TrustFabric GeekDinner Launch

Last night I gave the first public presentation about TrustFabric at the GeekDinner. I think it went well. A number of people asked to join our alpha service and there were some good questions after the talk, which makes me think people “get it”.

Slides are here.

It was a fun GeekDinner. The Royal Cape Yacht club was a nice venue. Very good turnout.. pretty much exactly the number that was catered for (75).

At first I was a bit worried that this month’s GeekDinner planning just did not want to gain momentum but, living up to it’s name (Spontaneous Sprout) it spontaneously all just fell into place at the end. Interesting talks, good food and some quality geeky networking.

Thanks to Delheim for the wine sponsorship.

Thanks to TrustFabric for the AV sponsorship (-:

See you at the next one.

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