Dan Gillmor at UCTGSB

I attended a talk by Dan Gillmor on Friday at UCTGSB : “Citizen media and its effects on business and culture”

Bumped into the usual crew of web pr geeks.. and met a few new people (Tim, Carla, Jonathan). I had the best seat in the house (-:

There were many interesting snippets of new ideas and trends in media. A few random ideas which ended up in my notes:

  • A recurring idea: community collaboration, media about places.. urban villages, geographic relevance
  • No more secrets (– Sneakers, 1992)
  • Journalistic entrepreneurship, invent your own job, it’s an exciting time in media, it’s cheap to rapid prototype
  • Listen.. to your readers, they often know more about a topic than you do
  • Read, write, remix
  • Database journalism
  • Have honour in your publishing (informal media also), quality, credibility, take a long term view

I’ve been thinking about the motivational aspects of publishing recently. I often find myself doing stuff so I can write about it. My friends think I’m strange.. taking notes at WineX for example.

You tend to commit to the things you write.. it becomes more real. Personal publishing (life caching) can be an interesting driver for converting intentions into results.

..only trouble is that I seem to be gathering notes and ideas at a faster rate than I can publish them. I guess there is an optimal ratio of living vs. life streaming to be found.

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