Quick Update

Into darkness and other hair colours…

Bantry Bay Bench
Bantry Bay Bench
  • Week of 1-7 June.
  • Monday, early school run from Franschhoek to the tune of The Black Keys again, sunrise drive through Stellenbosch, gym, dropped off some anti-histamine for Mia, Octotel website (soft-) launch… good interest from 4 ISPs, a wine trade show at the Upper East Side Hotel in Woodstock, strange evening… maybe I should start doing some yoga.
  • Smashing anti-histamines in my face – it’s that time of the year it seems.
  • “Most people are vanilla.” — Nikki

  • Tuesday, gym… everyday is squat day, office, rainy day… had to get a new umbrella and more anti-histamine, tinkered with the Octotel website until I was happy to call it Version 1.0, Wouter made an epic dinner… rib-eye steak, spinach and pepper souffle with cream (very good), felt stuffed, some more website tinkering to get the website no render well on a few browsers, tablets and phones.
  • “Life is a shipwreck but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats.” — Voltaire

  • Wednesday, got out of bed after 8:00, not feeling great, cold and wet day, city fibre planning meeting with Michael, raw food pizza and raw food cheesecake at the Waterfront Food Market, big day for Nikki… it turned out, caught up on some work and reading at home.
  • “Some people have better relationships is three weeks than others have in ten years.” — Wouter, about Paul.

  • Thursday, walked to the office, 6 course tasting menu winter special at La Mouette with Georg … good value, nice to catch up.
  • Friday, Web Africa meeting, DStv over fibre meeting, drove to Franschhoek, a sunset walk with Nikki and the dogs, I made some original recipe Margaritas, pizza night with Paul and Christina.
  • “Your weird Boland love triangle.” — Nikki, about Cape Town, Somerset West and Franschhoek.

  • Pro tip: you should probably be worried when your girlfriend changes her hair colour. Except when she colours her hair grey (as in Michael’s case).
  • Saturday, epic sunny winter’s day, morning walk with the dogs, a Steph Weiss or two, nap, Paul played the piano for a while, muscles for dinner at The French Connection with Nikki and Paul… great meal.
  • Sunday, another epic sunny winter’s day, nice lunch, we found Paul asleep in the sewing room, almost managed to finish watching a Star Trek movie (Into Darkness).

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

2nd photo for the week…