Do the work you want to be doing

“Do the work you want to be doing”. This sounds lame, even if I say “it’s true” will it sound lame.

It’s just too simple and idea. People manage to live in their little worlds of illusion.. safe from self criticism and self analysis. Once you’ve labeled the “thing” you do, you just kinda get on with it.

Trouble is.. the work you do is very important. Your work is key to your happiness, sense of progress, fulfilment, forward momentum and self actualisation.

Earlier tonight a friend visited to pick up a scarf which he had forgotten at the last GeekDinner. He had just returned from a talk at the UCT GSB about just this topic… do what you want to be doing.

One of his comments were that: he thinks, I am doing what I want to be doing. It took me a while to realise.. because of the “labeling things and just getting on with it” idea I talked about earlier, but he is right.

It’s a pretty liberating idea. Try it. I almost did not trust the logic at first, maybe because the idea is so simple, but after giving it some thought while making myself dinner, it makes sense.

At the end of 2005 I was working for a big brand corporate culture company. It was like a 6 month sabbatical from doing what I love to do, to doing what I had to do. I learned lots (technically), but the best thing was that I found the reasons and motivations to return to what I love doing. Made me appreciate it so much more.

The sad thing is how quickly we forget. It’s nice to be reminded. Maybe I need to write it on my wall. I love what I do… I know what you are thinking, “it’s too simple”.