Valentines Day 2007

Today was romantic consumer spending day, 14 Feb.

This is a strange day. You can feel the expectations created by the media. The first weird thing was that out of the blue two girls wanted to Skype chat. This never happened before, why the sudden need to go search for people using Skype in their home town? One was a bored PA, the other I did not really ask.

Then, on my way to Frog HQ I stopped to buy breakfast. I overheard two girls, the one asking the other “what are you doing for valentines?”.. she responded “taking sleeping pills and watching Ally McBeal”. How romantic.

Me?, well.. business as usual.

I phoned the S.O. (/dev/girlfriend) using my new (pig-and-rat-free) VoIP network. I’m not totally cold blooded.. just to clear that up.

Ernst contacted me again after a long silence. Bitch! Why did everybody move to London?

I sent employment offers for two new senior systems engineer positions. One for Amobia and one for Frogfoot. Did a telephone interview with a guy in India for a project management position, which I think was very positive.

Arrived home, had a glass of Lourensford white wine, went for a sunset walk on Glen Beach while listening to LugRadio. Had a snack, more wine and now I’m catching up on some email.

All in a day’s work. Cape Town is Rome.