Time to take a stand, liberate SA telecoms

The insects at iBurst have just laid a formal complaint against WISPs with ICASA. This has been confirmed.

You know what this means right?
Strategically this will unite the Wireless ISPs and they will fight back. The WAPA meeting on Friday 2 March will be very interesting.

Consumers, businesses, people who are sick of the state of the telecoms market in South Africa, we need your help. We need you to take a stand, speak up and get the message out there. Blog, email friends, talk to your friends who are iBurst customers. Talk to people about why the wireless networking market needs to be liberated and self regulated.

So iBurst, you think you can trample on the entrepreneurs, innovators and revolutionaries that built an industry from nothing that is now worth R42m/year? ..We’re just going to have to see about that.

Some stats on the ISM wireless market from last year, I’m sure the numbers are even more impressive by now:

The Industry is young yet has shown more than 100% growth in the last year and as of October 2006 the fledgling industry boasts:
Subscribers: 4 554
Annual Turnover: R42M
Employment: 190 people
Schools connected: 109 (e-rate of 50% or free)
Clinics/Libraries: 26
Note: This is only in the Western Cape, and only with the first 15 Members of WAPA.

— Stats thanks to WAPA

1 thought on “Time to take a stand, liberate SA telecoms

  1. Where’s monopolization, there’s contradiction.

    Everyone except insects should enjoy the 2 Rand per minute mobile phones experience.

    I don’t think WAPA would give ICASA a hit in short-term.

    However, I believe that most buyers will shout at this if nothing is changed.

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