Design Indaba, Internet-Zero

I’m nakkered after 11 hours at the Design Indaba. Not easy being “all smiles” for that amount of time. Actually I’m too tired to blog, but..

The Lush and I ran into each other.. again she beat me to blogging about the encounter. Thanks for the business card compliment. They make even Patrick Bateman envious. (did you have to google that?) See you at Web PR and the 27 Dinner.

I’m starting to think the Toyota Prius is a cool car. How geeky is that? There was one on show so I interrogated the friendly sales guy. They don’t sell very well at about R270k but they have very cool onboard computers. Ok, I know what you are thinking. It’s ugly, yes, I know. It is a hybrid car dammit. Hhmm.. maybe a green one with a frog on it. Ok, the new TT is a little bit cooler ride.

By far the (2nd) coolest stand was the Fab Lab stand, with MIT origins. I walked over and talked to them for a while.

Have a look at the Internet-0 idea. They teach people to build circuit boards using discrete components and how to program micro-controllers. The gadgets they build seem to use I0 (I-zero) to connect TV sets to the Internet.

I have no idea how practical this is, or if you can really connect to the Internet using nothing but a 9V battery and wet shoelaces, but this pushes the boundaries of “gum and rubber band” networking. Then again, I guess they have better chances than people who use 3Com products.

This reminds me of a practical lesson from my (wasted) engineering math classes.. “you can take anything to the n’th power, that means with enough effort you can probably break off your thumb in your butt”.

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  1. I am in fact a huge fan of ‘American Psycho’. A real classic and I thoroughly enjoyed your reference to it. My business card of the other hand rivals Paul Allen’s.

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