Muscle vs Fat

I’m trying to stick to one 2013 new years resolution: get in shape again. The SleekGeek community and SleekGeek REBOOT diet has been a huge help.

The Stellenbosch Virgin Active has a pretty cool BIA machine which sends you PDF reports with your progress.

These two reports are 24 days apart.

Day 1:


Day 24:


It seems I lost 4.9kg of fat and gained 3kg of muscle, resulting in a 5% drop in body fat%.

Notice the total weight does not change much. Without data like this (estimating fat and muscle mass) it would be easy to feel a bit discouraged – only looking at total mass on a scale, but I’m pretty happy with the results.

Yes, BIA is not super accurate (+-4%) – but I have 7 reports along the way which all point at the same trend.

I’m simply going to gym 4 morning a week and doing 30min of cardio (with HRM) on school run days (about twice a week).

Nice toy. Thanks VA.

ps. Also notice that BMI is BS number.

2 thoughts on “Muscle vs Fat

  1. Thanks for the post!
    What exactly are you doing at the gym? Just trying to get a better idea to understand you results ;)

  2. Hi

    I gym with a friend for 45min four times a week. Mon+Tue+Thu+Fri. I also do cardio for 30min twice a week (cycling mostly). I’ll probably start doing more cardio soon.

    The catch is that we don’t have fun in those 45min. It’s HARD work. Super-sets mostly.

    “If you’re comfortable in the exercise you’re doing, it has stopped working.”

    Read this:

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