DHL Muppets

Around August I bitch about Symbian on Twitter. WOMworld responds and ask if I’d like to test the Nokia N900, to check out the new OS. I fetch the phone in London from their offices. I play with it for a bit and write a review. It’s not bad, but not something I can use day-to-day, so I put it back in its box and wait for WOMworld’s logistics people to let me know how I return it.

The fun starts.

WOMmobile tells me DHL will collect the phone. DHL start phoning me. Their system seems to require than I be a business with an office. I keep telling them it’s just me – Joe, and I’ll meet them at Wembley Square where I often go to gym. This goes on for about two weeks. They keep phoning. I keep telling them the same thing. Then it stops.

WOMmobile email me asking if I’d like to review something else. I say.. sure, it’s probably a good idea to collect the phone I have when you deliver the new toy. So, they start the DHL process again. They email me. I email them with the collection details. They never confirm by email. They keep phoning me asking for a business to collect from. I keep telling them I’m just an individual wanting to return a phone.

Two weeks of this.

Then the delivery guy start phoning me. I get an email from some manager telling me how they attempted to collect the phone but failed. Really? More calls from the delivery guy. After about 4 phone calls the guy is happy that I’m an individual meeting him in at a ~coffee shop. He agrees to a time and date.

He ends up being an hour late. No problem I’m having tea with a good friend. I tell him he can have the box and I’m happy to sign his form but I’m not going to do any admin now.. just take it back to the people who asked you to collect it.

He wants to know if the battery of the phone contains Lithium for some reason. Yes. Whatever. Just take it. He starts phoning. Finally he agrees to take the thing and he walks away.


15min later he’s back. Now he can’t take it. I say: just take the box and email/phone me tomorrow with whatever you need. Nope. Ok, so I’m still stuck with this thing.


20:00ish that evening the same DHL delivery guy phones me. Now he wants to know if he can buy the phone from me.


In an early email to WOMworld I asked them why this process needs to be so complicated. Just give me the thing, with a return envelope and give me a web interface to book the collection time/date.

It’s safe to say I’m never taking part in any device trail again and I’m avoiding DHL.


4 thoughts on “DHL Muppets

  1. Hi Joe,

    I’m James Whatley, Engagement Director at 1000heads and we run the WOMWorld/Nokia platform on behalf of Nokia.

    First of all my apologies for the way this has played out. We use DHL for nearly all of our trial programmes and this situation is unacceptable. As a result, we will be launching a full investigation with DHL and will hopefully get to the bottom of why this whole process has been so fraught with difficulty.

    Katie from WW/N will be in touch shortly,


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