Quick Update

I found a new home..

  • Monday, tea, gym, swim, smoothie, toy shop, dropped Mia off, salad at Neo, Promenade walk with Keith, watched Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps at the Labia on Kloof.. not bad, entertaining.
  • Tuesday, walked to the 38 Special, had an omelette for breakfast with Jonathan, TrustFabric dev planning day at the Open Innovation Studio, lunch at Mugged, Devils Peak walk with Georg, sushi at Best of Asia.
  • Wednesday, TrustFabric explainer video script writing, gym, Bakoven house visit, supper with Keith at Sidewalk Cafe.. pretty good this time.
  • Thursday, Internetix, omelette at Manna, spinning, Fat Cactus in Mowbray, Kink.
  • Friday, Lions Head walk with Antoine, WAPA Exco meeting, salad at Crush, Bakoven House visit, visited the Pod Hotel in Camps Bay, we released TrustFabric Alpha7.0, Sophia Loren Campari at Manna, Gardens Centre, sundowners on the deck of the new house with Georg, a drink Carlyle’s.
  • Saturday, up early, moving day, I’m living in Bakoven again, a bit closer to the beach, first braai of the season with Georg, Mia, Naulene, PW, Ingi, Gerjo, Misi and Aiden.
  • Now I just have to figure out gluten-free braai broodjies.
  • Wealth is a by-product of pursuing a passion.
  • Sunday, woke up next to Number One with my head on my Nasa pillow and a view of Lions Head, took a bath with a view of Lions Head, Georg and Nauls went home, braai meat for breakfast, Mia watched My Neighbour Totoro.. I took a nap, beach walk, Skype chat with Jacques.. who is back in London, we built 4 puzzles, gym, swim, gluten-free pizza, Mia fell asleep in the car on the way back home.
  • Number One likes her new second home. I think Naulene and I are becoming friends.
  • I feel like I’ve returned from a long holiday. It’s awesome to have all my stuff out of storage again.
  • “Go be that starving artist you’re afraid to be. Volunteer. Suck it up and travel. You were not born here to work and pay taxes. You were put here to be part of a vast organism to explore and create. Stop putting it off. The world has much more to offer than what’s on 15 televisions at TGI Fridays. Take pictures. Scare people. Shake up the scene. Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Jason Mraz

  • Tunes of the week: Oakenfold Anthems
  • At this point you are wondering about those flowers, right?

Have a fun week, crazy kids.