Quick Update

Ghee in my tea, and three Clifton sunsets…

Volvo Ocean Race
  • Week of 4 to 10 December.
  • Monday, tea, backups, worked at home while Mia watched the first Lord of the Rings movie – not my idea, we found Mia some new shoes, podcast drive to drop Mia off at a friend’s party, found a 10m measuring tape for Mia’s shot put hobby, nap, cooked some broccoli and kefir shots with Heleen.
  • Raise resourceful children.
  • “Stupid is normal.”

  • Tuesday, gym, office, clicked around shipping tracking websites, showed somebody Jacques’ car, software testing, got some new GPON toys, found some ghee, Kauai Vitality voucher breakfast for supper (was out of ideas).
  • I’m still on the 6g VitC per day plan. I think it might be working.
  • Wednesday, office, Clifton 1st sunset with Georg, Dan and Heleen, quick promenade walk to get 10k steps.
  • Listen to the The Polybius Conspiracy.
  • How many companies could you still start, with the energy / health-span you have?
  • One good reason for longevity… I figure it takes most people until around 35 to find and fix themselves.
  • Thursday, ghee in my TiTea, gym, office, wrote a newsletter, Clifton 1st sunset with Georg, Cath and Heleen – great swimming water temperature, burger in a bowl at Da Vinci’s, vegan ice cream, in bed a bit late.
  • “Bitcoin isn’t a bubble. It’s the pin.” — Simon Dingle

  • Friday, office, dev meeting, Jacques fetched a server, extended Clifton 1st visit with Georg, Cath and Heleen, stayed on the beach till well after dark, Mojo market, time well spent.
  • Keep learning and researching. Things seem much less intimidating if you encounter them a 2nd time.
  • Saturday, breakfast at La Vie, started a broccoli sprouting project with Heleen, lunch at Helemhuijs with Paul, Darryl and Felix – very good – have not seen Felix since aB 2015, walked around De Waterkant, wine tour with Heleen, drove to Beau Constantia – which was a bit lame, Buitenverwachting – which was very nice, Chapmans Peak Hotel visit, we made some gluten-free wraps, 11h sleep.
  • Sunday, up early, gym, breakfast with Jacques at Harvest Cafe in Bo Kaap, we installed Debian 9.3 on a quad core Xeon server with 32GB memory – NVMe drives are crazy fast, braai with Wouter, Rene and Alex, fell asleep learning about SR-IOV.
  • Page 701 is going to be exciting. Listen to the Tim Urban interview with Tim Ferriss.
  • Tune of the week: The Killers – Run For Cover

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

Three Riddick movies and high doses of vitamin C…

Sea Point Moon
  • Week of 27 November to 3 December.
  • Health week 4/4.
  • Monday, skipped a gym day, walked to the office, late afternoon Clifton 1st session with Georg and Heleen – swimming and some aerobie playing, Hussar steak with Georg.
  • I’m experimenting with 6g VitC and 6g Lysine per day – Pauling method. Cholesterol hacking takes time. 3 month cycles.
  • Tuesday, office, dev meeting, lunchtime smoothie podcast walk, nap, reading and watched some Open/R videos.
  • Are your Tuesdays happy?
  • Worth a read: things which lower testosterone. I’m on 581 ng/dL total Testosterone at the moment. Not ideal.
  • I went full hippie and now use organic shampoo and conditioner.
  • Being over 40 is all about avoiding chronic inflammation and muscle loss.
  • Wednesday, walked to gym, podcast walk to the office, some sysadmin tasks, backups, photo processing, new major version of the Octotel automation system went live, I took 10g of VitC in total through the day.
  • The JP diet. Maybe Jacques will go gluten free now.
  • Businesses run for love. Love the businesses you build.
  • “Cattle, not pets.” — DevOps

  • Thursday, mobility routine, walked to the office, data migration day, vitB shot, hardware shopping list refactoring at La Vie with a glass of Chardonnay, in bed early.
  • Friday, just in time hardware shopping before Jacques arrives back from London, gym, fetched Mia from her last day of school for 2017 and had a nice lunch at Vergelegen to celebrate, afternoon at Dirk’s house – we chatted about Instagram for anti-social people, just in time visit to the Waterfront VIP cinemas to watch Justice League – which I thought was rather lame, but Mia seemed to like it, epic weather, walked around the Volvo Ocean Race exhibition again and let Mia do the excavator challenge, I finished it in 48sec this time, fish and calamari for supper, vegan ice cream, in bed early, time well spent.
  • “acting like the Doomsday Clock has a snooze button.” — Justice League

  • Context before conversation. Reverse polish notation.
  • Saturday, backups and reading – nerdy rabbit hole as usual, brunch at Blue Cafe in Tamboerskloof with Mia – the full monty with kefir shots, we watched 12 Monkeys – Mia enjoyed it, cooked Mia some broccoli.
  • I’ve consumed at least 200g of collagen in last 30 days.
  • Sunday, made Mia some breakfast and watched Pitch Black, lunch at with Georg and Mia at Manga in Mouille Point – the food was pretty average, but the dessert was rad, watched The Chronicles of Riddick with a Famous Grouse, braai at home, wrote a blog post about How To Browse The Web, watched Riddick, sunset promenade walk with Mia, we watched The Prestige – great Nolan movie – Mia was somewhat confused, but it was cool to see her work it out.
  • We’re making slow progress with the Geeky Movies list.
  • Cool little film about happiness.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

How To Browse The Web

Things you must do before you browse the web…

Step 1) Install Firefox. You want an independent browser. No evil empires.

If you are unsure about Step 1, watch an Enron documentary or two, and then go for a long walk.

Step 2) Install some plugins for Firefox. You need:

a) Privacy Badger, from the EFF. You know who the EFF are right?

b) HTTPS Everywhere. Also EFF, and Aaron Swartz was involved is this plugin, you know who that is right? Watch: The Internet’s Own Boy.

c) uBlock Origin. Because the brightest minds of our generation are building “AdTech”, yet ads are _still_ lame, and because 0.1% of humans (muppets) click on ads, we have to endure this foolish torture, or just block them.

d) NoScript. Because Google “tag manager” is just spyware, and you don’t want people running evil javascript in your browser, trying to sell you things you don’t need.

Step 3) Read Social Media Sanity and Use This Tech.

Quick Update

10 Years of Quick Updates, brain food and heavy machinery…

Sea Point
  • Week of 20-26 November.
  • Health week 3/4. Actually I took a bit of a break, because of some bio marker processing.
  • Seems this past Sunday was the 10 year anniversary of my first Quick Update blog post, 20 November 2007. 10 years, 499 Quick Updates – I skipped a few week early on. In April 2016 I discovered Instagram, and started adding 10 photos per week to each post. Should have done that sooner.
  • Monday, podcast listening school run, gym, catch up with Theo in Stellenbosch, office, I somehow discovered the Cavium ThunderX platform and had to nerd out on that for a while, a whisky at Harvey’s with Heleen.
  • Some bio markers can be a bit demoralising. Make sure you want to know and hack them. The ones that change slowly or point to genetics are tricky. You can fix things like VitD, VitB and fat loss in 4 weeks, but connective tissue, muscle strength, cholesterol, testosterone seems to be a 90 day project, at the very least. My brazil nuts and B3 hack did not work. New plan next week.
  • I think I need to get my Apo E genotype data.
  • Tuesday, worked at home for a while, walked to the office, dev meeting, phone chat with Jonathan – the official start of a new project, lunchtime walk, cooked some broccoli with Heleen.
  • Wednesday, walked to the office, new software release to test, phone chat with Jacques, post-sunset podcast promenade walk.
  • Listen to Showcase.
  • Thursday, office, showed somebody Jacques’ car, worked fairly late, watched Glazunov’s Violin Concerto at the Town Hall with Heleen – thanks for the tickets Georg.
  • “Better to look fit, than be fit.”

  • Friday, gym and some stretching in the outdoor area, office, site survey and a meeting in Newlands, I introduced Dirk to Sababa lunches, Myog, after work drinks on the roof, took Heleen some flowers, kinda wanted to go to the beach but it was pretty windy, sunset drive with Heleen, ended up having some oysters at the Mojo Market – brain food, vodka grenadine shots at La Vie.
  • 6 weeks of Vitality active rewards in a row.
  • Can you squat with your heels together, and your heels on the ground, bum all the way down, and stay there for 30sec? Narrow stance squat, but feet touching.
  • Saturday, slow morning, did some reading and hardware shopping, lunch at Harvey’s, Wine at The Winchester festival with Paul – fun afternoon – very good Oak Valley Chardonnay, La Vie.
  • Sunday, lunch and more brain food at The Roundhouse with Heleen, we walked around the Volvo Ocean Race exhibition at the Waterfront and I completed the excavator race in 68 seconds – seems operating heavy machinery is fun, vegan ice cream, nap, watched Murder on the Orient Express at the Labia – perfect Labia movie, burger in a bowl at Da Vinci’s, time well spent.
  • Tune of the week: Strobe – deadmau5, memories of 2010 days.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

Beagles love blueberries…

Sea Point Sunset
  • Week of 13-19 November.
  • Health week 2/4.
  • Monday, walked to the office, server hardware list reading, gym, promenade walk with Heleen, cooked some broccoli, some reading about Salt.
  • Heleen first kiss 2016, a year ago on Monday.
  • “If you are depressed you are living in the past.
    If you are anxious you are living in the future.
    If you are at peace you are living in the present.” — Lao Tzu

  • I think I need to get my avg weight to 85kg.
  • “The future is the future we will.”

  • I started reading Hackers again. The hacker ethic.
  • Tuesday, walked to the office, dev catch up, One Juice smoothie, mini nap, went to go claim some Vitality Rewards vouchers at Kauai at the Waterfront – because that’s the closest one, a drink at Van Hunks with Anton, Georg and Heleen.
  • “Which business are you most proud of?” Heleen asked me this. I could not really answer, sadly.
  • I figured out again that I must learn Salt. I have a project in mind.
  • “The world runs on luck.”

  • Wednesday, walked to gym, office, podcast promenade walk, cooked some broccoli, ate 20 brazil nuts before bed.
  • “Busy is a decision.”

  • Thursday, blood tests, office, lunchtime walk, dev meeting, podcast promenade walk.
  • Blood tests – 3 months gluten-free, 1 month functional medicine treatments, 6 weeks since last test. This round I just tested vitD, cholesterol, lipoprotein(a) and testosterone. I should really only test every three months, but I figured a few interim data points could be interesting.
  • You should stop eating by 19:00 daily.
  • Must listen: Joe Rogan and Chris Kresser
  • “Get a dog. Get married. Sauna.” — Jacques’ idea of health hacking cardiovascular risk.

  • Friday, gym, fetched Mia, Dirk visit, rib eye steaks at Eikendal with Mia – watched Mia eat a 500g rare steak – I guess she needs the protein, health nerd podcast drive, sunset promenade walk.
  • Saturday, up early, tea, phone OS upgrades, backups, papaja, avo and blueberries breakfast, smoothie at One Juice, fetched my blood data – vitD looks much better (55) and total testosterone is up, but the rest needs work, gift and biltong shopping at the Waterfront, took Mia to a friend’s birthday party, worked on some design ideas at the Waterstone Woolworths – I’m still enjoying Sketch, fetched Mia, dark chocolate, in bed early.
  • Safe to say my brazil nuts and niacin / B3 hacking did not work.
  • I should probably add that, even though I’m not super happy with my latest blood tests, I’m feeling a lot better than a few weeks ago. I guess it takes 3 months.
  • Mia is now 165.5cm tall.
  • Sunday, up early, processed some notes, catch up with Ben and Warwick at Geovanni’s – our usual chat about deep buffer switches and packet loss, brunch at Knead with Mia, Clifton 1st afternoon with Mia, Heleen and Georg – and a beagle that kept sniffing for snacks, gluten free pizza at Posticino’s, Mia and I watched As Good As It Gets with a tub of blueberries, time well spent.
  • Reason and accountability (-:
  • I suspect I have a thing for olive-green swimsuits.
  • Tune of the week: The Killers – Rut – also listen to the Song Exploder episode.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

AfricaCom week…

Cape Town CBD / CTICC
  • Week of 6-12 November.
  • Health week 1/4. Aiming for single digit body fat.
  • Monday, grapefruit with Mia, school run, gym – 100kg bench ORM, office, late afternoon nap, Korean food and Soju at Galbi for Heleen’s birthday.
  • Do low rows at gym.
  • Interesting how everybody knows their fat percentage, but not their muscle percentage. I’m 47% muscle, if I trust the BIA machine.
  • Tuesday, worked from home, haircut at Yogi’s, AfricaCom visit, La Vie with Heleen and Nadia, windy Seacom party at The Grand Beach.
  • On raising kids: Jeff and his wife let their kids use sharp knives since they were four and soon had them wielding power tools, because if they hurt themselves, they’d learn. Jeff says his wife’s perspective is “I’d much rather have a kid with nine fingers than a resourceless kid.”, “I multi-task serially.” — 15 life hacks from Jeff Bezos

  • Pro tip: be afraid if your girlfriend starts talking about cutting her hair short.
  • Wednesday, gym, AfricaCom visit, catch up with Dave, Cumulus Networks, Workonline yacht cruise from the Waterfront to Clifton with Ed, Ben and Nick – which was very cool, phone chat with Mia, Teraco Open Access party an the aquarium – which was painfully lame – had to leave.
  • Nice read: I’m 32 and spent $200k on biohacking. Became calmer, thinner, extroverted, healthier & happier.
  • Thursday, up early, walked to the office, sunset promenade walk, hacked some UI designs with Sketch and Zeplin.
  • Hack yourself. Scale yourself. Be an engineer and an artist. Build creative teams.
  • I feel much stronger after last three weeks of gym and health hacking. No such thing as free will. Productivity is brain chemistry.
  • Friday, early Lions Head hike with Ian, office, dev meeting, mexican food with Paul at Fuego, gym, Clifton 2 walk with Wouter – interesting chats about datacentres, drinks with Georg and Al.
  • Saturday, tinkered with Docker, walked over the road for a late lunch with Paul at La Vie – nice Oak Valley Chardonnay, epic nap, sunset podcast promenade walk, low carb ice cream, some reading about Kubernetes and Terraform.
  • “First will what is necessary, and then love what you will.”

  • Listen to the Tim Ferriss interview with Tim O’Reilly.
  • Sunday, grapefruit, tea, photo processing, backups, mobility routine, gym, cooked some broccoli, bottled some vitamins for the week, extended sunset podcast promenade walk, blogging, in bed early, reading, time well spent.
  • Listen to: Grand Theft Life, With Tim Urban.
  • I’ve been gluten-free for three months now, and coffee and beer. Need to get my blood data this coming week.
  • “You got the grace of the storm in the desert.” — The Killers

  • Tune of the week: Some Kind of Love – The Killers

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

Hello beautiful nerds…

Clifton 2nd
  • Week of 30 October to 5 November.
  • Health week 4/4. 3 Vitality Active Reward goals in a row.
  • I went full health nerd this week. Brocolli, Kale, Eggs, Brazil nuts.
  • Monday, mobility routine, chia, glutamine and collagen mix, walked to gym – the sunny outdoor gym area is fun, office, sunset podcast walk – 22k steps, podcast broccoli and kale cooking, glutamine, collagen, fish oil, reading, 150g of protein for the day.
  • I figured I should try some old school gym routines and supplement for a while. All those gym rats can’t be wrong.
  • Use the NoScript plugin for Firefox.
  • The future kinda arrived with the iPhone6 in 2014. Laptops have solid state drives. Since then, all we really got was Instagram Stories, and way too many podcast episodes to listen to.
  • Watch this: The Gut is Not Like Las Vegas
  • My podcast queue is down to 20ish. I think I’m a bit over Tim Ferriss, his last few shows have been pretty boring.
  • Tuesday, office, sunset podcast promenade walk, t-bone steak at the legendary Sea Point steak restaurant that is Buzbey Grill with Heleen – it was the chef’s last night.
  • If you can write, you should. So many people are scared of public writing.
  • I suspect I’m not very efficient, but I’m pretty effective.
  • Wednesday, up at 5:00, mobility routine and TiTea, gym – I can bench press my body weight again, office, a juice at Strolla and a walk with Michael, sunset promenade walk, cooked some broccoli.
  • What environment can I create for maximum learning in 2018? Goldilocks zone.
  • Thursday, walked to the office, dev meeting, caught the 5pm VIP cinema show at the Waterfront – mostly to just chill out and do nothing, Blade Runner 2049 again – I figured it was worth another watch – beautiful visuals – can’t say I changed my review ideas.
  • Data are. Data is. Messes with my head.
  • Friday, some early morning network testing, gym, dev meeting, another dev meeting, read about GIS servers, Myog, sunset podcast promenade walk, dinner at Heleen’s, attempted to watch some Netflix, but failed.
  • Health hacking is going well. 7.3kg transformation in 4 weeks. Not super amazing, but steady progress.
  • Saturday, kinda got the date wrong for Sam’s wedding, a walk down Sea Point main road to visit the Thai and Chinese shops – got some ginseng tubes, fetched Mia from a party, a quick catch up with Dirk in Stellenbosch, a visit to Joostenberg Bistro with Paul and Nicola, podcast drive back to Cape Town – I played Mia the MGMT Time to Pretend episode of Song Exploder, burger in a bowl at Da Vinci’s with a norcal margarita and some inception tic tac toe (see below), vegan ice cream at Unframed, breakfast food shopping – Mia loves making breakfast, we watched Star Trek again (the first recent reboot), time well spent.
  • Anti drama.
  • I think I need to update me personal website soon. Content is very old.
  • “You are too concerned about what was and what will be. There is a saying: yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.” — Oogway, Mia and I had a chat about being present and being curious.

  • Sunday, up early, tinkered with an app idea, supplement shopping with Mia, Waterfront – we found some new beach hats, figured I needed some swimming trunks, extended book shop visit, found a pretty big watermelon and cut it up, Clifton 2nd with Heleen and some norcal marganitas – nice cold swims and a beach walk – Mia finished the book she bought earlier, rice free sushi at Nuri with Mia – she seems to like sushi now, low carb ice cream, in bed early.
  • My next blood tests are in 10 days time. I’m struggling to find other health nerds to do the blood biomarker tests. Track what you hack.
  • Tune of the week… is a podcast episode: Song Exploder – MGMT – Time To Pretend.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

Africa for beginners…

  • Week of 23-29 October.
  • Health week 3/4.
  • I’ve been experimenting with fairly high doses of: zink (75mg), vitD (15000IU), brazil nuts (about 10 per day), cod liver oil (1g twice a day) chia seeds (40g), fish oil (1.5g twice a day), glutamine (3g twice a day), vitB3/niacin (500mg twice a day), apple cider vinegar (15ml). In theory this is good for your gut lining, lipid profile and free testosterone count. Let’s see.
  • I avoided wine this week. Had a few vodka soda + fresh lime drinks and a martini. I’m starting to think wine as bad for me. Check the toxin list.
  • Monday, school run while listening to a Derek Sivers interview, Waterstone gym, office, meeting at Knead, sunset promenade walk and some broccoli cooking with Heleen, slept like a baby.
  • “Firms exist for two main reasons: to minimize transaction costs and to aggregate capital and people.” — from

  • My queued podcast list is back down to under 50. I dumped a few shows.
  • I’ve noticed my sleeping heart rate is a fair bit higher when I’ve has some wine. I think I had too much wine last week – and not enough good sleep.
  • I’ve actually achieved two weeks in a row of Vitality Active Reward goals. Going to try and get 4 in a row.
  • Challenge yourself to change, 3yr cycles seem good.
  • Tuesday, walked to the office, played with QGIS, breakfast for lunch with Michael, bumped into Paul at La Vie, sunset promenade walk with Heleen.
  • Remember kids, don’t listen to your Queen records in reverse. Had a good laugh about this with Dirk recently.
  • Wednesday, worked at home – productive day, late afternoon gym session.
  • “Man does not create… he discovers.” — Antonio Gaudi

  • Don’t Build a Startup, Build a Movement
  • Thursday, office, played with Zenkit, sunset promenade walk, cooked some broccoli and kale.
  • Zenkit is cool. Just waiting for it to get Gantt charts.
  • Friday, wrote a proposal, office, dev meeting, afterwork vodka soda at La Vie with Georgi and Heleen, Piano Bar in De Waterkant, Kloof St House, vegan ice cream place on Kloof st, a martini at Harveys.
  • Found this post. Mostly because I was in De Waterkant. Good memories of a weekend with Ernst.
  • “Cape Town: Africa for beginners.” — Georgi, who is visiting Cape Town for a month. We met at Techstars in 2014.

  • Saturday, Granger bay market with Georgi and Heleen – good value chia and brazil nut packs, 5 hour Clifton 2nd beach session with Heleen, Georgi, Michel and Michelle – epic sunset, La Vie – chicken skewer and slaw again, slept like a baby, time well spent.
  • Sunday, three cups of tea, chia, glutamine, avo, photo and notes processing, backups, walked to Nu for a smoothie bowl, supplement shopping, mini nap, mobility routine, extended sunset podcast promenade walk, reading – Tools of Titans (finally), in bed early.
  • I’d love to know IQ, testosterone level and all cause mortality rate of people who feel compelled to do a noisy drive-by past Rockpool – 50kmph speed limit. Wonder if this differs a lot by value of the vehicle. Probably not. Muppets.
  • The clueless visionary.
  • “Once you decide on your occupation, you must immerse yourself in your work.” — Jiro

  • You may want to disable sharing your heart rate data with the Discovery app.
  • Tune of the week: The Lumineers – Stubborn Love – great video.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

Learn, create, learn, create…

Sea Point Sunset
  • Week of 16 to 22 October.
  • Health week 2/4.
  • Monday, walked to work, doctor visit – blood biomarker info gathering, set up a linode for the new Octotel website, upgraded our home wifi hotspots, sunset promenade walk, some biomarker spreadsheet updates.
  • Upgrade your wifi router.
  • Octotel has a new website.
  • Tuesday, walked to the office, video conference, dentist – who did a great job, Sababa lunch, catch up with Warwick, Giles and Dirk at La Vie.
  • I’ve been eating lots of Brazil nuts. Still hacking HDL, VitD (daily 15k IU supplement) and Testosterone. All about lowering chronic inflammation. How old you feel is about energy and mobility.
  • Wednesday, walked to the office, tea with Michael, vitB shot, cooked some broccoli and swiss chard with Heleen, Skype chat with Dirk.
  • Octotel now has a quarterly magazine.
  • I’ve been nerding out on some Derek Sivers interviews. Love how he managed to create his own little world, with its on rules, until it all blew up. Take the good parts from the story, and build on that.
  • Thursday, walked to gym, office, lunchtime walk with Alex – we chatted about why companies exist, Clifton 2nd sundowners with Heleen, tom yum soup at Andy’s.
  • Friday, office, dev meeting, fetched Mia, braai at Dirk’s house.
  • “What I do for a living is notice things.” — Seth Godin

  • Saturday, woke up on the top level of a kids bunk bed in Stellenbosch, breakfast with Dirk and Mia at Stellenbosch Square – chats about Derek Sivers, lunch at La Vie with Paul and Mia, we finally installed that podcast app I sent Paul for his birthday – figured he really should use all that driving time more productively, epic nap, sunset walk with Mia, watched the end of Inception – great soundtrack.
  • Sunday, tea, Mia made us breakfast, backups, mobility routine, family braai at Jacques’ and a tour of his urban farm – some VitD production, sunset promenade walk and a smoothie with Mia, time well spent.
  • I like Derek Sivers’s idea that there should be an English word for the learn + create cycle.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

Fasting, simpsons tea and afternoon naps…

Sea Point Sunset
  • Week of 9-15 October.
  • Health week 1/4. Fasting week.
  • I’m busy hacking my HDL, VitD and Testosterone blood bio markers. Think I need some blood tests in November again. Starting to think 2, 4 and 12 months are good intervals for the various tests.
  • Monday, school run, Waterstone gym, office, wrote a newsletter, watched Heleen cook broccoli and kale.
  • Firefox tip, type this into the nav bar… about:config
    Search for autoplay. Set media.autoplay.enabled to false
  • Tuesday, early gym with Heleen – outdoor grid area, office, catch up with Alex at Giovanni’s, catch up with Dave and Dirk in Stellenbosch, sunset promenade walk, foam rolling, tinkering.
  • I realised I’ve been using Linux for 20 years.
  • Wednesday, up early tinkering, magnesium sodium potassium cocktail, walked to the office, Reviv tour, catch up with Dirk and Jonathan at Roxy’s, tinkered with a financial model with Heleen.
  • After my recent 10 day fast, this 5 day fast feels like a walk in the park.
  • Thursday, mobility routine, Simpsons tea (Shrek tea without the matcha), magnesium, potassium, sodium, walked to the office, processed about 140 emails – mostly about 20 ISPs wanting to join the Octotel network, played with QGIS, walked home, quick nap, rice-free sushi at Nuri with Heleen and Nadia – took some MCT oil along.
  • ZenKit looks pretty zen.
  • Friday, mobility routine, gym, Camphill LOMAD, office, dev meeting, dentist, after work drinks on the roof, braai at home with Heleen – ostrich steaks with kale and brocolli.
  • Two interesting opportunities connected week.
  • Saturday, up early, walked to the Granger Bay market with Heleen, extended nap, Gibson’s – very tasty banting burger, vegan ice cream in the compact disc graveyard that is the Waterfront Market, Harveys.
  • People seem to love constraints – defining themselves by what they can’t do.
  • Been pondering complex business models vs simple scalable models.
  • Sunday, up at 5:30, tinkering – built a financial model as a mental experiment, matcha smoothie bowl at Nu with Heleen, more tinkering at Native / Waterfront, watched American Made at the VIP cinema – had to drink a bottle of wine to get past the Tom Cruise factor, but it was very entertaining, go watch it, extended nap, phone chat with Paul, sunset promenade walk with Heleen, notes processing with some Bouchard Finlayson Kaaimansgat Chardonnay, Wouter cooked some Japanese soup – from Japan, time well spent.
  • Wouter is back from Japan.
  • Support your local tech startup – week 7… please go Like and Follow and Follow a project called Atomic.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

Blade Runner, blood tests and BLE tags…

Waterfront Moonrise
  • Week of 2 to 8 October.
  • 8 weeks — no coffee, no beer, no gluten.
  • Monday, shrek tea, gym, walked to the office, fetched my blood test data — 28 test results, management meeting, promenade walk with Paul, dinner at La Vie, watched some Narcos with Paul and some J&B Jet.
  • Seems at least 5 of my 28 blood results need some attention. Vit D is low. Track what you hack.
  • Be present. Be curios.
  • Tuesday, up early, wrote a blog post, office, tea with Michael, breakfast for lunch, promenade walk.
  • The Importance of Staring Out Of The Window
  • If you only listen to two podcasts: 99pi and Radiolab.
  • Wednesday, shrek tea, gym, FTTH conference at CTICC, promenade walk.
  • Thursday, office, catch up with Dirk in Stellenbosch, fetched Mia, we found Mia a shotput practice ball, sunset moonrise walk with Mia and Cath to the Waterfront, dinner at Tasha’s, gelato, played with Intergalactic fizzy bath balls at Lush, time well spent.
  • Stating the obvious, but humans are deeply flawed.
  • I made a macro plan for 2020 this week. 10 items. Pretty much just two months remaining of 2017!
  • Friday, tea, backups, Mia finished watching Blade Runner, dentist visit with Mia — love that super clean teeth feeling, wine tasting and lunch at De Meye — excellent, bit of a rush to get to the IMAX movies on time, watched Blade Runner 2049 — good movie, go watch it — maybe not as good as the first one, but can’t fault it, sunset promenade walk with Mia, La Vie supper, watched Get Smart on Netflix, time well spent.
  • “Die verskil tussen mans en vrouens: ons vat nie alles so ernstig op nie.” — Dirk

  • Be indifferent to things you can’t control.
  • Been pondering rent-seeking capitalism vs productive capitalists.
  • Saturday, Mia managed an 11h sleep, extended buffet breakfast at Winchester Mansions with some Miss Molly, swapped Mia’s bank card again — banks don’t seem to be able to do bank accounts for children very well, BIA machine, shopping for new swimming goggles for Mia, Dischem, promenade walk, chilled at home, watched the rugby at La Vie, watched Inception again.
  • I bought Mia some protein powder last swimming season. She told me she finished it and she wanted some more, but this time she does not want the pure hippie whey, she wants something with a bit of flavouring. Cool. We get her some vanilla casein protein with as little weird ingredients as possible. Casein, because she’ll probably be drinking it before bed. With the protein tub comes a free shaker. Inside the shaker is a free tshirt. The curious part, is that this black tshirt, saying “100% FREAK” in yellow, fits her perfectly. How does a supplements company decide to ship small tshirts with their products? Surely their market is not 11yo girls.
  • Mia is now… 11yo, 165cm, 56.9kg, 24.5kg muscle.
  • A Five Minutes Guide to Better Typography. I have discovered the Em Dash!
  • Sunday, woke up with the Gun Run coming past, last day of Mia’s school holiday, made Mia some breakfast, first nippers training of the season on Strand beach — a bit windy, worked at a cafe nearby that played lots of Tom Petty (RIP), fetched Mia, Waterfront to collect Mia’s 4th School for Good and Evil book order, we found Mia a new iPhone charging cable, chilled at home, Mia disappeared into her book, sunset promenade walk.
  • I now have a Chipolo BLE tag keyring. Nice toy.
  • “If you want to know what God thinks of money, just look at the people he gave it to.” — Dorothy Parker, Mia quoted this from a recent podcast we listened to.

  • My ten year milestone of weekly blog posts is coming up this November.
  • I’ve been using Simplenote app again — to collect blog notes, and keep blog notes out of my general notes.
  • Support your local tech startup — week 6… go Follow a project called TooMuchWifi.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

Bad with directions…

  • Week of 25 September to 1 October.
  • Monday, public holiday, rainy day, Mia and I made a list of all her swimming and athletics times and goals, I tweaked the Jolp website and Snap logo, WordPress upgrades, late lunch at La Vie with Mia, promenade walk, Mojo Market visit, we watched Bladerunner – because, well, the next one is coming out on 6 October, macOS upgrade day.
  • The song Weightless by the Marconi Union, resulted in a 65% decrease in the participant’s overall anxiety. They also had a 35% reduction in their usual physiological resting rates. The song was specifically designed to induce a feeling of relaxation. The musicians teamed up with sound therapists to create the song. Listen to it.
  • Tuesday, school run – listened to an interview about aquaponics, Waterstone gym, almond milk matcha latte, haircut at Yogi’s, Olami, office, walked home, shawarma plate for supper, read a bit about the YC application process, in bed early.
  • Approach Technology Like the Amish
  • I installed the Developer version of Firefox.
  • Get comfortable being uncomfortable.
  • Wednesday, wrote a nerdy bio, watched a Bladerunner prequel, walked to the office, eggs breakfast for lunch, catch up with Jonathan and Ian at Roxy’s and Maria’s, burger in a bowl, Wouter arrived home a day early from Joburg – we went for a drink at Yours Truly on Kloof, tuns out we needed to be at Your Truly on Loop – to watch some band with John, met this girl who had “fuck cops” tattooed on her leg, caught an Uber ride with a guy who was really into Dolly Parton (3 songs), arrived home and was really happy to smell the ocean.
  • Blade Runner 2049 prequel.
  • Zen and the art of urban farming. Paleo diet, blood biomarkers and real food you grow yourself.
  • I think Douglas Adams was right – Earth is just an experiment. People are here to seek opportunities.
  • “The essence of creativity is fucking around.” — Tim Kreider

  • I’ve been posting to Instagram fairly regularly, from my laptop. Remember, kids – the mobile app is evil.
  • Children should sleep a lot.
  • Thursday, up early, gym, office, catch up with Michael – chats about crypto tokens, registered a batch of co.za domains, quick nap, attended Heleen’s water project talk at the Patagonia shop around Shortmarket street – and a catch up with Pete, in bed early.
  • I seem to have convinced Mia to read the Hackers book.
  • Friday, walked to the office, fasted blood tests at Pathcare – 7 vials of blood later, dev meeting, lunch at La Perla with Patrik and Bengt, after work drinks on the roof, rice-free sushi at Nuri with Heleen – seems you have to carry around your own gluten-free soy sauce, watched Icarus on Netflix with some J&B Jet.
  • I think my next startup, will be 10 startups. — Dec 2015
  • Mia was rather unhappy that her Google Play Music trial ended.
  • Saturday, backups, gym, road trip to Bettys with Heleen, braai with Cath, Robin and Heleen.
  • I suspect I’m generally bad with directions.
  • The beach house now has electricity :-/
  • Anton is moving to Cape Town soon.
  • Wouter is in Tokyo.
  • Sunday, chilled breakfast with Cath and Heleen, road trip to Cape Town, Bloedlemoen G&Ts, watched the sunset on Clifton 2nd with Heleen, gluten free pizzas at Postecino’s, time well spent.
  • Support your local tech startup – week 5… please go Like and Follow and Follow a project called More Life.
  • Tune of the week: Radical Face, Welcome Home

Have a fun week, crazy kids.