Feedback on the Endeavor meeting today

It turned out to be a meeting with three people who were kind enough to buy me breakfast at the Arabella Sheraton. They had a very interesting story to tell about their goals and their members.

They asked me to tell my story. I think they were expecting a 5 min elevator pitch about one idea. When people ask me what I do I have a few simple answers because most people don’t really want to know.

I usually respond with one of the following:

  • “Computer Geek”
  • “Businessman”
  • “Firefighter”
  • “Director of a few IT companies”

The trouble is that if somebody asks me this question and is really interested in the answer it’s not a quick 5min story.

The Endeavor team seem very motivated, passionate and knowledgeable, which is a rare combination.

It’s a 9 month selection process with 6+ interviews to become an Endeavor entrepreneur, but you get to meet some very interesting people along the way.

The whole interview angle makes me a bit nervous for a lame reason. You see I have this stupid little score card in the back of my mind for interviews.. usually bursaries or jobs. I’m sitting on 9/9. I’ve never been to an interview where I did not get the job, but I guess I can risk my perfect track record (-:

I’ll work on my elevator pitch.. or maybe I should just print my homepage URL on a card and tell people to go check out the details if they are really interested.

3 thoughts on “Feedback on the Endeavor meeting today

  1. Hay,

    Can you remember what the 9 things were?
    Haven’t you always worked for yourself? Or did you work before you went back to uni for a while?



  2. Hi David

    Yup, I can remember.. but I worked it out by looking at my CV (:

    I’ve worked for a few companies before working full time for my own ventures.

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