Quick Update

Week 3 (of 7) of my detox.. not a drop! (-:

  • Monday, handyman and electrician stuff, spinning, sunset walk on Camps Bay beach, watched Wall-e.. brilliant movie.
  • “They were talking about the wind at the recycling place, which btw.. is the only cycling I’ll be doing.” — Michelle about the Argus

  • Another day, another multi vitamin pill.. being good.
  • “No thanks.. only black people run.” — Andrew, who went running on Monday night

  • Tuesday, Lion’s Head walk, swim, soccer.. I scored two goals, burger special at the Camps Bay club with the soccer crew and Andy.. R35 for two burgers, not bad. Too bad I just can’t bring myself to watch soccer on TV.
  • Wednesday, nice drive from Camps Bay to the Waterfront via Clifton, Neotel Solutions Day at the BMW pavilion.. inspiring opening talk, drove to Stellenbosch to have my drivers licence renewed, interesting meeting with FireFlight in Technopark.. a pleasure working with cool people, visited Mia and the moms at Jimmy’s in SSW, (eek! motherly desperation vibe), watched Lark at Klein Libertas with Lesley.. the act just before Lark with the Atari guy was also cool.. they asked for my student card, haha. A fun day in Stellenbosch.. I could live there again.
  • “I feel like Elizabeth Taylor’s 7th husband.. I know what’s expected of me but I’m not sure I’ll live up to expectations.” — the Absa guy at Neotel solutions day.

  • “..we only renew drivers licences on Tuesdays before 14:00” — a monkey in a cage, in a blissfully idle state at the traffic department, no queue, nothing to do, but he can’t help me.

  • Thursday, mostly ISPA PR stuff, picked up some dark chocolate covered Goji berries (Mia loves them) and all-singing-all-dancing organic toothpaste for Mia and me, Lions Head ~full moon walk with Andy, Jess, Lesley, Gejo, Bret.. we witnessed an impressive rescue of a paraglider.. Gerjo’s pics were in the paper the next day, three stiff rounds of Applitizer at Rafiki’s.
  • Friday, tea with Tim at Melissas.. he liked my idea, I think I need to write that business plan, a hot young lady dropped off a sample pack of Vitamin Water at the office (more about that later), Beta Beach with Mia, watched Wall-e.
  • Teraco has a new website up.. I like it.
  • Saturday, tea, watched Wall-e again, uber juice with Apu Power.. this Inca flower blend from Peru, ant farming, gym, swim, smoothie, shopping, nap, Camps Bay beach sunset walk, frogurt on Victory road, watched Monsters Inc.
  • “Less talk more pain marshmallow-boy”
    “You know, I’m so romantic.. sometimes I think I should just marry myself”
    — Mike, Monsters Inc.

  • I escaped two parking garages without paying this week, haha. Just refuse to pay or make it a major admin problem for them.
  • Sunday, tea, took the cable car up Table Mountain with Andy for breakfast, watched The Incredibles, gym, swim, Mouille Point play ground and CaffeNeo take-away Moussaka.
  • I figure Mia has the perfect full time babysitter.. if only she would answer her F@#&@#$ phone… it can NOT be normal to have to phone an average of 5 times
    before she answers.
  • I suspect my idea to learn Spanish this year is going to fail.
  • Mia is now in the “Why?-phase”.. the perpetual questioning of everything around her. Kinda fun to try and answer a level 4+ why-sequence.. Try to explain why you can’t open your window in a traffic jam.. because it’s noisy and there are bad gasses around.. because cars create exhaust gasses.. because cars burn petrol and create toxic gasses, because the gas is bad for us, because it’s poisonous, because humans die from too much CO gas.. you get the idea.
  • Tunes of the week KT Tunstel (eye-to-the-telescope) and Lark (mounth-of-me).
  • The photo counter on my camera wrapped again recently. 20k+ pics is not bad for my little Canon compact.
  • It’s Mia’s birthday soon. I’m planning a birthday party for her. I realised I don’t have that many (~close) friends with young children.. like, almost none.

Have a fun week.

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