The scar Haircut

Today I went for the Scar Haircut experience.

For those not in the know, Scar is the definitive name in the Cape Town alternative haircut scene.

Scar is in Kloof Street, which is within walking distance from where I live. A two storey shop, part hair dresser, part clothing store. Nice people, creative vibe, good tea, very pleasant scalp massages and good music.

Some David Bowie was playing.. I think from the Ziggy Stardust days. So I’m sitting there, sipping my tea, surrounded by very alternatively dressed people suggesting I go for something “different”. With this David Bowie picture in my mind I feel tempted to say.. “sure, why the hell not?, lets do something wild!”.

Did I mention David Bowie already?, hmm.. could have been from Hunky Dory.
This is where the story takes a sad turn.

I was told my hair was not long enough for any way-out creative cut. Bummer. The stylist starts asking what I do for a living.. as they seem to drum into them in hair stylist school. I can kick myself, but I’m honest and I give her the “director of a few IT companies” answer.

I could see her pity me with the dull corporate existence idea in her mind. She’s thinking what is this “short back and sides” computer geek doing here? I’m thinking, surely people are not that easily defined, it’s just a haircut right?

Not all revolutions involve people with alternative haircuts, or do they?

Walking down Long Street is really an experience on a Friday afternoon. All the groovy people and places. Designer coffee fixes. Art galleries. Organic food restaurants, interesting niche clothing shops. Fast paced living. Traffic. So much sensory stimulation.

With all this just down the road, why do people go to the sad cookie-cutter franchise chain coffee shop called Mug and Bean? I don’t even drink any coffee and I can tell you it’s a lame coffee shop. I don’t get it.

PS. if you are wondering, did he get the “short back and sides” cut?.. the answer is: No =:-P

2 thoughts on “The scar Haircut

  1. I don’t like taking pictures of myself, but yeah like the lady said, it’s too short to do something really interesting. Not that I planned to make myself look like a freak, it was actually on my way to the Design Indaba where all the parking bays were full so I figured I would walk down Long Street.

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