehow managed to get a meeting date mixed up on Monday, so I found myself in the waterfront area. I passed the Audi showroom and remembered Cath telling me she did not like the interior of the R8.. so I figured I would investigate.

The new A4 looks pretty cool. A5 is nice… but, on a perfectly sunny winters day in Cape Town a convertible is simply the most fun. Sunglasses required.

I took the new TT 3.2 Quattro V6 Roadster for a test drive, a black one.. very very nice. Beautiful day for a drive down the M3 to UCT and back around De Waal drive.. which must be the second most fun road to test drive a sports car on.


Around 2003-2005 I was driving the previous model TT Roadster. As I told Igor the friendly sales guy.. it seems when you have a child, the sports car must go, but then you become a single dad and you figure.. what the hell, two seats seem just fine.

Some things remained the same. It’s a beautiful car, all about design. It feels solid. It vaults out of corners like only a quattro car can. It’s an awesome everyday sports car and it’s exciting to drive.

I noticed a few changes in the new model. The rear wind shield is not glass any more. The soft top roof is now fully automatic. The new rear spoiler and 18″ wheels are a nice touch. The 184KW V6 engine makes a deep purring noise and the DSG S tronic is very responsive in sports mode across a wider range of engine rpm’s.

Probably very good value for ~R540k.

“Other guys snort for it, jab a vein for it — all you gotta do is jump.” — Point Break

Now, the best road for a car like this is the one between Gordons Bay and Bettys. I remember sleeping over at Bettys one evening but having to drive back very early for a meeting in Cape Town. An empty road just after sunrise is great fun. I’d say the most fun one person can have in a car.


I used to think life was about food, fun, friends, Cape Town in the summertime and a TT with some Morcheeba as a soundtrack for life. Ok, it’s shallow and maybe seems a bit gay. But it’s good fun. No real harm in thinking like that when you are 25 I guess.

I asked about an R8 test drive, but Igor says they only let people test drive it if they are on the waiting list to buy. An 8 months wait and a ~R100k deposit it seems. I guess it’s a nice way of saying “nope, sorry we don’t trust you with our 1.5 bar automobile”.


Over lunch at the Radisson yesterday, I had a chat with somebody who has driven the R8. He figured it’s not really a car you want because it’s just too fast and aggressive.. you’ll just end up killing yourself. Maybe.. but you simply don’t think like that if you’re the second type.. the person that buys a car with their heart.

ps. I like the interior of the R8.

3 thoughts on “Audi TT and R8

  1. Like I said before: There is no hope. You of all people can appreciate that both the interior + that damned side panel on the R8 is ‘common’. We need to seriously chat about this…

    At least consider the Porsche Cayman!

  2. When I see or read about the R8, I’m always reminded of this. Not a fair comparison, sure, but entertaining nonetheless!

    Cath, did you know that you can even swop out the panel on the R8 with different colours? How bling is that? Would go perfectly with some chrome wheels :-)

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