The Third World Dog Lives

While swimming tonight I was brewing over today’s FUD stunt by the cockroaches.

A while ago somebody emailed me and asked me to write a followup to an article I wrote at the end of 2003 about The African Internet and The Third World Dog.

I looked at my apache stats and for some reason this article gets a fair number of consistent hits each month. A few people linked to the article. I found it very amusing that somebody quoted the part about the three pigs of the SA telecoms market in a posting. I think enough things have changed in the market since 2003, especially on the wireless side.

So after today, I may just be annoyed enough to write a followup. I have a list of ideas and a plan. Let the Animals Run the Zoo.

I’ll take the firmest path
Oh, and I must refuse your test
Push me and I will resist
This behavior’s not unique

— Pearl Jam, Vitalogy, Corduroy.