27 Din Dins

I just returned from the 27 Dinner.

Busy and buzzy. Almost did not get a seat. Some familiar faces, some new faces. Food was OK.
Bit sad there were no new ideas from the speakers, but I’ve realised it’s more about making friends and new connections.

For two 27 dinners in a row I feel like I’ve made new connections at the event. It’s easy to just sit and eat your food, but it takes a bit more effort to find new people you really connect with. The kind of connections where you remember names and you’ll go say Hi if you see them somewhere.

I guess my point is.. it’s a busy room with lot’s of variables, but if I only make one new solid connection I’m happy.

I have a friend who labeled this process of narrowing the variables: “social fly swatting” (-;

One other revelation from tonight.. be nice. You deal with lots of people, sometimes you never meet them but negotiate deals, sometimes there are hiccups, you get annoyed, you act like a brat and give somebody the cold shoulder… the next thing you know you are sitting next to that somebody at a 27 dinner. Small world. Oops.. and I only discovered this right at the end of the dinner while the other person knew exactly who I was right from the start. *grin*

The first thing I did when I got home was read though my (extensive) email archive to see how much of a brat I was and why. I think it rates about a 3/10 on the potential nastiness scale.. so I think I’ll manage to get some sleep… but I’ll try to be nicer to sales people in future.

There was one very painful part towards the end of the talks for the evening.

It’s a good thing I was not drinking.. (though I tasted some of Graham’s new wine designed to be enjoyed with ice).. or I would have had a lot more to say. I’ll limit myself to a quote and one comment.

“I’m tryin’, Ringo. I’m tryin’ real hard to be the shepherd.”
— Jules, Pulp Fiction

Keep the clown on a shorter leash.

ps. Thanks for the cupcake Uno.

7 thoughts on “27 Din Dins

  1. “There was one very painful part towards the end of the talks for the evening.”

    Not sure if you were mentioning the same thing as me on my posting? Will try get hold of you tomorrow.

    PS: First time I’ve been on your blog – LOVE your design…

  2. Hey Eric

    Yeah.. the very lame yego presentation.

    Good post on your site. It took me more than 10min to write mine as I had to trim it down. I’m going to give the being nice thing a try (-:

  3. Nikki, very nice seeing you. Seems the big seating rush did not place us next to each other in the end. Btw. I remember something about eating words and a paper eating stunt at the other geekdinner? (-:

    Dave, yeah.. this being nice thing is not working out for me. I was a real bitch to a Cisco sales guy this morning.

    I hate it when people phone me on my mobile phone for stupid little things they can send an email about.

    It must be in my nature.. (:

  4. Yes I did promise to eat those words – just been practicing my word eating abilities before I have to do it in front of such a big crowd. ;)

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