Quick Update

Grumpy weirdos…

Bantry Bay
Bantry Bay
  • Week of 11-17 May.
  • Health week 1/8.
  • Monday, walked to work via the scenic route, booked my Polar watch in for a watch scrap repair (again), played with Layers for WordPress… pretty cool, drove to Franschhoek after the traffic, phoned Ernst on the way.
  • Tuesday, woke up thinking: 2015… Rugby World Cup and Star Wars!, phoned Anton and Georg on the way to Cape Town, work, processed some photos from the other two compact cameras that went to AfrikaBurn, gym… the pool is broken till June *sigh*, walked to The Ambassador Hotel in Bantry Bay, an early salad and a glass of Ataraxia Sauvignon at Koi with great views to catch up on some work, epic sunset (see above), a sunset G&T with Georg and Aiden at La Vie… nice to see them – Aiden had some crazy stories, arrived home to a totally empty kitchen – we’re having some floors redone at home.
  • Started reading The Four Hour Body book again.
  • New hobby, phone friends while driving… using that car phone I almost never seem to switch on… better than the false sense of friendship we have from using Facebook.
  • The troubles with Naulene seem a bit better. She agreed to go see a child psychologist with Mia.
  • After 4 AfrikaBurns, I think it’s safe to say I don’t really like the whole dress-up thing. No real desire to be somebody else. I get it – I should make more effort. Needs more thought. Nothing worse than seeing some half baked attempt to decorate something – two ribbons on a bike – waste of time.
  • Wednesday, up at 6:00, gym, office, R16 paleo brunch, Michael’s 2nd interview, sunset walk along the Promenade, Chinese for supper at Dynasty in Sea Point with Georg… pretty good.
  • Thursday, arrived at gym just before 7:00 – still dark, listened to Sam’s Town – great gym album, office, doc signing in Durbanville – kinda exit #4, made my first Contactless card payment in SA – buying hockey snacks for Mia along the N2, watched Mia’s hockey… mildly annoyed that I drove all the way to watch a game and Mia did not get a chance to play, talked to the coach, Mia played in the next game for one half and scored one goal, kids birthday present shopping, clothes shopping with Mia… winter socks, stockings and a training bra (which kinda failed because of the unhelpful shop assistant), tried to drop Mia off at home but Naulene had a moment and would not let Mia in the door without having all her homework done – so we sat in the back of my car and she did all her homework while Naulene yelled at the other two kids, arrived late to Jacques’ snoek braai in Durbanville, nice evening, Jacques showed me all his new paint ball toys.
  • Jacques still does not have fibre broadband in London.
  • I never really liked Sea Point, but it’s growing on me.
  • Friday, woke up thinking aB was a very big production – lots of logistics, Sam washed my car, I have a new floor in my room, office, fetched Mia from school, drove to Franschhoek, watched Star Trek (2009) with Mia.
  • Mia volunteered to do a 5min talk about AfrikaBurn for her class at school.
  • Living in 4 houses is tricky. Mia’s stuff is all over the place.
  • Saturday, rainy morning walk with the dogs, Greg and Stevi’s 3rd birthday party… lots of fun, I played photographer, epic afternoon nap, braai with Nikki, Tony and Dane.
  • Sunday, morning walk with the dogs, lazy Sunday, we managed to almost finish watching When Harry Met Sally before falling asleep, nice day.
  • I think it’s safe to say we will not be looking to include any internationals in our next AfrikaBurn project / theme camp. Having to deal with grumpy weirdos is no that much fun.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.