Quick Update

Goodbye Cape Town…

Signal Hill views
Signal Hill views
  • Monday, gym, swim, sauna, Twenty Fifty, a late business meeting at Cubana, Georg cooked a big supper, watched half of 40 Year Old Virgin again – I like the part where she asks the telemarketer to find a knife and walk into a wall.
  • Georg is officially on holiday for the whole month of June. Seems he’s not going to Ireland, but he might make it to Ibiza.
  • Tuesday, figured out it’s not a smart idea to go to Wacky Wine this year – too much to wrap up before moving to London, gym, meeting about fibre internet at Twenty Fifty, lunch with Robyn – chatting about robotics for kids, Bizoe wine tasting at Carlyle’s with Ania, yellow Thai curry with Georg, Milton and the wine maker, Ania offered me a press pass to Tomorrowland (!! end of July), Georg found his ex on Tinder on my phone, drinks with Lynne and Chris – who toured with INXS (allegedly).
  • “I got so drunk last night, I thought a tube of toothpaste was astronaut food.” — Will Ferrel, The Other Guys.

  • Wednesday, wet and cold morning, The Full Monte at The Daily Deli… yum – had to grab one of these before leaving, made an attempt to store/sell/trade my car, spotted an awesome Touareg, but I figure I’m just going to have to store my car, Wellness Cafe Kloof st, UK conference call with a view (drove up to Signal Hill while on the car phone)… it was very cold up there, took the EV3 bot to Robyn.
  • Thursday, long painful visa application process (for Mia), gym, Twenty Fifty, Sarah’s new office-warming drinks at Inner City Ideas Cartel, First Thursdays with Paul, Tammy and Lyal ended up at a place which seems to be called “The Pit” standing an a half pipe watching an all girls band… so hipster things seems to have clocked right around an people were drinking Black Label quarts, watched Cosmos and the end of Superman 3 (a bit ironic, Clark Kent / Clarke’s).
  • Friday, health check / blood tests at Wellness Warehouse (with no breakfast), glucose fine (4.1), cholesterol a bit high (6.8), no HIV, blood pressure ok (139/92), I should lose 5kg (like everybody else), VitB shot, devoured an egg white omelette Fantastic Mr. Fox style, haircut at Muse (Bianca’s), fibre internet related meeting at Twenty Fifty, arranged some travel insurance, fetched Mia from Mtech and dropped her iPad at aftercare (so I can keep in touch with her), burger in a bowl with Mia (which is actually on a plate now) at Da Vinci’s, epic take away milkshakes from Royale Burger in Long Street, we watched Oh Shucks, it’s Schuster… had a few good laughs, 12h sleep.
  • “They are either gay or married or gay and married.” — o/h at Sarah’s office warming party, about dating in Cape Town.

  • “I love you daddy” — found this in my blog notes text file – Mia’s editing.

  • Leigh roped me into this – Edgars teen magazine interview, hehe.
  • Saturday, got up at 9:30, we almost finished a whole bag of granadillas, OZCF market… bumped into Mark, Alex and Joost, Long street – had some visa photos taken for Mia and me, fresh juices and a ginger and grapefruit shot at Orchard on Long, I got a new pair of Reef slops (AfrikaBurn consumed the last pair), to the Waterfront to get more winter school socks for Mia, fish and chips for lunch, a Promenade walk and play area visit, the little blue train ride, Mia’s first fuffy slide ride – bumped into Alan, Caffe Neo – bumped into Marius, Deer Park play area and some Lion Heart Larger, watched the 2nd half of the Springbok rugby game with some pizza, red wine, dark chocolate and photo processing, 12h sleep.
  • I’m more than a bit bummed that I will not be watching How to Train your Dragon 2 with Mia in June.
  • Sunday, we got Mia a new gym card, poached eggs and toast with marmalade, drove around looking for a printer ended up having hot chocolates at Melissas on Kloof st, printed some visa docs at Chris’s house (thanks), packed all Mia’s stuff, dropped Mia at Naulene’s house, fetched some AfrikBurn gear from Paul’s house, put a batch of stuff in storage (pretty depressing place after dark on a cold winter Sunday), rainy burger special evening at Van Hunks with Georg, made FB friends with the friendly waitress, I remember they played a Lightning Seeds tune, Pure… and simple everytime – made me think of Anton, more than one G&Ds – Georg has successfully managed to migrate his Cheers-like status from Carlyle’s to Van Hunks.
  • Seems the good doctor included me in his wedding entourage in December. I’m honoured.
  • Year so far: January: Stellenbosch, February: Geneva, Dublin and Amsterdam, March: Tamboerskloof, April: Oranjezicht, May: AfrikaBurn and Oranjezicht, June: London.
  • Goodbye Cape Town, I’m going to miss you, especially after the two years in Stellenbosch – but, I’m NOT going to miss your shitty internet.
  • “The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. You can do anything you decide to do.” — Amelia Earhart

View from the little blue train
View from the little blue train

See you in London, and maybe Belgium, Amsterdam and Ibiza, crazy kids.