WineX 2008

Georg, Parri, Cath and I attended WineX at the CTICC yesterday. I try to go every year. One year I even did two nights in a row.. you just can’t taste all the wines in one night.. then again, tasting wine is only part of what’s going.

I like to think of WineX as drunken brand surfing.. great fun. It starts off all civilised and cultured.. some Sauvignon to clear the pallet, chitchat about the farm, how many months on oak, rinsing glasses between tastings, people commenting on tannins… but, then it all gradually progresses to two crazed hours of inebriated shop till you drop bite sized sampling and sensory overload.

Apparently wine (marketing) is the second most competitive industry, after music.

A girl I knew in Stellenbosch had a brother that went shopping for music by (only) looking at the cover art on the CD. I suspect visuals are more important than taste at WineX.. visuals and brand recognition. I’m sure there are a few lonely stands that get almost no traffic simply because they are not an existing well known brand and there is nothing to look at.

Yes, visuals are good. The ladies dress up for this event.. and they smell oh so nice. That blind guy from Scent of a Woman would go mad.

Georg and I concur.. Vrede en Lust have perfected the art of the wine stand. Hot woman and chocolate.

A few wines I liked..

  • Thelema Chardonnay
  • Saxenburg Private Collection Chardonnay 2007
  • Springfield Methode Ancienne Chardonnay 2007
  • Rustenberg Chardonnay 2007
  • Rupert and Rothschild, Classique 2008
  • Meerlust Rubicon 2004
  • Saxenberg Merlot Private Collection 2005.. ahh, the memories of drinking this at Balducci’s

I’m never sure if I should be asking for wine in Afrikaans or English, since a large number of people in the wine industry seem to be Afrikaans.. but this problem goes away after a few glasses of wine.

Tonight (Friday) is the last night, 17:00 – 21:00, go check it out.

Ok, must dash, off to UCT GSB

ps. I don’t spit.

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