Quick Update

Nobody knows anything…

  • Week of 18-24 August, Techstars week 10.
  • Monday, up early, gym and swim with Jacques, took a Boris Bike (Barclays + TfL bike) to work, uneventful day.
  • The gym has a swimming costume drying machine: pretty cool.
  • Boris Bike: not the best experience, has 3 gears, tricky to get in and out of the bike rack, very bad touch screen to scroll through t&c’s you’re not going to be able to read with the glare from the screen – not trivial to know if they bike was locked into the next stand, 300GBP if not (use a pre-paid card).
  • Good idea to start reading the Techstars book (Do More Faster) while at Techstars. Reading it before the programme would be even better.
  • It was time to start the SleekGeek Reboot diet again.
  • Tuesday, gym, swim, spa, painful rush hour tube ride from Angel to work, wrote a new boiler plate / intro for GUST, met the SendGrid guys again, nice video Skype chat with Mia walking home from the train station (4G is pretty cool), a sunset run along the Regent’s Canal.
  • “Do what you are most passionate about. If you have more passion for another business, do that.” — from the David Cohen investment workshop
  • Started eating raw broccoli – we have no steamer at home and I’m not planning on using a microwave.
  • Wednesday, gym, swim, took the (hybrid) bus to work – always a bit weird when the engine stops – walked the last 30min – just because, awesome Techstars CEO breakfast by Alex from Hassle.com (very inspirational), strategy workshop, Skype chat with Mia (teaching her to count in Roman numerals – “like the Star Wars movies”), pitch design session with Greg and Werner, took the train home and made paleo burgers (with big mushrooms) – Jacques’ Sleekgeek diet seems to include lots of whiskey.
  • From Alex’s talk: “stick to what you really want to do and what people really want, when multiple things go wrong – pick one thing to fix, have fun, take pictures… because this is an awesome journey – people often forget that.”
  • “Nobody knows anything.” — Alex, the Ellen Ripley of the London tech startup scene.

  • “I’ve realised that three days is the limit for not showering in a corporate environment.” — Jacques

  • Thursday, gym, bus and walk to work, corporate banking meeting, met up with Paul at Embankment, a catch-up beer around South Bank – seems Paul has been seeing somebody for two months, walked around Leicester Square and Soho, caught the last round deadline at Duke’s Brew.
  • “Well then… long term, is the wrong term.” — Paul

  • Friday, ordered a Contactless card from Barclays and fetched a bank statement to get a Coinfloor account, turns out my credit score in the UK is not yet good enough for Lloyds to give me a Contactless Debit card – strange policy, Skype chat with Mia – she asked for a 3D print of her name, got a KANO pre-release kit for Mia… (they moved into the Central Working offices just below us)… just had to test it – managed to log in and reset it again, designed (and printed) my first 3D model… not trivial replacing the filament in the printer and Setchup is not a great app, ended up opting out of a house party thing with Paul and had supper with Jacques.
  • Naulene finally managed to install Telegram on her phone – so I could send her the first text message since she left London a few weeks ago. iMessage seems to be too hard to get working.
  • Saturday, I made a big breakfast, 55minute call to EE to have a copper line ordered for Jacques’ “fibre” broadband – very bad VoIP line to India – first world customer service at its best – I’m pretty sure most of their support staff have no idea how FTTC/VDSL works, fixed Jacques’ bike and got a bike helmet around Hoxton – time to cycle more, nap, gym, swim, spa, sunset (~210kg on a) Vespa ride across Tower Bridge (nice views) to The Orange Bull pub in Canada Water (the ex very South African Aardvark pub), watched the rugby – pretty lame game and to be honest the whole SA pub in London thing was a bit sad, low carbed the eat as much as you can Chinese buffet at Wings Buffet and conversations about Prepping / Survivalism.
  • Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

  • Sunday, figured it was time to explore a different gym – Islington: Essex Road, made a pretty creative paleo burger lunch with Jacques, ended up skipping the Notting Hill Carnival and visited the office – to make backups and get some new (gym) earphones and put the Cosmos series on my iPad, bought my first two beers with Bitcoin (Hive wallet for iOS) at The Proud Archivist near Haggerston Station – well, technically I bought a milkshake with rum for 0.0214 XBT but because of the terrible hipster service it never arrived so we had some beers – I later got the milkshake for free, another meat platter Sunday at Duke Brew with Jacques, 12h sleep.
  • “This city is three meals away from a riot.” — Jacques

  • “Hipsters is sluipers.” — Jacques (Stellenbosch res lingo).

Have a fun week, crazy kids.