Monthly Archives: August 2007

An altruistic day

schoolwanToday I did a quick hack to setup a server for what used to be the Wireless Schools Connectivity Project.. for lack of a better name. You may remember that Amobia is one of the sponsors. It turned out some schools as far away as KZN were connecting with dial-up modems, so it needed a new name.

With a bit of help a new project was born.. or just given a bit more of it's on space to grow. We created the basics for the project.. a name/brand, server, domain, logo, colour scheme, website/blog and wiki all in under 24 hours. Not bad.

Go look at SchoolWAN.

The project needs volunteers, sponsors and a bit of publicity. If you can admin a Linux box or you feel like creating some content or if you have grand plans to inter-connect all the schools in SA please stand up and be counted.

I also completed an article about the health concerns of Wifi for WAPA today.