Frogfoot Wifi product launch at Futurex 2007

Frogfoot will launch it’s new Wifi Hotspot product at Futurex on Wednesday. The expo is at the Cape Town Convention Centre (CTICC) and runs from 26 to 28 Sept.

Join us at the show!

We’ve had lots of fun designing and building this product, with all the marketing goodies that go with it. It’s really cool to see a 6 month project grow and build up to the point of launching version 1.0.

Some of the (more visible) things we’ve designed..

Expo stand design: ..this is just a mockup, you’ll have to come to the show to see the real thing
futurex stand 2007

Hotspot provider brochure:


End user flyer:


Scratch card top-up tokens:


Helium filled balloons:


Wifi box sleeve:





Hotspot maps: ..we still need to make this pretty
Map of the (beta) hotspots

There are also more green frog pirate tshirts and 4 types of stickers.

Because the software on the hotspot devices is Open Source we quickly got up and running. There are actually about 20 hotspots up and running at the moment. The wifi router was maybe 15% of the work, we only did minor customisations. The bulk of the work was with things like Radius servers, business and accounting logic, automation, design, web interfaces, marketing etc.

I think the best positive side effect of this project is that it really fits well into our automation strategy for the rest of Frogfoot. We were able to re-use large parts of the systems we had already built to manage clients, create invoices etc. etc. etc.

The wifi business model fits the n-level deep reseller design of our “portal” very well.

Read more about what makes our wifi product different (and better) in the brochures above.

See you at Futurex.

2 thoughts on “Frogfoot Wifi product launch at Futurex 2007

  1. So, what’s the story with the WAPA WiFi zone logo? Have the WAPA members agreed on inter-member wifi-zone roaming?

    I don’t see what customer-internal WiFi (provisioned over ADSL) has to do with WAPA…

  2. Hey Stefano

    WAPA is busy with a plan to create a membership category for indoor wifi providers. It will offer many of the same benefits.. like, industry knowledge sharing, dealing with interference issues, type approval, customer complains process, code of conduct etc.

    So far only the logo has been approved.

    Personally I’d like to see the WAPA Wifi logo become a symbol of quality in the indoor wifi market. I’d also like to see WAPA as an independent body help to structure things like roaming agreements and other forms of cooperation between wifi networks.

    Frogfoot has roaming working with two other networks at the moment.

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