Open Street Map

I just returned from a CLUG talk on Open Street Map.

Very impressive project. Big sets of data. Nice to see people contributing and that it’s growing at an exponential rate.

I found out I’m not the only person that’s a bit annoyed that the GPX format does not provide accuracy info for each point.

Open Street Map has not yet matured to the point where you can use the map info for navigation.. like the Garmin Nuvi I played with last week.. but it has a “map tile” service similar to Google Maps which looks useful.

The map editor runs in Java. I don’t like Java… so I guess I will not be making maps soon.

Just to continue my bitching, the CLUG people moved on to have dinner at Primi Piatti… so I did not join them. I think P-P is in the same category as McD’s, Coke and Spur. Soulless food. I also don’t like brands that do line extensions.

5 thoughts on “Open Street Map

  1. You missed some great fun by not coming along for dinner afterwards. Unfortunately, when we were looking for restaurant suggestions, nobody could come up with any other place which could handle 16 or so people.

  2. “I think P-P is in the same category as McD’s, Coke and Spur”


    You better take that back about Spur!

    Our whole nation was brought up on Spur Burgers! And don’t tell me in your student days you didn’t wish someone would pitch with one so you can stuff your face between ‘Quake’ game levels…! Talking about stabbing a burger in the back! *gimf*

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