Quick Update

Mindstorms, beach walks and slo-mo videos…

Big Beta Beach
Big Beta Beach
  • Monday, pizza at Da Vinci’s and a drink at Bombay Bicycle Club, listened to the Groovenator.
  • “This water is not hydrating enough.” — Paul

  • Cape Town can be a cruel mistress.
  • Must read: The Fifth Protocol
  • One more SeedStarsWorld video.
  • Tuesday, carwash day, Skype chat at Wellness Cafe, sunset drinks and dinner at The Roundhouse with Anais (the French girl I met in Geneva) – it may or may not have been an actual date, good conversation though.
  • I missed the Startupbootcamp London pitch day (visa delay).
  • Wednesday, fetched my passport with 6 month UK visa (finally), had to go get Mia some new hockey gear for the season (size 3 soccer boots, new 34.5inch stick, bigger shin pads, two gum guards and bigger socks), watched Mia’s hockey training, we had an early supper at Fred and Max in Somerset West… not bad – the pull-pork taco was a bit small, story book shopping, dropped Mia at her mom’s house, drove back to Cape Town, in bed early.
  • Mia asked if she could have my old cellphone – seems one of the children in her class has one already. I almost locked it down as a Telegram only device, but Naulene figured it’s a bad idea.
  • I reported the bad signal issues to Vodacom, let’s see if they fix anything.
  • Thursday, gym, swim, sauna, Skype meeting, met up with Werner in Stellenbosch, fetched Mia from art class, meeting with Naulene at Manuka – while Mia worked on her hula hoop skills (I have a pretty cool 120fps slo-mo video), dinner with Al, Paul, Johann, Martine, Brigitte and Stefan at Galbi (a Korean Barbecue restaurant at 210 Long Street)… good fun to braai your own food, in bed early.
  • Mia’s Mtech (digital music composition class) track from last term was pretty cool.
  • Friday, put a new LCD cover on my camera, photo processing, sunset walk from Glen Beach to Camps Bay to Clifton (three and a half beach) with Georg – pretty spectacular beach weather, burger in a bowl (Wasabi mayo option) at Da Vinci’s with Georg.
  • Check out New School Grand Cru – almost feels like this Chardonnay festival was designed just for me.
  • Saturday, up at 6:30, fetched Mia and watched 4 of her netball matches – not the best sport to watch, but I think she scored three goals, Long Street to get Mia a winter (.*perdry) hoodie, fresh juice and smoothie at Orchard on Long, Oranjezicht City Farm Market Day – interesting curries and some Nitro Creamy… the _best_ ice cream, but very rich, started building LEGO Mindstorms EV3, downloaded the (160MB) building instructions iPad app – which is pretty awesome… 3D and interactive, we built most of the EV3RSTORM robot, sunset Beta Beach walk from the Pitlochry side, epic sunset from the big rock, a game of backgammon and pizza at Baccini’s with The Cure / Disintegration playing in the background, bath, read, sleep.
  • I don’t think netball is really Mia’s thing, which is probably fine – netball is bad for the knees.
  • We’ve been taking a fair number of iPhone5s slo-mo videos since Mia discovered the feature – good fun.
  • It kinda feels weird that the iPhone5 takes the same dimension photos as
    the iPhone4 – but the screen is not. Better quality photos though. (also f2.2)
  • Sunday, up early, we finished building EV3RSTORM, downloaded the (580MB) programming tools for EV3, to the Waterfront to watch Rio 2 (in 2D, because 3D is lame)… pretty good, ice cream, bumped into Nikki at the Waterfront, Strand Beach walk – end to end, we walked around the edge of the tidal pool, dropped Mia at her mom’s house, drove to Cape Town and watched 50/50 (entertaining movie) with a great glass of Saronsberg Shiraz 2011.
  • “Can you program it to talk like Yoda?” — Mia, about Mindstorms.

  • “A happy wife is a happy life.” — from Rio2… and an unhappy one is usually a crazy unreasonable bitch.

  • Tune of the week: Kiss with a Fist, Florence and the Machine.
  • Wow, it’s April already. Memories of March: rediscovered Cape Town, lots of Lions Head and beach walks.
  • Making screenshots of the FB app as a read-later feature seemed like a smart idea, but photo processing times have suffered.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.