I watched the U2 show in Cape Town tonight… it was ok.

Well organised. Easy in and out. Good bus service. First world stuff. Well done Cape Town.

I think U2 should stick to making music. Enough with the Mickey Mouse humanitarianism. Nobody likes a goody two shoes rock star.

The visuals were excellent, but the sound in that stadium is far from optimal. Standing waves?

How awesome was that rig? They should give it to Deadmau5 for an evening. Now that would be a show.

3 thoughts on “U2

  1. Hey Joe,
    We found the entry process a bit annoying. Apart from petty rules about water bottles, the route in for Standing room tickets as plain weird. Otherwise well organized.
    I like U2’s political conscience – part of who they are. Prefer to see people who have “made it” making an effort on behalf of those who’s voices don’t have the reach theirs does.
    I do however agree on the sound quality – it was not good. Thought we may have been in a bad spot or that I as being picky, but I’d have expected more from a rig that cost that much. Then again if I want good sound I should have spent the ticket money on a few dvd’s and stayed home.
    The ringing in my ears has reduced to a hiss. The memories of an impressive show will last.

    1. Hi Dave

      I don’t mind the him saying something about saving pandas (once) through the show, but he can go save the world on his own time, not when I’m paying to see his monkey ass sing and dance.

  2. I was went last night and the visuals were incredible, getting there was a piece of cake, but the sound was far from optimal; hell, I couldn’t hear a single word Bono was saying or singing.

    Great experience, but Big Concerts should look at their engineers.

    I blogged my experience there too.

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