Quick News

A quick list of news items from last week. Yes, I was a bit lazy at the end of last week so I’m only adding them now…

  • Cape Town 27 Dinner – I’ll be there.
  • WAPA and ICASA Meeting – WAPA representatives met with people from the Western Cape ICASA office as a follow up to the ICASA head office meeting earlier this year. No official statements at this time, but it looks as if ICASA is interested in working with WAPA to regulate outdoor wireless networks. (WISPs)
  • Reduced Amobia Installation Cost – The installation cost for Amobia consumer products (Broadband and Always-On) has been reduced from R3990 to R2499 Incl VAT
  • The Frogfoot Fleet Grows – The Frogfoot fleet of (non-amphibious) vehicles has grown to 4. We have a new bakkie which is awaiting branding.
  • A visit from BJE – Jaco (back from London) visited Frogfoot HQ
  • Joe, Inc. Telco – Total customers : 2 :) I installed a VoIP phone at my (kinda) 2nd home in Somerset West over the weekend. I now have my own voice network between Gardens, Newlands and Somerset West.. all without using any services from the Pigs or Rats. More on this later.
  • Politician Traffic in Cape Town – What would a Monday be without a bit of sarcasm… A big thanks to all our esteemed political leaders for screwing up our traffic in Cape Town on Friday. Thank you for the fine display of the very expensive black automobiles which your loving tax payers are kind enough to fund. It also warms my heart to see traffic stopped by your elite police forces while you swiftly avoid any traffic problems in our city. It must be nice to live in your state funded god-delusion reality.