Talking Heads

I presented a few ideas around the need for TrustFabric at a Talking Heads session last night.. part of the Infecting the City movement.

There were 100 visitors and 50 “talking heads”: 4 * 20min sessions with 2 people.

I was expecting to get feedback from more than 8 people, but at least this way they could all ask questions and I could figure out their concerns.

I had to explain why peer review and open source is a good idea a few times.

Most people loved the idea. At the end of the session I asked them to say if they would use it by placing a card in a red or green box.

I got 7/8 (yes votes).

The person which I think voted that she would not use it was a muppet.. but then again I guess I’m supposed to say that. She obviously did not get the idea.

The other cool bit is that over the break/stacks time I was walking around and overheard somebody who attended my session explaining TrustFabric to his friends. Seems to suggest it’s word of mouth-worthy.

Closed Alpha starts around mid March kids.

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