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I watched the Fokofpolisiekar Movie this week. Good movie. Well worth it. It’s showing at Nu Metro cinemas at the moment.. V&A etc.

Some random thoughts about the movie and ideas from the movie I’d like to echo:

First, I have to confess.. I’m a fan. They make good music and I like their style.

Secondly, I’m a white Afrikaans male, kinda genX or genY. Many of my friends are white Afrikaans males, mostly Alternative Afrikaans for lack of formal category, but day-to-day I think I speak more English than Afrikaans.. and this is an English blog.

A friend always asks, why are they so angry? This movie explains it well.. I’m not going to explain it here.

These guys are brave.. “looking back the revolution seems inevitable”.

I think their core message is to reject pre-conceived ideas. Question everything. Stop feeling sorry for things you did not do. Time to be proud. Create your own identity. Dump the past. Do it now. Don’t waste anymore time.

Hunter Kennedy writes very good lyrics, in good Afrikaans. They are serious about their music.

Afrikaans has a deep culture. As Georg likes to point out, Afrikaans South Africans have a more evolved culture than English South Africans.. and with evolved I’m saying a unique contribution in the SA context, not G&T’s and cricket.

Afrikaans people are pioneering, smart and entrepreneurial.. from the Chris Chameleon interview.

I think I get the lyrics of Skyn (Heilig) now.

FPK are moralists, a bit like Bret Easton Ellis. Somebody has to shake the cage.. gives the old moral framework a good kick in the tyres, check to see if you are still alive.

I wonder, what was that goody-two-shoes Christian dude doing in that bar at 4am when Wynand wrote on his wallet?

Notice how they have photos and video footage from the very beginning. Even before their first show they had an idea of the message they wanted to spread and the movement they wanted to build. Look at the design and illustration style. Well thought through.

Those Liam Lynch photos are pretty awesome.

Like I said.. random thoughts.

Go watch the movie.

ps. I took this photo on the Klein Libertas stage in Stellenbosch. If you have not yet seen one of their live shows…

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