Web PR Day

Today I attended the Web PR conference at the BMW pavilion. I was not sure what to expect. It is easy to be sceptical of marketing droids armed with technology buzzword weapons… “Set phasers to DUMB”.

All in all, the day was good fun. I learned new and interesting things. Nice food. Good Tea. Rob Stokes is a cool guy and a good speaker with a solid understanding of web technologies.

I had a good giggle when Rob commented that he thinks Stormhoek wine is pretty average. I agree. I try not to be a wine snob, though I was on the committee of the Stellenbosch University Wine Culture Society back in the day when I had the time to go on wine tours twice a week. Nostalgia moment.

There is nothing average about what Stormhoek managed to achieve using blogging.

A shocking fact.. Only 7% of blog readers use web syndication (RSS or ATOM) to read blogs. In some ways many blog readers still need to learn how to tie their (Web 2.0) shoelaces. I recently attempted to stop emailing all my friends to notify them when I update my online photos and rather provide an ATOM feed. I think only two people managed to get it right even after I made a fuss, sent them links and explained how to add and read feeds.

Always nice to chat with bloggers like the brave Lush, the Web Addict and Ashley. I also met Sarah, the mother goose, over a tea break. No Iceman, this is not a reference to Top Gun. It’s about PR strategy.

In summary, I’m optimistic about Web PR in SA and I again have that reality distortion field feeling about being a part of the “blogging thing” after today.

“Great balls of fire!”
— Goose, Top Gun

2 thoughts on “Web PR Day

  1. I’m loving your references to old school movies. Really very on the money. See you tonight Joe, don’t forget to bring your comments – I think they’ll be exceptionally well received tonight.

  2. Another movie fan. Don’t get me started.

    Too many people and cameras for my liking, but I’ll get my comments out there..

    “my unholy army of the night. Go, my pretties! Kill! Kill!”

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