Pet hate #107.. people who don’t mark the start of their email signatures..

Everybody, pretty please, make sure you have a plain text email signature, with your contact details and a sig-marker (“– “) so my email client knows where your signature starts.


..delimited from the body of the message by a single line consisting of
exactly two hyphens, followed by a space, followed by the end of line (i.e.,
“– \r\n”). This latter prescription, which goes by many names, including
“sig dashes”, “signature cut line”, and “sig-marker”, allows software to
automatically mark or remove the sig block as the receiver desires.

7 thoughts on “Sig-marker

    1. Are you saying people who just use the lame default MS pre-installed stuff like Outbreak with HTML and MS TNEF (winmail.dat) configs on their PCs are _not_ ignorant? Stop snorting all that orange sherbet.

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