70 Servers in a Rack

Our latest toy.. is a custom built rackmount blade-style server hosting system.

It allows you to put 70 standard servers in a (43U) cabinet.. that’s 560GB of memory.

5 servers per 6U box, mounted back-to-back, with two 48port switches back-to-back.

img_9689med.jpg img_9688med.jpg

I know what you are thinking.. 70 is not that much? Sure. If you mounted 1U servers back-to-back you could fit 84 servers (42*2). When I worked for Amazon.com they used to buy cabinets full of servers from Rackable Systems with this design. Nice stuff.

but…. the keyword here is standard. Stock standard, cheap, commodity hardware. Easy to find spares. Easy to support. To put 84 in a cabinet is nice, but it’s very custom stuff.. and usually very expensive.

70 servers is also a bit easier to cool than 84.. well, we will soon find out.

3 thoughts on “70 Servers in a Rack

  1. Imagine a Beowulf cluster of those…

    Do the servers slide out of the rack easily for maintenance?

    The cables on 70 servers must be insane – even a rack filled with 2U servers is a bit of a nightmare…

  2. Hey Neil

    Yes, they have guides to slide them in and out. The next version will have a bit better front grip for handling… and it will all be black.

    With our design _all_ the cabling is done on one side.. but I agree, it’s going to be fun to keep it tidy.

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