Highjacking the GeekDinner back

So I’m a bitch, sorry. Joburg can keep 27.

Let’s bring the Cape Town Geek Dinner back. Original and best.

rwhois search on ‘geekdinner.org.za’:

GEEKDINNER_1172654850_ORGZA (geekdinner.org.za)
Johann Botha
P.O. Box 23618, Claremont, 7735

Administrative Contact:
Frogfoot DNS
Tel: 0216893867 Fax:
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Frogfoot DNS

Tel: 0216893867 Fax:
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Frogfoot Billing
Tel: 0216893867 Fax:

Record last updated on 28-Feb-2007 11:27:30
Status: Active

Domain name servers in listed order:
ns1.frogfoot.net (
ns2.frogfoot.net (
ns3.frogfoot.net (

To quote The Lush

The Geek Dinner at Relish was gorgeous, classy and well organised. Not something true geeks could organise, no offence guys. I think you’re brilliant but organisational skills, generally speaking, are not often possessed by a true geek.

Well, we’re just going to have to see about that.

I have a little Xen box up. Wiki, Blog and other details will follow. I’m thinking Barbarellas would be a nice venue. It has a nice scifi angle to it. Nobody can resist the image of a hot woman with a ray gun. We’ll find us a wine sponsor. Ideas are welcome.

21 thoughts on “Highjacking the GeekDinner back

  1. Now Joe this seems very interesting. Please prove me wrong, I’d love to eat my words. If you pull this off I will eat my words, just print them out on nice paper.

  2. Love the idea of highjacking it back. Was chatting to the CM guys earlier today about that, and how not to use it as a marketing / job recruitment platform we we all get bored to death.

  3. There’s no need to think of this as an escape or alternative of 27dinner – any more than I think we should think of it as just an extension of what CLUG has been doing with twice-a-month dinners for the past 7+ years…

    I’m keen to be involved in anything that introduces me to new people and new ideas, so long as the rest of the people there are into it for that reason, and are willing to accommodate me.

    (Which reminds me – I really need to organise the next Python User Group meeting…)


  4. Hmmm… completely agree with all the comments from the geek side. I wonder if getwine (www.getwine.co.za) would be interested in supplying some unlabelled wine? They seem quite intaweb friendly.

    Neil: I told you there should have been a talk on generic functions at the 27! (;

  5. Hi Neil

    Added you to my notes for speakers.

    I’d like it to be similar to the clug dinners. But..

    * bigger, with more people
    * more self contained, an “event” on it’s own
    * a bit more groovy, busy, vibey
    * have more of a business networking side
    * include the blogging community

    ..in some ways a hybrid of the two worlds we’ve seen evolve so far (CLUG and 27), in some ways actually very much the same thing which Max was doing with the original Geek Dinner idea.

  6. Hey Bryn

    Cool image on your website.

    I’m sure many wine farms would jump at this chance. It would be nice to get a smaller and authentic wine farm and not a big “rack’em and pack’em” style label.

    Guess I’ll have to phone around a bit.
    I really like http://www.rustenberg.co.za/

  7. I’m in!

    I’m not a great speaker, but I’d be happy to balance Neil’s Python propaganda with some Ruby. (My second favourite language, but we can’t have too many Python zealots around…)

  8. ..sounds like a challenge to me! Max rolls up her sleeves & gets back in. The geekdinner is ALIVE.

    The whole thing with the 27 vs geekdinner thing is so wild. But things could be worse than us trying to outdo each other in creating new spaces to connect, do business and explore what a real tech start-up culture SHOULD look like. I’ve been paying attention to the culture in tech hotspots around the world & we need to catch up a little >> a LOT of business goes down through social interaction..and I sure as hell am not going to be playing golf.

    Lets shape our world the way we want it to be here, so we can live local & work global. We build a tight tech community and I assure you we will have massive investment flooding at us >> We have superb minds here: far too many doing projects waaaaay below their capacity! That’s just a waste of valuable geekdom right there.

    “Reality is the temporary resultant of the struggle between rival gangs of programmers” – Robert Anton Wilson

  9. Hey Max

    The party is picking up.. (-;

    I just had a chat with Tania at Barbarellas.
    Wed 28 March. Confirmed. Starting between 18:00 and 19:00. We have the whole venue for a private function. Can seat up to 100 people.

  10. I swear if anyone gives a talk about that syntactically clumsy, semantically dyslexic, useless excuse for a programming language called Ruby I will be forced to do a 90-minute Matlab advertorial.

    Who wants a piece of this???

  11. Well Henk, I was thinking of a short talk on Ruby on Rails. NOT a sales pitch, just a short summary of a year’s experience using it. We can arrange a dark corner for your Matlab advertorial, I’m sure ;)

  12. (@ Max and in general):

    No matter how much talent there is, it will never become a successfull industry if:

    1) People don’t work together
    2) People accept other people
    3) People become professional

    Now, looking at the local situation\culture\mentality:

    1) Few people here really work together – more often they rip each other off (hit and run) instead of investing in relationships that last years;

    2) Xenophobia is rampant – “SA is great, the rest of the world is only out there to get them”. Guys, wake up: that was before 94 – since then you’re not on anybody’s radar anylonger. So, get over your inferiority complex and get to WORK;

    a) Africa time is for losers – if you can’t manage your own time, don’t expect anybody else to let you manage his money, account or company – grow up, be a man, be in time;
    b) You have a cellphone? Of course you do, it’s your status\phallus symbol. Then use it – to inform people about appointments, delays etc. Communicate. Return calls. Mxit is fab cool, but that is not what you have a phone for when making a living;
    c) Prepare yourself, present yourself, educate yourself – about your industry, country, this world you live in – it’s a national hobby to whine about your country, ‘abroad being heaven’: have you been there? Realising what it takes to survive there? If not, shut up and count your blessings – you’re only making a fool of yourself. And boring, sounding like a broken record.

    Now, back to work. Hard. Together. And fair. There’s a lot to do, but more to gain.

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