Frog Interview Day

I was lazy yesterday, so you’re getting all the Monday and Tuesday news in one posting.

Monday was one of those crazy days, there was the email flood, I typed 70+ emails spanning three (company) outboxes, we’re busy migrating about 700 new clients into our web management portal, the last minute Design Indaba things needed work and we seemed to have finally completed the hiring process for a new Senior Systems Engineer.

Today was a 5 interview session day, one was ok, one was hopeful and one was very interesting. Always nice finally meeting people you’ve only communicated with online.

I’m busy shopping for high-end layer 2 switching equipment, 200-400 port GigE switch that does metro-ethernet q-in-q, channel bonding, vlan trunking and has a useful management API. So far HP have been a bit more helpful than Cisco.

ps. The WAPA AGM is set for Friday 2 March.