Security Through Information Overload

I guess most people are familiar with the idea of Security Through Obscurity.. it’s generally considered a bad thing.. if you are writing software.

Two related ideas..
Security Through Information Overload
Over Sharing (personal stuff) Through Information Overload.

I recently had a bit of trouble with my two encrypted file systems after upgrading some Debian utilities. It would have been really nasty if I had lost all that stuff.. about 4GB of weird and wonderful things I’ve collected over the last 10 years.

Since uber secure (AES blah blah) crypto can easily turn on you, I asked a friend where he keeps private information. Turns out he uses no crypto.. he figures it’s just too much work for anybody to go read through all the stuff he keeps to find anything really private. Security through information overload.

This made me think about all the personal things I seem to share on my blog.. it’s a form of therapy I guess, putting it out there, labelling things, processing things.. I seem to interweave this with so much other random information that I’m pretty sure nobody cares to decode or track any of it. Over sharing through information overload.

ps. I guess I somehow need to share the password for my crypto file systems, just in case I get hit by a bus.

2 thoughts on “Security Through Information Overload

  1. Sure, in this case it’s not so much about losing the data than leaking the data. Some things you want to also keep private.

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