STOMP. A joint photographic exhibition by Joe Botha and Stu Shapiro

  • Rococo Studio Gallery, 38 Buitenkant Street, Cape Town (CBD)
  • Running from Friday 15 July to 1 August 2011


This body of work explores the rawness of expression and experience in the underground summer festival scene in South Africa; one of the worlds biggest outdoor festival societies in the world. A society in society, where suits and artists strip away their uniforms in the ever growing need for free expression. Photographers, Stu Shapiro and Joe Botha collaborate in this much anticipated exhibition, “almost voyeuristic photography”.


Cape Town born photographer, Stu Shapiro has made people smile, gasp and has touched raw nerves. His persistent eye and camera have caught us humans unaware of where we are and how we act ? and how we
might appear in some moments. At times a sense of almost voyeuristic emotion and truth are accentuated with his unique photographic style and techniques.

With a background in all forms of art, recently returning from the 3D Animation industry in the UK, Shapiro has flooded Cape Town with his photography. He has since been published in various print magazines and a multitude of online platforms. Although most commonly known for his festival photography, Shapiro can also be seen in the studio or be found doing his own more controversial projects.

“As a voyeur of social commentary, Shapiro captures humanity in all of its follies. He frames these revealing moments with quirky precision and presents them in vivid colour and truth, both in and out the studio.” — ODC


Joe’s work explores memories and emotions in social spaces, often captured in environments designed for freedom, anarchy and hedonism. Influences include Henri Cartier-Bresson, Helmut Newton and electronic music subcultures. Joe enjoys portraits, capturing people in lively colour.

Joe is a serial entrepreneur based in Cape Town. After studying at Stellenbosch University, he co-founded three technology businesses. During office hours Joe is the CEO of a CapeTown technology start-up: The rest of the time he is a Dad and pathological Photographer.

For further information please contact:

Rococo Studio Gallery
38 Buitenkant street, Cape Town CBD

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