The best receptionist job in town

Frogfoot needs a new receptionist. We’ve had a job advert on our website for a while but I thought I’d tell you more and spice it up with some real life working environment photos. Get ready to be happy.


Here you can see the reception desk. Nothing very special about it.. it’s big. On the desk you will find Ubuntu CDs and frog postcards you can give away. You get a stylish black chair and you sit next to the friendly army of penguins banner. You have a hidden button to open the door, so no need to disrupt your blog reading if you don’t feel like getting up.


Here we can see the front door. Notice the groovy frog feet on the glass. There is a homely warm orange coloured Freedom Toaster where you can write free DVDs for your friends.

This is about as cool as phones get. You are looking at the SNOM 360 upgraded with sidecar expansion. The ultimate in VoIP phone. Yes, it runs Linux. From here you can direct calls to any frog you like even to mobile wireless VoIP phones or our Stellenbosch office. Notice all the cool LEDs, sadly they are orange LEDs, we can make a plan to get you things with blue LEDs if needed.

You get your own Ubuntu PC, naturally. The LCD works well for those long web browsing sessions. You get a Frogoot branded black mouse pad with matching ergonomic black mouse and keyboard. You’ll have a 16Mbps Internet connection (about a zillion times as fast as an ADSL line). Access to the office Debian and Ubuntu mirrors. Access to all the technical advice and help you could ever dream of.


Here is some Frogfoot Art. Each one of these took about a month to paint. This is our own series of water colour painted cartoons. One of a kind.

Sold? Great!

Here’s what we need you to do:

  • Answer the phone. Be friendly and helpful. Figure out how the cool VoIP phone works
  • Learn about the ISP, Linux and Open Source business world and grow with our company
  • Learn about our consumer products and be able to answer the basic questions about our products
  • Open the front door (for friendly people only)
  • Do some admin related things like arrange parking and shipping for online shop goodies
  • Help keep the office running smoothly
  • Blog about Frogfoot and contribute to our newsletter
  • Help manage our online shop and website content

Can you manage all that?
Excellent. Contact us. Include a bit of a creative intro about why we should hire you. (Like “Ken sent me”) We’ll ask for your CV if we like you.

Good luck and Frogspeed!

4 thoughts on “The best receptionist job in town

  1. Hey Martin

    Yeah, I guess so.. I could not think of any other humorous examples at the time. That fact that you know about that reference also gives away your age :-P

  2. Hey Joe

    I’ve sent this link to my pastor.
    There are a few sharp young people around who work closely with him.
    Let’s see what he comes up with.


  3. Oops… I see that it’s blogger protocol not to use any form of address when parting.

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