Quick Update

The Fish Eagle project and a Cederberg weekend…

  • Monday, took a walk around Oranjezicht with Georg, took the MyCITI bus to TwentyFifty – it was at least 20min late (45min to travel 5km – not great), took the bus back, sunset walk in Oranjezicht and around the Gardens Rugby Club, watched the end of 2001 Space Odessy, Georg made an awesome lamb and veg roast, great bottle of Merwida Cabernet, watched Cosmos.
  • You would think that after 20 years Vodacom would have good signal in the whole Cape Town city bowl. Seems we’re just above the beam width of the nearby towers, yet walking up Table Mountain just behind us there is good signal again. Seems they have 8 open support tickets for our road.
  • Tuesday, admin, gym, TwentyFifty.
  • Go read Ernst’s AfrikaBurn post.
  • Wednesday, meeting in Durbanville, TwentyFifty with a community lunch, back to Durbanville (DD docs), drove to the arts and craft shop in Somerset West, found arty stuff and printed some photos for a 3D poster of a Fish Eagle for Mia’s show and tell presentation – her mom and her had two weeks to prepare and they leave it for the last minute, took Mia out for an early supper to help her prepare for her presentation, drove back to Cape Town and had a drink with Wouter at Alexander Bar – nice place, I should go there more often.
  • Assholes and rules… I was reminded again of this bit of wisdom: “The modern world has lured us into individualism and individual enrichment. The price that we have paid is losing the connectedness with each other. The two big fruits of this status quo are assholes and rules. An environment where you are not emphatically linked to the people around you will naturally lead to assholes. And rules are bound to come about to curb these assholes and make life bearable for the majority of people. And so, we take assholes for granted and we are grateful for rules. Afrikaburn, in my opinion, is a way for us to revisit this ancient way of interacting. It’s a cultural experiment to see what we can be when we remove ourselves from this stalemate, from the assholes and the rules.”

  • I recently bumped into my old boss from 2002 days (IOL / SA Property) at Love and Light. Seems he regularly goes to trance parties these days. Cool guy.
  • Thursday, sense of humour failure, Naulene didn’t let Mia practice her presentation, gym, swim, sauna, sense of humour failure again – traffic on the N2, I missed most of Mia’s hockey match – dead pedestrian about 30m away from a pedestrian bridge in the fast lane, cop van parked in front of him, but they don’t want to move the body just 5m for traffic get going again, watched some hockey… they lost 2-1, dropped Mia at art class… seems her presentation went well, caught up on email at Fred and Max, fetched Mia, sports shop, Strand beach walk… had a long chat about how the planets and sea (Goldilocks zone) and moon were formed, pizza at Giuseppe’s… very good, dropped Mia at Naulene’s, drove back to Cape Town, Van Hunks with Georg and Janey – we met this guy (again), Janey managed to get her car wheel clamped – so we gave her a lift home.
  • Friday, a quick Table Mountain walk with Georg, admin in the print shop, fetched Mia from school, 4 hour road trip to the Cederberg with Mia and Georg… Georg showed Mia a series of Leon Schuster videos – mostly making fun of traffic cops… very funny, stopped for a sunset photo at the Piekenierskloof pass, we arrived at the farm after dark – a bit of an adventure finding the house… 4×4 and air suspension was useful, braai.
  • Saturday, a pretty cold morning walk with Mia and my camera to the Protea plantation, I made an 8 hour lamb stew (they were out of oxtail at the butchery), chilled by the fire, some reading, fetched some cold Chardonnay from the stream in front of the house, wine tasting at Cederberg Wines, Mia opened her first few farm gates, lamb stew and red wine, 12 hour sleep.
  • Some classic Leon Schuster videos: “Maak soos ‘n blou lig.“, Rookie fireman, “Boetie, weet jou ma jy’s hier?
  • Sunday, bacon and eggs, we picked some flowers for Naulene, spent a few hours at The Baths (hot springs near Citrusdal), Mia drove (steered) the car for a while – her first time, pizza with Mia and Georg at Pomodoro, dropped Mia at her mom’s house (after she managed to drive back from “Hermanus” in about 15minutes), drove back to Cape Town, watched Evan Almighty… pretty good, while doing some photo processing.
  • Great weekend. This really is the best time of year to visit the Cederberg, not too warm, not too cold. A bit of winter time is actually very nice right about now.
  • “From now on, let’s keep the surprises to a maximum of, say, none.” — Evan Almighty.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.