Rocking the Daisies 2008

Mia, Georg and I did a Saturday road trip to Rocking the Daisies (RTD) in the Darling area.

I was given a VIP ticket, so I figure I’d give you the independent media review..



Ok, so everybody bitched about the queue. It sucked. Seems the organisers are offering a few ticket refunds and Cloof wine estate are giving away wine vouchers to make up for it. Nice move… hint, hint.


The Saturday afternoon line-up was a bit rocking miss daisy (slow). Seems all the main acts were late at night.. which made us wonder if a day-trip was worth it.

I enjoyed the JacSharp set at 15:00. They rock. I’m a fan.. I now have the tshirt and the autographed album.

About two weeks ago I ran into Carl at Bambu. Carl is the JacSharp guitarist (jac == Jules and Carl). We met in the wireless industry.. running around on rooftops, his old day job.

They played an electronic set that night, Morcheeba/Groove Armada kinda stuff.. so I was a bit surprised with their rock style at RTD. Wide range of influences and styles it seems.

I met the band, Carl, Jules, Ben and Emelio. Cool people.

Bumped into a golfing buddy: Schalk. *grin*


For some reason I was reminded of a zoo..

They were not kidding about the need for gumboots. Mud all over the place. Saw a few cool Burburry Wellies. I’ll have to work on my zoo-keeper look.


This is not a Woodstock kinda rock fest.. all the beautiful people were there, the Long Street kids, students, the punk rocker crew and the Hipsters (conformists!). The few (trancy) hippie stalls looked a bit out of place. All the groovy kids checking out the freaks.

“smoking is so 1990’s” — overheard a conversation


The kiddies area was nice. There was a 2:1 ratio of friendly ladies to kids. Mia loves jumping castles.

“Oh. Intro- Jellyman, offspring. Offspring, Jellyman.” — Crush, Finding Nemo

Bumped into Miki and his offspring.

Only one suggestion.. they could get a bigger shade net, so I don’t need to lube Mia up with SPF so often.

Well Worth It

Ooh, I have an authentic RTD scar. Some tent peg took off the font of my leg. The very brief camping experience.

Fun event and I’m sure next year will be awesome.. just need to scale up the logistics a bit. Thanks for convincing me to go Cath.

ps. The RTD website could be better. In fact, it’s lame. Re-do it.. and add GPS details.

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  1. Thanks for pulling through Joe (and for the action pic :))

    The website will definitely be overhauled as I have been begging for this for two years. There is some fun stuff in the pipeline so watch this space!

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