Frogfoot is getting ready for the Design Indaba

Frogfoot does not often attend trade shows, but we did have a stand at Futurex Cape last year which I think was a success. We’re trying something different this year by exhibiting at the not-so-totally-geeky Design Indaba in February. Getting all our frogs in a row is fun, but also lots of work when you start planning the little details of a trade show stand.

We have a basic design for the look of the stand:
Design Indaba Mockup

The interesting part was thinking of something we could display which would fit the theme of the event. Some would say Internet Services and Linux is not a very creative topic and most people in the design world worship Apple.

Our plan is to demo a Frogfoot (Ubuntu) Graphics Workstation at the show. I hope we can encourage some of the creative community to consider a Free and Open Source platform for their graphics applications. We’ll be showing things like Inkscape, Gimp, Xara and Pixel.

Make a note to visit our stand on 23 or 24 Feb. CTICC.

There will be free stickers and very stylish black business cards (-:
Frog Stickers

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